/ / The image of Kuligin in the play "The Storm" by Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky

The image of Kuligin in the play "The Storm" by Alexander Nikolaevich Ostrovsky

A.N.Ostrovsky created in 1859 the play "The Storm" - a work in which were touched on the difficult issues of the breakthrough of social life, the changing social foundations. Alexander Nikolayevich penetrated into the essence of the contradictions of his time. He created colorful characters of the tyrants, described their manners and way of life. Two images act as a counterbalance to tyranny - they are Kuligin and Katerina. Our article is devoted to the first of them. "The image of Kuligin in the play" Thunderstorm "is a topic that interests us. Portrait of A.N. Ostrovsky is presented below.

the image of a kuligin in a play of a thunderstorm

Brief description of Kuligin

Kuligin is a self-taught mechanic, a petty bourgeois.In conversation with Kudryash (the first action) he appears before the reader as a poetic connoisseur of nature. This hero admires the Volga, miraculously calls to him an unusual appearance. The image of Kuligin in the play by A.N. Ostrovsky "Thunderstorm" can be supplemented by the following details. A dreamer by nature, nevertheless this hero understands the injustice of the existing system, in which the brutal power of money and power decides everything. He tells Boris Grigorievich that there are "cruel customs" in this city. After all, who has money, he seeks to enslave the poor in order to make himself even more capital on his work. The hero is by no means the same. The characterization of Kuligin's image in the drama "Thunderstorm" is directly opposite. He dreams of prosperity for the whole people, strives to do good deeds. Let's present in more detail the image of Kuligin in the play "Storm".

The conversation between Kuligin and Boris

Kuligin's image in the play of the island storm

Boris meets the character of interest to us onevening walk in the third act. Kuligin again admires the nature, silence, air. However, at the same time complains that the city has not yet been made a boulevard, and people in Kalinov do not walk: everyone has a gate locked. But not from thieves, but to prevent others from seeing how they tyrannize the family. Many behind these locks, as Kuligin says, are "drunkenness" and "debauchery of the dark." The hero is indignant at the foundations of the "dark kingdom", but immediately utters after an angry speech: "Well, God be with them!", As if giving way to the words spoken.

His protest is almost mute, he expresses himselfonly in objections. The image of Kuligin in Ostrovsky's play "The Storm" is characterized by the fact that this character is not ready for an open challenge, like Katerina. Kuligin exclaims at the invitation to write poetry, which Boris does to him, that he will be "swallowed alive", and complains about what he already gets for his speeches.

Request addressed to the Wild

It is worth to give Kuligina due for the fact that he persistently and simultaneously courtesy asks Wild to give money for the materials. They need him to install a sundial on the boulevard "for the common good."

characterization of the image of a kuligin in a drama of a thunderstorm

Kuligin, unfortunately, comes across onlyignorance and rudeness on the part of this person. Then the hero tries to persuade Saveliy Prokofych, at least, to thunder taps, because storms are a frequent phenomenon in the city. Not having achieved success in this matter, Kuligin can do nothing more than, with a wave of his hand, leave.

Kuligin is a man of science

The hero of interest is a man of science,with respect related to nature, sensually subtle to its beauty. He turns in a fourth action with a monologue to the crowd, trying to explain in it to people that one should not be afraid of a thunderstorm and any other natural phenomena. We need to admire them, admire them. However, the city dwellers do not want to listen to him. They live according to old customs, they continue to believe that this is God's punishment, that a thunderstorm is surely a disaster.

Knowledge of people that shows Kuligin

The image of Kuligin in the play "Storm" is characterized bythe fact that this hero is well versed in people. He is able to empathize and give efficient, correct advice. These qualities, the hero showed, in particular, in a conversation with Tikhon. He tells him that it is necessary to forgive the enemies, and also to live their minds.

It was this hero who pulled dead from the waterCatherine and brought her Kabanov, saying that they can take her body, but the soul does not belong to them. She now appeared before the Judge, who is much more merciful than the Kabanovs. Kuligin runs away after these words. This hero in his own way is experiencing the grief that has happened and can not share it with people who are the perpetrators of the suicide of this girl.

White crow

the image of a kuligin in a play and an island storm

In Kalinov, the hero we are interested in is a white crow. The image of Kuligin in Ostrovsky's play "Groza" is characterized by the fact that this character's thinking differs significantly from the way other people think. Others have aspirations and values. Kuligin realizes that the foundations of the "dark kingdom" are unfair, trying to fight them, striving to improve the lives of ordinary people.

The hero who interests us dreams about socialreorganization of Kalinov. And probably, he found material support and like-minded people, he would have managed to significantly improve this city. The desire for the well-being of the people is perhaps the most sympathetic feature that, along with others, is the image of Kuligin in the play "Groza".