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Anatoly Efimovich Kasheparov, singer: biography, family, creativity. VIA Pesnyary

Singer Anatoly Kasheparov - it's not easypopular Soviet singer. He is a legendary and talented vocalist. He is the golden voice of Belarus. He is an outstanding soloist of Pesnyary. Anatoly Kasheparov - timeless idol of several generations.

Anatoly Efimovich Cashmere


A small Tolik was born in October 1950 in the huge capital of the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Music always beckoned this cutea little boy. Guitar or piano, singing or dancing - everything was equally interesting and tempting to him. He listened enthusiastically to talented performers of his time and, possessing a beautiful and unusual voice, tried to imitate them.

Acquaintance with Muliavin

After receiving a secondary education, Anatoly Kasheparoventered the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, on the basis of which the VIA-group "Blue Guitars" arose. Being the main vocalist of the ensemble, young Anatoly performed in restaurants of various large hotels, especially in Intourist. It was there that Vladimir Mulyavin noticed him.

Via Pesnyary

Vladimir Georgievich was the head of the VIA"Pesnyary", who sang folk Belarusian songs in modern processing, and was older than Kasheparov for nine years. Despite his experience and popularity, Mulyavin was a simple and sociable person and appreciated a true talent in man.

Hearing the sonorous and strong, but not yet sufficiently set voice of Kasheparov, the head of the famous collective invited him to his audition.

VIA "Pesniary" then only went into fashion, but alreadygained wide popularity and love of the public. He gave a lot of concerts, he collected huge halls. As Anatoly Yefremovich Kasheparov himself admits, he was afraid to go to Muliavin for an audition. I did not sleep at night, I was getting ready and ... I was scared. And did not go.

After a while, Vladimir Georgievich againsaw a talented guy and again invited him to his test. And then Kasheparov realized that fate itself gives him the opportunity to adequately realize his talent and become famous.

After that historical listening, Anatoly Efimovich Kasheparov, whose biography changes radically, becomes the leading soloist of the well-known Belarusian group.


Vocal-instrumental ensemble "Pesnyary",formed a few years before the arrival of the young Kasheparov, and only a year ago changed its original name, was a new, extra-modern group of Soviet performers.

anatoly efimovich cashmere biography

The collective was international, it was notwas aimed at some separate audience, divided by nationality or social status. Songs were written for ordinary people, ordinary inhabitants of the great Union who found their favorite self in a favorite hit, a piece of personal individuality and uniqueness.

It was a modernized ensemble, with a uniquecolorful Belarusian folkloristics and at the same time with fashionable rhythmic sounds and bright non-ordinary performances. This was what conquered the hearts of two generations - progressive youth of the seventies and archaic, not keeping up with the time of the adult population.

Together with the group Anatoly Efimovich Kasheparovwas on tour all over the Soviet Union. His unprecedented endurance and diligence, fueled by a tender love for creative art, helped to perform the repertoire qualitatively and without hackwork, laying out on the stage for one hundred percent.


The most famous songs with which Anatoly Kasheparov - "Vologda", "I can not do otherwise", "Up to the third cocks" performed. Interesting and entertaining stories of creating these compositions.

For example, "Vologda" was written and performed in the thirties. Therefore, the melody and lyrics of the song had to be changed a little, adjusted to the modern audience.


"Pesnyary" recorded the song quickly, forfifteen minutes, and were surprised when she was enthusiastically accepted by the public. For the first time this happened in the Moscow House of Unions (at one of the leading concert venues of the Soviet Union). The hall literally burst with admiring applause and self-effacing ovations. The audience was persistently asked to sing more, and when the musicians performed the song again, the audience simply froze in a deep silence.

Since then, it has become a tradition to call "Songers" encore, asking to perform some songs for two or even three times.

Forty-eight bottles of champagne were presented from different tables at one of the performances in the restaurant in the capital for the song "Vologda"!

In addition to light uncomplicated hits, the groupperformed serious deep things. These were concert programs ("At the top of my voice" - on the verses of Mayakovsky, "Through the war", "Cheerful beggars" - on Burns poems) and rock operas ("Song of the Share", "Guslyar").

Touring in the USA

At the age of twenty-six, Anatoly EfimovichKasheparov in the famous ensemble went on tour to the United States. By the way, "Pesnyary" were the first team in the Soviet Union, which had such confidence.

soloist of singers anatoliy kasheparov

An amazing, unfamiliar world opened beforeBelarusian children. Elegant hotels, the feeling of a constant holiday and freedom, the constant attention of the press ... It was dizzy and at the same time drawn back to the home Union.

Tours on American soil were accompanied byinteresting, and sometimes even comical situations. For example, musicians, having at their own disposal one hundred and twelve dollars a week, chose their relatives in stores cheaper and more modest gifts. But as soon as they were taken to shoot the paparazzi, the guys started to touch luxurious, expensive things, so as not to hit the dirt in the face. From this, the rumor began about the motivation and consistency of the Soviet ensemble.

Leaving the group

Anatoly Yefimovich Kasheparov is nineteen years oldacted together with "Pesnyary". It was an unforgettable, magical time, a time of youthful enthusiasm and creative search, fruitful hard work and sweet flattering recognition.

But Kasheparov understood that this can notcontinue forever. Time goes by, generations change, musical perception - too. In addition, the economic and political environment began to collapse - it's time for perestroika.

Anatolia of Kasheparov Vologda

Thinking about the future, Anatoly Efimovich triedreceive a special higher education. Making every effort to properly combine the stage with studies, the vocalist graduates from the Polytechnic University, the Institute of Culture, and also GITIS.

Due to personal workload, Kasheparov had to leave his beloved ensemble and devote all the time to training. About six months he sang in another team, and then decided to move to the States.

Life in exile

It was not easy to adapt to new conditions andan unaccustomed way of life. Having received many bitter lessons, having lost most of the financial savings, working days and nights, Anatoly Efimovich tried to comprehend the American business world and find his place under the sun.

Several times moving, setting up a restaurantbusiness and torn between concert performances at home, Kasheparov finally decided - he moved with his family to a permanent residence in Florida.

Florida attracted the Belarusian singer with its warm mild climate and bright bright sun. It is good to rest here after hard working days, feeling like a happy carefree person.

Anatolian cashmere family

In the States, Kasheparov has his own musicalProject, where he participates as a leader and performer. In addition, he toured extensively and as a former "songwriter", giving concerts in Russia, Belarus and other CIS countries.

A family

Anatoly Kasheparov, whose family is in the United States, has a wife and three children. It is interesting that the younger son of the singer was born abroad.

Having received the necessary education, children already work and live their own lives. My wife plays music and supports my active husband in everything.

Anatoly Yefimovich Kasheparov does not regret that he went abroad. Despite many trials, here he found himself and gave his children an excellent secured future.

And ahead of him there are still a lot of concerts, performances and new creative compositions.