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"Dragon Island" - a tale of lost time or the standard of the genre?

Quite strange, but the movie "Dragon Island"remains the best genre sample of the film about martial arts for more than forty years. And some fans of this category of films are quite enough Bruce Lee's presence on the screen, to revise the picture once for about 20.

Charismatic characters of the picture alwaysattracted the audience. Suffice it to recall how many Soviet children were so impressed with this film that they went whole parties to engage in martial arts straight from the cinema halls of the USSR.

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The film "Dragon Island" also admires the distinctive special music of Lalo Shifrin. His compositions reflected the true spirit of the film.

Bruce Lee is alive

For fans of the actor, the main role of the Master inthis film is of great importance, because this is his last fully completed shooting. For a long time the Dragon Island will remain in their memory. Bruce Lee was and will be the idol of long-grown teenagers and not only. Modern small athletes continue to watch and admire this actor and athlete. If you drop a predictable story, you will get an excellent video of martial arts. After all, the ferocious manner of the battle, the indomitable spirit of the fighter, which was always inherent in this man, will never find an equal. Bright star Bruce Lee will burn in the hearts forever.

Legendary person
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It's hard to say if Bruce Lee is alive, he would have gonenon-existence or would continue to float on the stellar waves? We will never know it, because he left a living legend, it will remain forever. Just imagine, the operators of the film "Dragon Island" were forced to use special equipment for filming. This was due to the fact that the usual cameras of that time (1973) did not have time to shoot the lightning strike of the legendary man.

Content of the film

The events of the movie "Dragon Island" take the viewer to the fortified island, turned one of the militant leaders into a martial arts school. A good screen for camouflage smuggling.

The protagonist (Li) has unique abilities: he studies martial arts also from a philosophical and religious point of view. Once he receives an offer to participate in the tournament.

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From the teacher the hero learns that the personorganizing tournament, Khan, a long time ago was also a pupil of Shaolin, but insulted the sacred rules of the monastery school and was expelled. The police need a brave man who would have penetrated the island and obtained irrefutable evidence of smuggling before a special detachment arrived to seize the territory.

The police had already sent their co-worker there,but since that time there has been absolutely no news from her. A fighter such as Lee's character is an ideal option for this mission, because on this smuggling island it is forbidden to carry any weapons.

Bruce bravely sits down in the junk provided by Khan to the participants of his tournament, and goes to the ill-fated island.

There also float along with him and other fighters: one of them takes part in the tournament in the hope of winning the prize and pay the card debts to the gangster grouping, and someone is going to once and for all settle accounts with Khan and his illegal business. Further on the plot are inexorable battles. Ends with all the triumph of justice.

What else to add? It's hard to say whether you should watch this film several times, considering the unpretentious plot, the prescription of the shooting, etc. But if you have not looked at it once, look, it's the progenitor of hundreds of subsequent not very successful copies.