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Contrabass: what is it and what are its features

Stringed musical instruments very much.Many people ask: "Contrabass - what is it?" This is a musical instrument, similar to a large violin or cello. It has its own characteristics. For example, the technique of playing on it is significantly different from other instruments. He is often included in groups that play jazz. For people living in the post-Soviet space, the contrabass remains a Western instrument that belongs to a foreign culture. It is not very common.

Tool Features

double bass what is
Often you can hear about the double bass, which is the sameThe device has a cello. Indeed, the looks of the instruments are similar, but they have a completely different timbre and purpose in the orchestra or group. Most modern double basses have four strings, those that are used in orchestras can have five or three.

The purpose of the double bass is to provide bass sonority for overall harmony.
Sometimes they say about the double bass (what is it, we are alreadywe know): this is not a very useful tool, which is used only for symphonic orchestra performances. This is a completely wrong opinion. The contrabass is used in ensembles playing in the style of jazz, psychobilly and others. Sometimes it is used to replace the bass guitar.

Game Technique

In a simplified explanation, you can hear aboutdouble bass, what a device is - a big violin. Indeed, despite the impressive size (the tool can reach two meters in height), it is played with a bow. In this case, a special technique is used, in which the bow is on weight. Due to the size of the instrument and the location of the strings on it, the musician has a rather limited technique. On a double bass it is impossible to perform complicated passages, play scales and do quick jumps.

In jazz and related genres on thisthe instrument is played with the slap method or pizzicato - fingers are traced by the strings so that they emit a deaf characteristic clicks. In this case, the instrument sets the rhythm of the composition and can be used in ensembles that do not have drums.

Where you can find a double bass

double bass
If you rarely attend performancessymphony or jazz bands, then this instrument can be seen in the recordings of concerts or movies. In particular, you can watch the movie "In Jazz Only Girls". He played one of the main characters, disguised as a woman. On the big plans, you can see how he uses the pizzicato technique, characteristic of jazz.

The contrabass is an instrument that, one might say,glorified the Finnish quartet Apocalyptica. This is one of the most famous modern bands, using cellos and double bass to create cover versions of songs by rock artists. Often the group plays and classics. The contrabass can be heard in the version created by the Finnish quartet of Edward Grieg's "In the Cave of the Mountain King." In this case, the musicians use the technique of bowing.