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The best cartoons of 2014-2015: list, description and reviews

Sometimes parents do not already know which animationthe film included a child, so that he was interested, and he watched it. For this, there are cartoons 2014-2015. The list of the most popular is suitable for family viewing. Also, these pictures of the child will not be bored looking alone. Different cartoons of these years are interesting subjects. Therefore, many people have already assessed the picture data with positive reviews and high marks.

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The best cartoons of 2014-2015: the list

The rating of the best paintings was headed by the project "IvanTsarevich and the Gray Wolf 3 "(2015). This is the continuation of Ivan Tsarevich's fabulous adventures. In the Thrice of the Kingdom there is a celebration: the king, before leaving the throne, decides to marry his daughter. After many years of dedicated work, he wants to relax and do his favorite things. Moreover, there are worthy heirs - Ivan and Vasilisa. The king goes fishing. And Vasilisa meanwhile suddenly remembers that they had never had a honeymoon with Ivan. The couple together with the cat and the gray wolf are going on a journey. Instead of a ruler, they leave a scarecrow. But only they leave, everything goes awry. The water from the magic fountain revived the scarecrow. After this, a new king appears in the kingdom. The scarecrow, feeling his strength, became a cruel ruler. The workers produced nectar almost without rest. Soon this business reached a large scale, and the enterprise was built. Ivan Tsarevich learns about everything that happened in the palace. At the same time, he goes to save the kingdom, leaving a honey holiday with his beloved.

After viewing, many confirmed that it wasthe best cartoon for the whole family. Funny and fascinating, he will not leave indifferent adults and children. Next, consider no less exciting projects of 2014-2015, which everyone will like.

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"Snow Battle" (2015)

What else is worth watching cartoons 2014-2015of the year? The list will continue "The Snowy Battle". With the advent of winter everything is covered with a snow blanket. Falling snow brings joy, red cheeks, laughter and good mood. The best that can be in this period is Christmas and winter holidays. The most wonderful and fabulous time. In a small village in Canada, the boys gathered to play the "Snowy Battle". The winners will receive prizes. Namely - the valuable things that the participants of the fight have. Everyone was ready to give away their favorite toys. The participants built a huge fortress out of the snow and started the battle. Small players get addicted, and everyone fights for their prize, not wanting to share a victory with someone. The whole duel turned into a real war. Leading a tough battle, can the guys understand that this is just a game?

Those who have already watched the cartoon, note that he is especially interesting to boys. Very exciting and unusual.

the best cartoons 2014 2015 year list

Cartoons like not only children, but alsoadults. They are not only able to cheer up, but also bring spiritual harmony. Cartoons 2013, 2014, 2015, the list of which we now compose, are quite diverse. Therefore, each for himself will select a suitable picture, based on his desires.

The Guardian-Lion (2015)

What are some interesting cartoons of 2014-2015? Our list will continue with a picture called "The Guardian Lion". The plot of the cartoon is this. A small lion has a gift of an ancient roar. The first to notice this was his parents - Simba and Nala. The name of the gifted lion cub is Kyon. He has an older brother named Kiar. By tradition, this talent comes only to the second son. Kion was very lucky - he was born into a royal family and received a gift that had a whole flock to him. Soon he will lead it. First of all he created an army. Then he put five lions to protect the territory. Only the best lions could get into his army. Everyone was eager for this. Because of his character, Kion takes a dangerous decision - his army may have different beasts. This does not correspond to traditions and laws. Such a cartoon refers to the best. After viewing, many shared their impressions of him. Most recognized it as interesting for children and adults, you can even call it instructive and unpredictable.

"How to Train Your Dragon 2" (2014)

Describing the best cartoons of 2014-2015, the listwhich are quite interesting and extensive, it is worth paying attention to the painting entitled "How to Train Your Dragon 2". The truce between the two sides, which were most eager to destroy each other, was completely unexpected. Bright times have come. Finally, everyone can engage in knowledge of the world, self-improvement and entertainment. Races between dragons are popular. Thanks to this they can show their strength and abilities. Spectators are delighted with this show.

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But, unfortunately, not everything is so good andsmoothly, as we would like. With the best friends Ikking and Bezubikom trouble happens. During the race, they enter the ice cave. Before, nobody knew about it. But that's not all - its inhabitants were wild dragons. Having discovered random guests, they seek to kill them.

Views after viewing this cartoon are divided. He really liked one, others said that the children did not like the picture.

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"Ugly I 2" (2013)

We reviewed the most popular cartoons2014-2015. A list of interesting paintings will continue "Ugly 2" 2013. The hero of the cartoon Grew used to be a villain, and now he wants to become a good father of three charming daughters. This is given to him very hard. It would have been simpler to steal all the stars in the sky than to accustom oneself to family life.

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Suddenly, Gru's help is needed in the investigationone quite important thing. For the conversation with him, Agent Lucy was sent. She is a very beautiful girl. Of course, Grew could not refuse such an attractive person. He begins to conduct his own investigation. The first suspect is El Macho. The efforts that have fallen on him push Grew to the old occupation. Now it is even more difficult for him. This cartoon is still popular.

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A small conclusion

Now you know what there are interesting cartoons2014-2015. The list of these pictures is presented above. We hope that you and your child will be able to choose for themselves a fascinating cartoon. After all, the pictures described in this article are quite interesting.