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What is fanfic and does it need literature?

What is fanfic?This question is visited by many who have heard this incomprehensible foreign word. However, there is no Russian analogue for the term, therefore we have to use borrowing. So fanfiction (English fanfiction) is a genre of literature that is a kind of fan art, based on an original piece of art. Fanfics (creations of this direction) are created based on popular movies, serials, books, comics, and sometimes songs. Having come to us from the West, they are rapidly gaining popularity.

Most often, fans create their own stories of funsake. On this, as a rule, everything ends, copyrights are not violated in any way. If it comes to publication, the relationship of the fan with the author of the original will be governed by the law of the country where the work is being promoted.

What is fanfic
The authors of fanfiction are called fikkaytery.They do not think about what fanfiction is, they just do it. Read all this fikridery - people who are not enough for what the generals, generous, those who wish to once again plunge into the beloved magical world.

All that you please

The variety of species used by fikrayterami,genres and directions sometimes prevents us from understanding what is fanfic. Favorite movies, books, sequels, prequels, a description of what happened, alternate story development and terribly popular peyring (description of the hero's love relationships).

Potter fanfics
One of the main objects of the amateurcreativity was Harry Potter, the fanfiction of which are so numerous, how varied. Someone describes the dramatic relationship of the little wizard with Aunt Petunia on vacation, others send him to travel in time and correct mistakes of the past, the third fantasize about what would have happened, get Harry on Slytherin instead of Gryffindor, etc.

What is the fanfic for literature in general?

The artistic value of fanfiction is controversialcharacter. First of all, because their authors do not create new characters, but only borrow. But in a huge gray mass periodically there are real diamonds that can become one with the original. In addition, the development of this area creates a favorable environment for young writers who, having tested their strengths, will be able to do their own unique works.

Archive of fanfiction
Also prevents fiks from consolidating their positions is thatvery often authors in the process of writing and publishing chapters abandon their works and no longer return to them. This is typical for non-professionals, the initial impulse rests on the need for a detailed study of the work, and hands drop. Or there are more pressing concerns, because this is not the main activity of most fikrayery, but only a hobby.

In the global network there is a mass of fanresources, each of which has its own archive of fanfics. Most of them are English-speaking, but the number of Russians is also growing rapidly. The interest in literature among the youth is in a deplorable state, so you can only be glad that a new direction has arisen that motivates people not only to read but also to create!