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The series "Midshipmen-3": actors and roles

In 1988, the Soviet screens went serial"Midshipmen, go ahead!". The film was a huge success for the audience. Songs from him became hits. Three years later the filmmakers withdrew the sequel. And in 1992 the premiere of the series "Midshipmen-3" was held. Actors Dmitry Kharatyan and Alexander Domogarov recorded songs that also won the fans' love.

History of creation

Like the previous parts, according to the works of NinaSorokina shot the series "Midshipmen-3". Actors of the first two films - D. Kharatyan, S. Zhigunov, V. Shevelkov. In the third part there is only one of the midshipmen - Alexey Korsak. Dmitry Kharatyan played it. Svetlana Druzhinina - director of the painting "Midshipmen-3". Actors and roles are presented at the end of the article.

main characters

The plot is based on a story about the lives of courageous peopleofficers who serve the Motherland in the Seven Years' War of 1750-60, defending the interests of France and Austria against Prussia. Pavel Gorin, Nikita Olenev, Alexei Korsak - the main characters of the movie "Midshipmen-3". The actors who played these characters - A. Domogarov, M. Mamaev, D. Kharatyan.

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They are alone, each in his own way, selflesslyfulfill their mission: one in Alaska, the other at the court, the third in Venice, passes decorations in the box, in which documents sent to play an important role in the fate of Russia and Europe.


Captain Korsak comes to the rescue GermanOfficer, in fact - Prussian agent Brockdorf. The activities of this man are directed against Russia. But Korsak does not know this. He saves a life to a stranger and only after a while he learns the truth. When everything is open, the spy runs off to meet Queen Elizabeth-Christina (historically, this fact is not confirmed).

At the court with the participation of Nikita Olenev, toounfolding exciting and exciting events. The wife of the heir to the throne, Ekaterina Alekseevna, acting with clever methods and using Nikita's love for her, is trying to convey information about the state of the Russian army to the Prussian queen. Olenev also goes to Venice.

Upon arrival in Venice, Korsak falls ona traditional carnival and immediately appears under the supervision of the Duchess Johanna-Elizabeth, who also carried out espionage activities in Russia and was deported. The Duchess tries to neutralize the captain with the help of hired assassins, but Alex confidently gets rid of the opponents and goes to jail.

midshipmen 3 actors and roles

Friends of Alexei Korsak hurry to release him andseize baron Brockdorff, but he escapes. Arriving in St. Petersburg, Nikita Olenev gives Catherine important information. The insidious princess succeeds in outwitting Elizabeth. During these events, Frederick the Great strikes a new blow at the Russian troops, but the midshipmen, having led the Russian cavalry, break the Prussian troops. Frederick flees, but in the forest he is overtaken by Korsak, and a duel takes place between them. Despite the heroism of the midshipmen and the apparent victory of the Russian army, General-Admiral Fyodor Apraksin orders to retreat. This is the plot of the movie "Midshipmen-3".

Actors and roles

Photos of the heroes of the famous series presented inarticle. Evgeny Evstigneev played in the previous parts of the trilogy. The actor played the role of the legendary statesman Alexei Bestuzhev. The role of Empress Elizabeth was performed by Natalia Gundareva.

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In the second film trilogy created by Druzhinina,A new historical character appears - Princess Fiquet, who will become the Empress in years to come. In continuation, this heroine is more cunning and self-confident. It was played by Christina Orbakaite. The role of the mother of Princess Catherine was performed by Lyudmila Gurchenko. Little-known artists did not take part in the shooting of the film “Midshipmen-3”. The actors of this series are the stars of Russian cinema. Among them - Yuri Yakovlev, Lev Durov, Victor Rakov. In the adventure film Svetlana Druzhinina also played Vladimir Shiryaev, Alexander Kulyamin, Barbara Rudnik.