/ / Soviet singer Sheveleva Galina: the story of her life and death

Soviet singer Sheveleva Galina: the history of her life and death

Sheveleva Galina is a singer with excellentvocal and bright appearance. Her name and surname do not say anything to the current generation of listeners. And during the Soviet times, Shevelev was known and loved by many people. Do you want to get acquainted with the biography of the singer? Find out the cause of her death? Now we will tell about everything.

Sheveleva Galina

Galina Sheveleva: biography, family and childhood

She was born on December 26, 1952 in the UkrainianKharkov. Our heroine came from a simple family. Galya's father was a professional builder. And my mother worked as a tutor in a kindergarten. Galina had a twin sister (45 minutes older than her), who was called Lyudmila.

The girls grew active and inquisitive.They often arranged home concerts for parents, grandparents, and neighbors. In 1959, the sisters went to the first class. Almost immediately they began attending classes in the choir. Luda quickly lost interest in this. And Galya got carried away with singing. Even then she dreamed of performing on the big stage, preferably in Moscow. At the age of 16 Galina was included in one of the most famous children's and youthful orchestras of Kharkov. She was considered an excellent vocalist.

Student's time

In 1970 Galina Sheveleva graduated from the secondaryschool. Her friends and relatives were sure that the girl would submit documents to the music school. But our heroine surprised everyone. She entered the Institute of Public Catering, located in Kharkov. The choice of Gali fell on the correspondence department of the Faculty of Economics.

Here only the received education of Sheveleva andnot useful. At some point the girl realized that music is her main vocation in life. The beautiful brunette got a job as a vocalist in the restaurant "Crystal". The local audience took her speeches with a bang. Valentina Tolkunova once visited this restaurant. She heard Galina singing. When the girl came down from the stage, Tolkunova praised her. She advised her to go to the capital.

The Conquest of Moscow

Galya listened to the words of the famous singer.She went to Moscow, where she rented a small room in a communal apartment. The girl participated in the auditions organized by the leaders of popular bands in those days. And only in 1978 a talented performer from Kharkov noticed musician Arkady Khaslavsky.

VIA "Hello, song"

Galya got an attractive offer. She was supposed to be a backing vocalist at VIA "Hello, song". And the girl agreed. With her was recorded a wonderful composition "Old Bonfire".

Galina Sheveleva

In the 1970s, the VIA included a large number of participants. It was difficult for Arkady Gennadyevich to sing Shevelev among other singers. He wanted to avoid rumors and speculation.

Personal life

Our heroine has never had problems associated with the lack of boyfriends. For the cheerful and pretty girl, the guys always ran. But to build a serious relationship Galya did not hurry.

Galina Shveleva biography

Sheveleva and Khaslavsky did not have each otheronly colleagues. At first they lived in a civil marriage. And in 1982 they formalized relations. They believed in a happy future and did not even guess what trials fate had prepared for them.

In 1983, Arkady Khaslavsky was imprisoned. And all because he did not want to comply with the new rigid framework provided for Soviet musicians. Khudruk VIA "Hello, song" appointed Igor Matvienko. A year later Sheveleva Galina left the ensemble. Soon she moved to the town of Tikhoretsk, where her husband was serving a sentence.

Solo career

In 1986, Arkady Khaslavsky was releasedon UDO. He immediately began to promote his wife's musical career. Up until 1989, Galya acted as part of the VOKS group he had created. Then she started her solo career.

Galina Shevelova Songs

Philip Kirkorov, Dobrynin Vyacheslav, ShainskyVladimir - with these outstanding people at one time worked Galina Sheveleva. The songs suited Soviet citizens. The most popular were such compositions as "White Fill", "Chrysanthemums", "Two Rivers" and "That's Summer Passed".


Sheveleva Galina was killed in her apartment 26June 1991. The death of the singer came because of a blow to the head with a heavy metal object. Our heroine was robbed and dealt with her, as with the main witness. With the assassin, Artem Zadorozhnykh from Krivoy Rog, Galina was well acquainted. This man managed to enter into her trust. And after some time, Artem and his accomplices, by prior agreement, robbed her apartment. The singer has always been a kind and sympathetic person. She could not even think that an old acquaintance was working out a cunning plan.

Sheveleva Galina singer

Galya was buried in his native Kharkov. The singer found her last shelter at the Alekseevsky cemetery. The costs associated with the funeral, took over the producer - Mark Rudinshtein. Sheveleva Galina collaborated with him in recent years. As for the singer's husband, Arkady Khaslavsky, at the time of the murder of the spouse he was in the territory of Israel. Having learned the terrible news, the man did not leave for Kharkov, but remained for permanent residence in Jerusalem.

Disclosure of the case

Litigation related to murderShevelova, lasted more than 12 months. And only in the autumn of 1992 the verdict was announced. The killer of the famous actress was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Relatives and colleagues of Gali were dissatisfied with the decision of the court. They wanted the perpetrator to be behind bars until the end of his days. But the verdict is not subject to appeal.


Today we remembered another talented, kind and hardworking person. Sheveleva Galina died very early - at 39.5 years. Let the earth be rest for her ...