/ / TV presenter Leonid Zakashansky: biography and personal life

TV presenter Leonid Zakashansky: biography and personal life

Leonid Zakashansky is a well-known journalist andleading. For several years he managed to build a brilliant career on TV. Do you want to receive information about the date of his birth, education and marital status? Then we suggest you read the contents of the article.

Leonid Zakshansky

Leonid Zakashansky: biography

The popular TV host was born on July 31, 1984 in Tula. Mom and Dad Leni - professional lawyers. They hoped that the only son would follow in their footsteps.

Leonid Zakashansky grew up mobile andcommunicable child. Parents could not cope with his irrepressible energy. So they decided to give the son to the sports section. The boy was engaged in martial arts. I must say that he has achieved considerable success in this sport. By the age of 15, Lenya was a recognized fighter. In his room was a whole collection of medals and cups.

student life

Our hero was not going to continue sportscareer. He was tired of constant loads and trips to competitions. Leonid Zakashansky decided to take up dancing. Having received the "certificate of maturity", the guy went to enter the choreography school. He was offered to resemble classes at first, and then submit documents to the admission committee. That's what Lenya did. He attended two classes and realized that dancing is not his vocation.

Without thinking twice, the guy filed the documents inlegal academy. Leonid was busy getting ready for admission. And his efforts were crowned with success. Zakashansky junior enlisted in the academy. Parents were proud of their son. In fact they for a long time dreamed that in their family becomes on one lawyer more. And their prayers were heard.

Moving to the capital

Lenya graduated from the 3 courses of the Law Academy innative Thule. But at some point he wanted to move to the capital. If you think that the guy dropped out of school, bought a ticket to Moscow and left, then you are very wrong. Zakashansky was transferred to distance education. After all, until the diploma he was only 2 years old.

In Moscow, our hero was waiting for an adult andindependent life. He had to master several professions. In 2001, Lenya took a job in the extreme show Urbans. But there he was paid a little. Therefore, the guy from Tula had to simultaneously master the restaurant and club business.

Leonid Zakshansky biography

New Horizons

Biography of Leonid Zakashansky points out,that he got on television in 2003. At first our hero was an assistant editor. But in 2005, Lenya decided to change the line of business. He became one of the participants in the reality show "Seven under the Sun", launched by the channel Muz-TV. The guy reached the final. For his candidacy was given the maximum number of votes. As a result, Leonid Zakashansky won a reality show. Producers of Muz-TV offered him a job as a presenter. Lenya could not miss such a wonderful chance. He conducted such TV shows as "King of the Ring" and "Ice Age".

In 2008, Zakashansky received a new proposal - to try himself as a producer on NTV. From under his light hand came such programs as "You will not believe", "Let's make it up" and so on.

Currently, Leonid is the host of the program "We speak and show" (NTV). He loves his work very much and devotes all his time to it.

Leonid Zashkansky personal life

Leonid Zakashansky: personal life

Our hero is an intellectually developed man withbrutal appearance. He was always popular with women. However, Lenya still has not parted with the status of a bachelor. At different times he was credited with a romance with singer Alexa, gymnast Lyaysan Utyasheva, leading Lera Kudryavtseva and other famous ladies in our country.