/ / Description of Serebryakova's painting "At dinner". Reproduction of the painting

Description of the picture Serebryakova "At dinner." Reproduction of the painting

Picture Zinaida Serebryakova "For dinner" (secondthe title - "For breakfast") is among the most famous works of the artist. The date of its writing is 1914. Today the original picture is in the State Tretyakov Gallery, and with its reproduction and description can be found in this publication.

description of a silver picture at dinner

Brief biography of the artist

Before doing a description of the picture Serebryakova"At dinner," I should say a few words about her author. Zinaida Evgenievna was born in 1884 near Kharkov. Her parents were graphic artist Catherine Benois and sculptor Eugene Lansere. She spent childhood and adolescence in St. Petersburg. The girl grew up surrounded by creative people and drew from childhood.

In 1905, Zinaida Evgenievna marriedengineer-railroader Boris Serebryakov. The couple had 4 children: sons Zhenya and Sasha and daughters Tanya and Katya. The artist was early widowed and in 1924 she left for Paris, remaining in it forever. While living in France, she continued to write, putting her whole soul into her works. The predominant part of her paintings were portraits. Serebryakova died in 1967, leaving behind a solid artistic heritage.

a picture of a silver man at dinner

main characters

All my life for Zinaida Evgenyevna with the meaning of liferemained a picture. Serebryakova at dinner showed her children Zhenya, Shurik and Tanya. The younger daughter of the artist Katyusha at that time was still too small and could not pose. The canvas captures the moment when the children ate (or had breakfast) in the dining room. A beautifully decorated table indicates that the Serebryakovs' family adhered to European traditions.

Description of the picture Serebryakova "At dinner" isstart with the characteristics of its three main characters. Boys, depicted on the canvas, weather, the sister is younger than them for several years. Zhenya is drinking water thoughtfully. It can be seen that his thirst is not so much as it is just interested in the contents of the glass. At this time, the grandmother (the picture depicts only her hands) pours soup into the plate with a ladle. The rest of the children look attentively towards the viewer. Before Shurik there is a plate full of soup. He had already eaten it a little, but something made him break away from the food and turn back. The plate of the little girl Tanya is empty, and she waits patiently until her grandmother pours out her soup. The girl looked intently at the same point as her brother. Curiosity is read in the large and expressive eyes of children.

a picture of silver zinaids at dinner

Character and appearance of children

Not only a talented artist, but also a subtlethe psychologist was Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova. "At dinner" - this is not just a plot picture, in it the author passed on the inner world of each of his children. Her eldest son Eugene was a calm and dreamy boy, Shurik was very restless, and Tanya's daughter was a very active and curious girl. These character traits of each of the children are clearly visible on the canvas.

Continuing the description of Serebryakova's painting "Fordinner ", it is worth paying some attention to the appearance of brothers and sisters. The boys are dressed in blue shirts, the girl dressed up in a snow-white sundress, under which is seen a dark blouse. By clothes, you can see that after dinner they gathered for a walk. All children have very similar faces. Tanya is neatly combed, but Shurik and Zhenya's hair stick out in different directions.

Dinner table

Description of Serebryakova's painting "At dinner"allows you to see how to serve tables in Russian intelligent families before the revolution. Snow-white tablecloth, napkins and beautiful tableware in those days were everyday attributes, without which in decent houses not a single family meal could do. In addition to a large tureen, bowls and glasses, on the table you can see a decanter with water, a yellow jug, a sugar bowl, a saltcellar and small plates with fresh biscuits and chocolate biscuits.

Despite the lack of bright colors, the artista very sunny picture was obtained. Serebryakova "At dinner" devoted to her children, so every stroke on the canvas is made with a special motherly love. From the picture it breathes with warmth and comfort. Looking at her, you can understand that the real happiness of any woman lies in her toddlers.

Other children's portraits of the author

"At dinner" - this is not the only work inwhich Serebryakova painted her children. After the death of her husband, the artist created her most tragic picture "House of Cards". Here she portrayed grown up and orphaned sons and daughters. Uncovering sadness and despair are read in their faces.

zinaida evgenievna serebryakova at dinner

Children's themes slip in the pictures of "Eugene""Tanya and Katya. Girls near the piano "," Portrait of A. Cherkesova-Benoit with his son Alexander "," Katya in a fancy dress "and many others. In the opinion of the artist A. N. Benois, his uncle Zinaida Evgenevna, she did not have equal in writing portraits of children.