/ The most interesting facts about Bunin

The most interesting facts about Bunin

Writer, publicist, poet and critic IvanBunin can be called the pearl of Russian literature. He was a self-sufficient person, he always chose his own way. Never participated in any literary movement, especially not in the party, considering it unacceptable to mix creativity and politics.

interesting facts about Bunin

The article contains interesting facts about Bunin, which are many in his biography. Below the reader will get acquainted with the life and work of the writer.

Childhood and youth

The future writer was born on 10/10/1870. (according to the old style) in Voronezh, where together with the older children his parents moved. Interesting facts about Bunin are connected, first of all, with its origin, as it belonged to an ancient noble family, whose roots went deep into the Middle Ages.

However, by the end of the 19th century, the well-known and respectedthe ancient noble family was impoverished in order, therefore Ivan's childhood passed on a small farm, which housed one of the family's family estates. The boy was educated by a home teacher, a student at Moscow University. With him, Vanya had good relations, and Bunin all his life with a warm response to his first mentor, thanks to him not only for a strong knowledge base, but also for friendship.

Remembering interesting facts from Bunin's life,one can not help but recall that the talented youth graduated from the Yelets Gymnasium. In some subjects (loved ones), the full university course also accelerated. In his studies, he was very helped by his older brother Julius.

First lines

interesting facts from the life of Bunin

Gathering on the basis of interesting facts about Bunin,bibliographers found out that he began to compose very early - at 6 years old. At the age of seven he wrote his first poem. In the notes that led the writer, he admitted that he compares himself with Lermontov and Pushkin.

The impetus to the awakening of talent Ivan Alekseevichcalls the positive influence of his first teacher, who introduced him to the collection "The English Poets" and the book "Odyssey." A great impression on the gifted child was rendered by folk songs, tales, local folklore of the villagers. All this influenced the formation of creative nature.

In addition to literary talent, little Vanya hadone more: the boy turned out to be very artistic. He chanted and with an expression recited poetry, including his own work. Already an adult, he also excellently read prose, interested even the most dull listeners.

At the beginning of the journey

Bunin Ivan Alekseevich, interesting facts about whichset out in the article, first printed at 16 years. At such a young age, he presented mature and deep works to the readers' court: poems "The Village Beggar", "Over the Grave of S. Ya. Nadson", stories "Nefedka", "Two Wanderers". It is from these works that the long and fruitful path of the hero of the article in literature began.

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In 1889, a young writer was imbued withrevolutionary-democratic ideas and joined the movement of the Narodniks. But very soon he is disappointed in the actions of the radical intelligentsia and moves away from it. Ivan Alekseevich moved to the city of Orel. Here he begins to be published in the "Orlovsky Herald".

The first collection of his poems is published in 1891. He was enthusiastically received by critics and the reading public.

Productive work

Interesting facts about Bunin's life are connected with hisa visit in 1895 to St. Petersburg and Moscow. Here he meets the creative elite - Bryusov, Grigorovich, Kuprin, Chekhov, Sologub and Balmont. They introduce him into the great literary environment into which the poet and prose writer easily and naturally joined.

Bunin Ivan Alekseevich Interesting Facts

Bunin conducted personal correspondence with Anton PavlovichChekhov, who called him "a great writer." His idol was Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy. Ivan Alekseevich asked him for an audience and was happy to personally meet with the great Russian master of the word.

Interesting facts about Ivan Bunin in 1896replenished with the results of his work as an interpreter. During this period, the light saw the artistic translation of the work "Song of Hiawatha", for which Bunin was awarded the Pushkin Prize of the first degree. In order to do this work, Ivan independently learned English.

In 1897, published the first book of the writer - "To the End of the World", in 1898 - a collection of poems "Under the open sky." These works were highly appreciated by critics and the public.

In 1900 the story "Antonovskyapples. "For example, Maxim Gorky, noting the elegance of the author's literature, sharply reproached him for belonging to the noble family." Bunin was often reproached with "noble birth", which did not bother him at all. Contemporaries - both fans and ill-wishers - converged on The opinion that Ivan was alien to arrogance was a simple and sincere person.


Continuing to present interesting facts about Bunin,one can not help but remember that the writer passionately loved to travel. He enjoyed visiting new places, getting to know new people, their way of life and traditions.

Ivan Alexeevich visited many European countries: Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France. He traveled a lot in the Caucasus, which inspired him to cycle "The Shadow of a Bird" and the story "Many Waters".

Very fond of the writer Africa and Asia, which he traveled along and across.

World Recognition

Interesting facts about Ivan Bunin

Many are surprised by the eventful biographyBunin, interesting facts about him. One can not help but mention that Bunin is the first Russian writer to become a Nobel Prize laureate. This high award he received in November 1933. Since then, world recognition has come to him. His works were published in Europe. The popularity of the author reached its peak.

Personal life

Binin's biography is rich in events. Interesting facts are connected not only with the creative path, but also with the personal life of the writer. He was married three times.

interesting facts about bunin

His first marriage to the virgin Varvara Pashchenkowas unsuccessful. Young people did not find a common language and eventually divorced. For Bunin was a great pain that Varvara immediately after the divorce jumped to marry his close friend.

The second wife of the writer became rich and beautifulGreek Anna Cakni. In the marriage the son Nikolai was born, whom Bunin loved very much. The boy died at the age of 5 from scarlet fever. Wife from the writer left. There were no more children with Ivan.

The third wife and true love became VeraMuromtsev. She was not only a Bunin woman, but also his friend, his companion. With her, he found peace and happiness. After the death of the writer in 1953, she wrote a memoir "The Life of Bunin," dismantled his archives, prepared manuscripts for publication.