/ / "Strip of Alienation." Actors, roles, plot

"Strip of Alienation". Actors, roles, plot

If you are a fan of good moderndomestic films, you just need to watch a series called "The Strip of Alienation." The actors played so beautifully that the film looks almost in one breath. What is the plot of the picture? The unfortunate woman, along with her daughter, was evicted from her own apartment. They are forced to go to live in another city. There, a woman faces overwhelming difficulties: with lack of money, deceit, hard work, a hassle with hooligans. Despite this, the main character retains lordship and kindness, does not cease to extend a helping hand to every needy. When will this horrible strip of alienation end in her life? Actors will make the viewer as it should be. Perhaps, these tests are given specifically in order to suffer, suffer, and wait for genuine true love.

"Strip of Alienation". Actors of the exciting series

So, more in detail. Who was starring in the series "The Band of Alienation"? Actors are known to the viewer for a variety of films. They are: Baranchev Peter (Captain Igor Rasskazov), Zverev Nikita (Pavel), Novikov Pavel (Dima), Reshetnikova Ekaterina (Valya), Vasilyev Anatoly (Sergey Ivanovich), Entlis Ksenia (Zoya), Dyuzheva Marina (Zinaida), Arsentyev Alexander Konstantin Zavadsky), Shevchenko Danila (Private Tarasov), Pronin Yuri (doctor), Yudin Oleg (buyer), Macedonian Roman (Slavik), Antipova Elena (administrator of Larissa), Anisimova Galina (Sibiryakova), Anosov Anton (Vasya), Vnukov Yuri (a teacher in a culinary college).

streak of alienation

Reviews of TV viewers

Thus, the real professionals played in thethe film "Strip of Alienation". Actors coped with their roles just fine. All lovers of touching melodramas were able to appreciate the work of artists. The number of episodes (eight) is also quite acceptable, judging by the opinions of viewers. The picture is not tightened and, at the same time, the duration is enough to relax and enjoy watching.

Most of all in the movie the audience is impressivethe main heroine named Valentine. This is a modest and kind woman who works in a kindergarten as a teacher. The black band in her life appears after the tragedy that happened to her husband. Of course, such a story can not but take your breath away. Because the show was very fast and there were so many fans.

band of alienation actors and roles

Worthy play of actors

What can I add? It is not surprising that the series "The Strip of Alienation" so fell in love with the audience. Actors and roles in this picture perfectly match each other. Catherine Reshetnikova, also known for the recently published pictures of "Shards of Happiness" and "Foundling", perfectly coped with the role of Valentina Dunayeva. The role of Pavel Dunaev, her husband, was duly played by Nikita Zverev, who recently appeared on the screens in the two seasons of the series "The Truth in Wine". A good play of actors is also beautifully accompanied by a perfectly selected musical accompaniment.

the series of the band of alienation actors


We sum up. Only good impressions, as a rule, leave about itself a serial "Strip of alienation". Actors can not help liking the viewer with their game. The picture is markedly different from many films that have appeared on the screen recently. The main character is the simplest woman. Even too simple. From the very first series, the viewer begins to draw conclusions that her kindness and gentleness will not allow her to give a worthy rebuff to any problems, as often happens in serials. However, this is not so! The creators of the painting were able to "turn around in full". On the head of the heroine raging trouble for trouble. And the farther you look, the more you marvel at the strength of the spirit, stamina and stamina of Valentina. Ekaterina Reshetnikova was able to pass all this well. In a word, look, and you will not regret!