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Cartoons about mermaids for girls

Cartoons are formed in the child's subconsciousfurther guidelines and values. Psychologists believe that animated pictures and fairy tales are the best tool for positive suggestion. There is no logic and thoughtful orientation. The child learns everything, associating himself with one of the heroes.

cartoons about mermaids
And often in the cartoon situation finds a solutiontheir real problems and tasks. And what is very important, these reincarnations and associations do not in the least affect the mental state of the child. Correct cartoon tales help him to cope with the problem and, as a result, raise self-esteem. Let's look at similar pictures. We will describe cartoons about mermaids.

"Little Mermaid: The Beginning of the History of Ariel"

Cartoon begins with a deep childhooda little sea princess, when she did not even realize that there was land and princes. And then the misfortune happens: Ariel's mother-Athena is dying. And King Triton with grief forbids all music in his kingdom and closes in himself. Ariel is now brought up by the nanny and crab Sebastian.

cartoons about fairies and mermaids
She does not imagine herself without music and faces a difficult choice.

"Barbie: The Adventures of the Little Mermaid"

Many like cartoons about mermaids with the mainthe heroine of Barbie. This exciting cartoon keeps in suspense until the very end. Inhabitants of the underwater kingdom are preparing a big holiday. It is held every year, illuminating the dancing light of the Magical Sink. This day is dedicated to dances and songs. But one day the shell went out ...

Serial about Ariel

Not very new, but very popular cartoon aboutmermaid Ariel turned into a terrific series. Each series is an exciting adventure. The Little Mermaid and her friends are keenly interested in what is happening on land, collecting a collection of human things. The father plans to punish the disobedient daughter, but she has the faithful Sebastian.

"Winx Club: School of Sorceresses"

New cartoons about fairies and mermaids go onscreens. A vivid example - mermaids Winx in the new, seventh, the season of the cartoon series "Winx Club: School of Sorceresses." In this season, fairies will become mermaids, but will continue to struggle with evil.

cartoons about princesses of mermaids
To do this, they will have new magical powers. They will have to fight with water monsters and other evil spirits. But Winx fairies always easily came out of trouble.

"In the blue sea, in white foam ..."

There are cartoons about mermaids, taken a long time ago,but still of interest today. A vivid example is this one. The boy goes out every day to help his grandfather to fish. In one of them a jug falls into the net, and in it was the spirit of a very evil king of the underwater kingdom. He decides to take the boy to his disciples, but the child turns out to be cunning.

"Barbie: The Fairyland of Mermedia"

Children adore cartoons about princesses, mermaids. The most popular is "Barbie: The Fairyland of Mermedia." Prince Nalu, learning that an evil sorceress has decided to steal a berry that gives magical powers, decides to find the fruit before it and disappears. He begins to look for the beautiful Elina, even under the fear of losing his wings.

"Barbie: The Pearl Princess"

Talking about cartoons about fairies and mermaids,one can not help but mention this picture. In one of the beautiful days Lumina learns that she is a princess of the underwater kingdom! Until recently, the girl worked in a beauty salon, and there was no absence from the clients. In addition, Lumina is able to change the color of pearls, lightly touching them. Therefore, her decorations are famous no less than her work in the salon. And now she is a princess of the underwater world!

"Adventure of the mermaid of Marina" and "Zig and Sharko"

Next, no less exciting cartoon -"Adventure of the Marina of the Marina". Very beautiful mermaid Marina is in love with the strong Prince Justin. They could be happy if they did not have to part ways all the time. Once Marina and Justin heard about the magic tablet with a spell. It only needs to be read aloud, and their happiness will never fail. They begin a journey full of dangerous adventures.

cartoon about the mermaid
Cartoons about mermaids continue Zig and Charcot,heroes of the same name series. On a very remote uninhabited island there lives hyena Zig, constantly hungry. There is no food around, and the mermaid can not dine in any way. In order to catch Marina (the little mermaid), Zig tries to make friends with her neighbor. But the main problem of the hungry hyena is Marina's close friend, Sharco's strong and intelligent shark.