/ / The meaning of phraseology "out of the fly to make an elephant". Is it worth exaggerating?

The meaning of phraseology "from a fly to make an elephant". Is it worth exaggerating?

You can tell the person in different ways that hemistakes in the scale of danger or in general of some event. In this sense, we are interested in the significance of phraseology "from a fly making an elephant". As always, consider the origin, examples and content.


The Greeks gave much to the world. Here is the cradle of European civilization, and the source of philosophy. If we talk about language, then the people under consideration should also be grateful to the Hellenes. The author of the saying is unknown, but the history has preserved the name of the one who handed this legacy to his brethren.

the meaning of phraseology from a fly making an elephant

Lukian (antique satirist) created the work"Praise the fly." Those who are interested in primary sources, you should look into this creation. We turn to the main question: what is the significance of phraseology "from a fly making an elephant"? Naturally, examples will also be presented.


It is clear that to turn a fly into an elephant man is notwill be unnecessary. There must be a reason. It is fear or other emotions. And on the wave of the latter people draw themselves frightening tragic pictures. For example, someone scratched or cut a finger, and then he sees the words "gangrene" and the phrase "blood poisoning," but in fact you just need to rinse the wound and put on the band-aid, and everything will be all right.

Probably, from the example it became clear that the significance of phraseology "out of the fly making an elephant" is reduced to the desire to exaggerate the importance of an event without objective, visible reasons.

to make out of a molehill of an elephant the meaning of phraseological history

For example, the child brought home the first time "goose"- Two. And his mother, according to the meaning of the expression that we are considering, has fanned from this ordinary, in general, phenomenon a tragedy of a world scale. She tells her husband about his dark fantasies. In them, a child with a "goose" all his life works as a janitor and in the end dies in obscurity. The spouse of an impressionable parent can say: "Darling, I think you are well aware of the value of phraseology" from a fly making an elephant. " That's exactly the transformation of an insect into a beast, for the most part, you are now busy. Our child will be all wonderful and beautiful. Well, I grabbed a "couple", think about who does not happen. "


Phraseologisms are such that even in their brevityyou can see a certain moral message. Expression teaches: do not give into the power of emotions. Experiences will disappear, and then the person will look at the world without shor and make the right move.

We have considered the saying "to make an elephant out of a fly". The meaning of phraseology, the history of its emergence were also presented in our review. Do not be so impressionable - and the world will smile at you!