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Actress Taylor Schilling: movies and personal life

July 27, 1984 in the American city of Bostonwas born the future singer of the characteristic film Taylor Schilling. How many years have passed since the moment of its birth and to the first role, just like no one can say. The actress herself is confused in the dates and films. Biographers claim that Taylor Schilling's debut took place in 2009 in the film "Mercy", where she played the role of nurse Veronica Flannegan. Others are ready to prove that the young actress has had experience of participating in television projects before.

Taylor Shilling


Anyway, in American cinemathere was a talented, promising actress Taylor Schilling. How many years passed from the beginning of her career to the main roles, is not so important, as the statistics in the film industry is a relative term.

In 2002, the actress graduated from high school andentered the University of Fordham at the Faculty of Dramatic Art. In 2006, Taylor Schilling earned a bachelor's degree in her specialty and continued her studies in New York.

To earn a living, in the period of studentsthe actress got a job as a nanny. In the evenings, Taylor Schilling was shot on television, in all projects a little. The performers appreciated the performer for her manner of play.

First notable character

In 2012, Taylor Schilling played a major role in thethe movie "Lucky" directed by Scott Hicks. Elizabeth's character, the image of which was to create an actress, was quite complex, but it was interesting to work on the role. As a result, Taylor Schilling, whose films had previously passed unnoticed, received two nominations: "Best Kiss" and "Best Melodramatic Role."

Taylor Shilling for how many years

Then the actress starred in the movie "Atlantstraightens her shoulders, "where she starred as her character, a business woman named Dagny Taggert, who runs a major railroad company, as a manager, constantly having to deal with the most difficult problems." Once, Dagny meets Hank Riarden, a talented industrial engineer, at whose factories produce a new metal named Riyarden, cooperation promises to be fruitful, Dagny and Hank extend the railway branch to oil fields.

The greatest fame Schilling received afterthe release on the screen series "Orange - the hit of the season," where she played Piper Chapman, a girl from a happy family who was sent to prison for possession of drugs. For this role, the actress received a double nomination for the Golden Globe prize, as well as the Sputnik and Emmy awards.


During her career, Taylor Schilling starred in six films and two television series. Below is the full list of films with her participation.

  1. "The Dark Story" (2007), the character of Jackie.
  2. "Atlanta Straightens" (2011), Davy Taggart.
  3. "Lucky" (2012), the character of Elizabeth.
  4. "Operation Argo" (2011), the role of Christina Mendez.
  5. "Stay" (2013), the character of Abby.
  6. "Overnight" (2015), the role of Emily.
  7. "Charity," the series (2008-2010), the character of Veronica Flannegan.
  8. "Orange - hit the season" (2013 - to date), the role of Piper Chapman.

Taylor Shilling Movies


  1. For the role of Beth Clayton in the film "Lucky" actress received two nominations: "Best Kiss" and "Best melodramatic female role."
  2. For the role played by Christina Mendez in the film "Operation Argo" Schilling was awarded the Hollywood Film Festival.
  3. The role of the nurse Veronika Flannegan inthe series "Mercy" won the actress "Sputnik" in the nomination "Best role in the television series", as well as the prize of the Screen Actors Guild of America for the creative participation in the comedy series.
  4. Character Piper Chapman from Orange - hitseason "was the reason for receiving three nominations:" Golden Globe "-" Best role in a television comedy or musical, "" Golden Globe "- category" Best role in the drama series "and nomination for the Emmy Award in the category" Best role in the comedy film. "

Taylor Shilling personal life

Taylor Schilling: personal life

The actress is single and does not plan to startfamily life. Publicly argues that the personal space of any person should not be accessible to reporters of newspapers and magazines. Nevertheless, actor Efron Zack and Taylor Schilling for some time fell into the field of view of newsmen during the filming of the film "Lucky". Young people by the efforts of journalists were almost married. However, whether there was an adultery, is still unknown.