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Set Designer Ekaterina Kozhevnikova

The profession of the production designer by manycinematographers is considered purely masculine, as it requires extraordinary physical strength and endurance: you have to go to long-term shooting expeditions, work with cumbersome heavy scenery, withstand the characteristics of an irregular working day. However, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity in this profession still exist, among them the sweet and charming Ekaterina Kozhevnikova.

Ekaterina Kozhevnikova

Biography. Education and career start

Catherine is currently one of thethe most popular artists of Russia. The girl was born in the capital in the summer of 1983. After graduation from high school, she began to improve her creative talents, attending classes at an art studio under the direction of TD Chistyakova.

Since 1994, Ekaterina Kozhevnikova has studied the basicsfashion design at the National Institute of Fashion, she gained her knowledge in the British college of St. Martins. After returning to Moscow, he decides to devote himself to work in the film industry, choosing an interesting but complex profession. Among the paintings created with her direct participation are many projects of famous directors: Yuri Moroz, Alexei Sidorov, Valery Todorovsky.

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As a performer

Interest in cinematography was accompanied by creativethe emergence of Catherine Kozhevnikova long before her final professional choice. Being a student, the girl had a unique opportunity to try herself in acting. During the filming of his course project - a black and white short drama by Alexander Karavaev. At that time, a student of the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television offered Kozhevnikova to fulfill the second-part role of the second guide. The shooting of the film "Nine Spans Together" (2006), which tells of the inner experiences of the main character about the extinction of love and the prospect of a break in relations, is considered a film debut of Catherine.

Ekaterina Kozhevnikova biography

Profession and vocation

Now E. Kozhevnikova is an artist-director, experienced in art, who creates a visual solution of the film, helping to reveal the author's intention of the director. The emotional mood and the atmosphere of the tape largely depend on her efforts. Essentially, Catherine translates the literary basis (script) of the picture into an iconic series.

While working on another project girlDevelops sketches, is engaged in a selection of props, chooses places for natural filming, participates in the creation of scenery. At the end of the shooting process, Kozhevnikov, along with other members of the creative team, takes part in the discussion and selection of duplicates, the creation of a screen saver, titles, ie, the graphic design of a film.

When starting a production process, italways several times reread the script, talking with the director, for himself outlining the concept of the future design of the film. Ekaterina Kozhevnikova admits that the emotional spirit of the future masterpiece depends on her skill, as well as the trust or distrust of the audience. Therefore, the artist very responsibly approaches his immediate duties.

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In addition to cinema

Kozhevnikov successfully combines work in cinema withteaching activities. She leads the course "Visualization of the script. Interior. Props. Costume "in the Moscow film school" 2morrow + Manezh ". Often holds master classes for beginner filmmakers on production design.

During the lesson, Catherine characterizes the designfilm, revealing the features of visualization, gives practical advice. Her listeners will learn how to make the interior a full-fledged character in the picture, choose the nature for filming, create the necessary atmosphere, character with the help of a well-chosen props. The artist claims that the meager financing of the film is not an annoying circumstance, but rather acts as an excellent occasion for author's fantasy.


Catherine's record is quite impressive andcontains films and series, familiar to a wide audience. Her filmography begins with the participation in the creation of the melodrama "Everything You Love" directed by A. Arabin. Joint work Kozhevnikova and Arabina was fruitful, formed a creative tandem. Therefore it is not surprising that after a certain time the director, selecting the team to create a dramatic action movie "Taiga. Course Survival », invites to work on the project of a proven artist-director.

The most famous film, the creation of whichworked Catherine, is a thriller "Fight with the Shadow 3D: The Last Round." The tape was directed by Alexey Sidorov. By the recognition of the creators, including Kozhevnikova, it was the most difficult in terms of production, the most intense tricks, the most ambitious part of the franchise.

After Ekaterina Kozhevnikova met withdirector Yuri Moroz, already in the composition of his creative team, the artist worked on the detective thriller "Inquisitor" and the adventure picture "Fort Ross: in search of adventure." The last work of the artist is the short fake comedy "Fake" by Ivan Kitaev.