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Home school painting: painted in autumn - with pencil and paints

Autumn is a theme for artists. It's not difficult to draw. The main thing is to seize the mood, that special moment, the charm of which lies not only in colorful colors, but also in the shallow drizzle of rain, the sadness of low gray clouds, the expectation of the first fluffy snow.

The idea of ​​the picture

painted autumn pencil
The first thing that should be considered by the artist, looking atthe sheet of paper in front of him - what should be painted autumn. With a pencil, you can draw sketches, sketches, selecting combinations of colors and "talking" details. It is necessary to choose the most successful, lively, emotional plot, conveying both author's feelings, and the psychological state of nature. Coal lead will be the best help. He will not allow to be distracted by a variety of tones, will force to concentrate on elaboration of expressive elements. This is also a beautiful painted autumn - it can also be depicted with a pencil in vivid and vivid color. If in black and white silhouettes of trees, the bend of branches, the break of rain drops guesses this particular time of year, and not, say, a spring thunderstorm, then the artist is on the right track. And then he can already color his work, giving it a complete look.

The Incarnation of the Plan

how to draw autumn pencil
How can the painted autumn look like? Pencil with a yellow slate, for example, paint a sheet of paper completely. Use different shades to convey the special glow that is inherent in this pore. Then take a black pencil. Draw them first the silhouettes of trees - in a row, one by one. Suppose you want to recreate the park landscape. Add one more alleyka. Paint each tree, leaving small gaps. Pay attention to the branches. Give them the dynamics, as if they are swinging in the wind. Thus, the painted autumn, a pencil of just two colors, will turn out to be very expressive, saturated, just like Pushkin's: "nice ... farewell beauty ..."

Additional strokes

how to draw autumn pencil in stages
We continue to work on the details. The variant described above can be diversified by adding a number of expressive elements. And then you will already have "charming eyes". How to draw autumn with a pencil just this: solemn, radiant, admiring? Add foliage to the picture. Let it envelops the trees with a thick cover. Take paints, not sparing, juicy, saturated. Scarlet and crimson tone alternate with emerald hues. Do not forget about brown, lilac, bluish, orange. Autumn is whimsical, she herself is an amazing artist!

Some recommendations

What else can I add to the advice onhow to draw autumn in pencil in stages? Pay attention to the special lighting characteristic of the corner of nature that you have captured on paper. In the morning it is one, in the afternoon - another, and during the onset of twilight - the third. Yes, and weather conditions are making their own adjustments. Choose the most expressive and try to convey what you saw more precisely. Look closely at how the shadows fall from objects - this will give your picture more realism. Apply different schemes of hatching, different pressure with pencils. Keep them somewhere under the corners, then straight. Thus, you give the picture a volume, naturalness, naturalness.

Observe, be careful - and the world around you will reveal its secrets to you! And you will transfer them to your pictures.