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Biography of Aisa. Dolmatova - designer and faithful wife

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What do you know about the wife of the popular Russianrapper Guof? Aisa is a beautiful girl who became famous not only as a "bonus" to the rap star, but also as a talented designer. What will the biography of Aiza tell us? Dolmatova (in the girlhood of Vagapov) now positions herself primarily as a designer of handmade jewelry and a stylist. For more than five years, the girl herself makes beautiful earrings, bracelets, rings, hair accessories and much more. Business was originally a way of self-expression, and only then it began to bring a lot of money, but about everything in order.

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Biography of Aiza

Dolmatova was born in the city of Grozny in 1984,later moved to the capital of Russia, where, since 2002, she studied at the law department of Moscow State Linguistic University. In 2008, she received a second higher education in MUBI specializing in Public Relations. The fate has developed so that neither the first nor the second prestigious education was useful to her in life - she did not work in the specialty of Aiz. Here begins the creative biography of Aisa. Dolmatova began work on her own line of jewelry quite by accident. The girl made extravagant earrings from textiles and beads for herself and her friends. She never studied interesting artistry, all her work is based on trial and error. After the marriage with Guf about Aize learned in show business. She had many new acquaintances who willingly disseminated information about the work of a talented designer. Quite quickly, not only those close to the rapper, but also admirers of Dolmatov's art, learned about Aiz and her ornaments. Aiza began to produce whole thematic lines of accessories, opened its store and began to deal with individual orders.

Aiza Dolmatova, whose biography is interesting asfans of rapper Guf, and women of fashion who are not interested in the creativity of her husband, successfully demonstrated her collections at various exhibitions and fairs. Her accessories are also show business stars, and simple girls.

Life and biography of Aisa

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Dolmatova spent most of her timehusband and son. In 2008, the lovers signed. According to some rumors, Aiza literally pulled Guf out of the drug marathon - everything changed in 2010, when Sami's son was born. The life of an extravagant couple has been actively discussed for several years by fans of the rapper's creativity. In the circles of youth, close to the star family, there are rumors of frequent changes in Guf, the complex nature of Aiza and the problems of both with drugs and alcohol. The latest news of 2013, which struck all the admirers of the Dolmatovs, was Aisa's message about the upcoming divorce. Currently, the couple are not together, Aisa left her husband and now lives with her friends. Speaking about the reasons for the gap, she mentions her husband's unacceptable behavior, their frequent quarrels and misunderstandings.

How is Aiza's biography developing now? Dolmatova tries herself as a stylist. Together with her friends, she arranges photo sessions for everyone, creating images of girls-models. Also recently, Aizah released her first clothing line. The show was held in the "Dandy Cafe". Aisa Dolmatova, whose photo often flickers in social networks and on the pages of magazines, continues her creative activity and becomes independent.