/ / Boris Belozerov ("What? Where? When?"): Biography

Boris Belozerov ("What? Where? When?"): Biography

Boris Belozerov in "What? Where? When?""He played not so long ago, but fans of this game already know him well." A connoisseur of the television club gathered his own team, which shows a bright and exciting game.

Biography of the expert

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Boris Belozerov in "What? Where? When?""he started playing at school age, he was born in St. Petersburg in 1993, lived with his family in Volgograd, where he graduated from a secondary school, and studied brilliantly after receiving a gold medal.

Parents of Boris Belozerov in "What? Where? When?""They never played, but they paid much attention to the education and upbringing of their son, they were philologists by profession, and besides, the father of the hero of our article has one more, economic education.

When Belozerov is asked, thanks to which heso clever, he answers that 50% of this is the merit of the parents, and the remaining 50% are the teachers who accompanied him through life. They helped him to develop effectively.

Studying at the university

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After receiving secondary education, Belozerov went to conquer the capital. In Moscow, he quickly entered the Moscow State University. He began to study at the Physics Faculty.

However, I stayed in this university for a short while.In two years I realized that studying here and the future occupation is not for him. Therefore, he dropped MSU and went to the admissions office of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. The university is no less prestigious than the previous one. Here he entered the economic department, also specialized in international energy cooperation. This is one of the best educational institutions, which train high-level specialists in the field of economics with a brilliant knowledge of foreign languages.

Debut in intellectual shows

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Boris Belozerov in "What? Where? When?""he became famous throughout the country, but his career on television began much earlier.It was the first time he was able to shine with intellect in front of TV cameras when he was in grade 6. It was then that he was selected for the show" The Smartest "that the famous Tina Kandelaki was leading.

During the first year of participation in this project, hemade it to the number of the strongest players. By the way, he owns a record transmission, which is still so no one has been surpassed. In just two rounds, he managed to give 46 correct answers to questions from different fields of knowledge.

Most likely, in those years he was turned overattention to the players of the sports version of "What? Where? When?" They began to attract the student to participate in tournaments, to travel to interregional and international festivals of intellectual games. The young man himself admits that communication in this environment helped him to become more communicative, to find a lot of friends and acquaintances.

Problems with communication

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Belozerov admits that he considers the most importantthe problem of adolescents with high IQ is a lack of communication. They are not always easy to find at school or in the yard of their peers, with whom it would be interesting and not boring to spend their free time. Therefore, the project "The Smartest" is a great opportunity to find friends with common interests.

The same function is performed by the sports versiongame "What? Where? When?". With its help gifted children unite in teams, intensively develop, learn to find interesting and unusual in the surrounding world. When you get on television, the hero of our article admits, it even more raises self-esteem, allows you to feel self-confidence.

The young child prodigy

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After the success in Tina Kandelaki's show to the figureBelozerov was closely focused. Which way will he choose in adulthood? This question interested his parents, teachers and viewers, many of whom became his fans.

The young man himself admitted that the main thing for him was to become successful. And it does not matter in which industry. He maintains the same point of view even now.

For a long time he had an idol for which hetried to navigate and equal. This is Bill Gates. However, over time, landmarks changed, and Gates was replaced by American businessman Ilon Mask. It is worth acknowledging that he now conquers many people in the world, not just Boris Belozerov, with his actions and attitude towards life. Biography our hero tried to make at least a little like the achievements of his overseas idol. He is trying to be as successful as this American engineer and inventor.

Beloserov bases his dreams this way: in our country, he is sure of this, there really are many opportunities for development in the field of technology business. What does Mask do. Therefore, he does not plan to leave abroad, as he sees prospects for growth in Russia itself.

Club "What? Where? When?"

Boris Belozerov in "What? Where? When "at the age of a very young man, he is only 24. Now the team he has collected is one of the most promising in the club, which is very proud of its participants.

By the way, about his game in the television version of thisintellectual game Belozerov already tells a lot of funny stories. For example, one of them is about the fact that there is a kind of hazing in the club. More experienced players often play a trick on young and novice connoisseurs. And jokes are not cruel at all, but rather fatherly.

In the club the team of Boris Belozerov has already managedto recommend as smart, gambling and fighting. Last time she sat at the game table in the spring series of games. The team of Boris Belozerov won viewers with a score of 6: 4. The best player was recognized as Kim Galachian, who recently joined this team, and before that in the television "What? Where? When?" did not play at all. Although I achieved a lot in the sports version of this game.