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Star biography of Svetlana Lazareva

biography of Svetlana Lazarus
Biography of Svetlana Lazareva - a story of lifea singer who, from her youth, worked on stage and sought to be the first in everything. The azure light accompanies the girl through life and comes from heaven. The singer's creative path is as if consecrated from above, but it can not be called easy. Over the years, many troubles were falling on Svetlana both in the stage and in private life.

Biography of Svetlana Lazareva: the beginning of a career

Being still very young, she worked in the VIA "Bluebird "(from 1983 to 1989). Working with a popular band changed the girl, made her independent and adult. In Soviet times, the path to fame was not as simple as it seems now. Then each of the musicians had a serious responsibility for their music and songs, was a representative of the country at the international level. So, a talented singer at the age of 20 received the Order of Friendship of Peoples, and afterwards - the Order of Friendship of Lebanon. With her awards Svetlana is proud to this day.

Svetlana Lazareva biography
Lazarev combined her singing career withtelevision. Biography of Svetlana Lazareva as a singer originates in the 90's, when she is aired on the musical TV program "Morning Mail". A tremendous joy to the fans brought the broadcasts with the participation of the star.

Biography of Svetlana Lazareva swiftlybecame more interesting. In the late 80's, she left the Bluebird and founded her own project "Women's Council". Together with Lada Dens and Alina Vitebskaya, they performed at concerts and recorded new songs. In general, on her creative path Lazareva met many wonderful and talented people, among whom were Irina Saltykova, Vyacheslav Dobynin, Sergei Drozdov and others.

Singer Svetlana Lazareva, whose biographycharacterizes it as a versatile person, did not forget about self-education. So she combined career with studying in GITIS, she received a diploma in the specialty "director of mass performances".

Svetlana Lazareva. Biography: private life

singer Svetlana Lazareva biography
The singer tries not to talk a lot about the fact,that occurs in her personal life. The public knows that Svetlana has a husband Valery who is engaged in business. The couple are growing a daughter Natalia, who is now 17 years old. The businessman Valery is not the first husband of the singer, before that she was married to Simon Osiashvili, who wrote lyrical compositions for her. The union with Simon was short-lived, and in the early 90s they broke up.

Not all of her songs and music albums turned out to bepopular and successful, but, despite this, Lazareva never stopped in creative development, she tried herself in a new role. Some of the songs included in the albums, she wrote on her own.

After a successful career start, takeoffs andorders received at the age of 18, samples of herself in solo work and in groups, Svetlana realized that the main thing for her in life is family. She temporarily left the stage after the birth of her daughter, but she always tried to continue her work. To date, the singer does not lose her popularity, continues to give solo concerts, travels with tours around the country. For all her creative career the singer has released 6 albums. Songs about love and the female share fall in love with both the ladies of the older generation and their men.