/ / "X-Men 2": actors, production, critics' reviews

"X-Men 2": actors, production, critics' reviews

The film "X-Men 2" became one of the most cash projects of 2003. He is the sequel to the action movie "X-Men", released in the world in 2000.

The plot is based on the graphic novel by Chris Clermont, the author of many comic books about the X-people.

"X-Men 2" actors


Three years after the release of the "X-Men" on screensappeared the long-awaited sequel - "X-Men 2". Actors from the first part of the franchise again returned to their characters. Hugh Jackman played Wolverine, Patrick Stewart - Professor Charles Xavier, James Marsden - Scott Summers, Famke Janssen - Gene Gray, Anna Packin - Rogue, Sean Ashmore - Bobby Drake.

Brian Cox, Kelly Hu and Alan Cumming, who played the roles of Colonel Stryker, Yuriko Oyama and Kurt Wagner, respectively, were added to the familiar audience for the first part of the main cast.


Work on the sequel to the "X-Men" began as early as2000, but the choice of a suitable story took longer than expected. Several versions of the script were created, which changed depending on the planned budget. Originally, in the movie "X-Men 2" the actors Tyler Main and Steve Bacic were to play the role of Sabretooth and the Beast, but from the final version their characters were cut.

In one of the earlier versions of the scenario,Archangel as a test mutant for Stryker's experiments. But because of too many characters, it was decided to remove the scenes with his participation. The archangel appears in the next part of the franchise as one of the main characters.

In February 2002, the finalThe scenario for the project "X-Men 2". Actors James Marsden, Patrick Stewart and Halle Berry received more screen time due to their popularity after the release of the films "Track 60", "Star Trek" and "Monster Ball".

the movie "X-Men 2"

The shooting took place in Vancouver. The shooting process lasted five months (from June to November).

Above the script worked Michael Daugherty and David Hayter. The soundtrack to this film, as well as to all the films of Singer, was written by John Ottman.

"X-Men 2" actors

Awards and reviews of critics

Reviews for the film were mostly positive. It was noted that the picture was more spectacular and dynamic than the first part, and this is the rare case when the sequel is better than the original. Empire magazine called the film the best adaptation of comics in the history of cinema.

In 2004, the Saturn Award in the category "Bestsci-fi picture "went to the project" X-Men 2. "Actors Anna Packin and Sean Ashmore were nominees for the MTV channel award in the" Best Kiss "category.