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The best pictures of Konchalovsky - still lifes with flowers

P.P.Konchalovsky is one of the most brilliant and talented Russian artists of the first half of the 20th century. Master of color compositions, at the beginning of the creative path he was fond of experiments in the field of cubism, later switched to realistic traditions of reflection of reality. He worked a lot as a theatrical decorator and creator of sketches for costumes. Glory in the field of painting deservedly brought the artist still lifes.

paintings by Konchalovsky

general characteristics

What attracted and attracted viewers picturesKonchalovsky? His brush painted original portraits of his contemporaries, illustrations to the works of his favorite poets and writers. Being a passionate admirer of the works of Pushkin and Lermontov, Petr Petrovich created series of drawings for many printed editions of their poems, poems, novels.

an essay on the painting by Konchalovsky

The early paintings of Konchalovsky are written under the explicitthe influence of the French post-impressionist Paul Cezanne. On the other hand, the artist showed great interest in the traditions of folk painting and lubka. The images on his canvases are so real, material, that it seems as if they can be touched or picked up. The riot of colors, the antagonism of tones and shades, contain such pictures of Konchalovsky as "Cassis. Ships "," Bread, ham and wine "," Agave "and many others.

A large number of paintings written with a nudenature. The triumph of the flesh, sometimes even excessive materialism, the cubic forms are reflected in "Sitting naked", "Hercules and Omphale". The best paintings Konchalovsky, in the opinion of critics, are those on which bouquets of flowers are depicted.


Lilac branches

Yes, their artist wrote with inspiration and love.Petr Petrovich believed that the study of whimsical curves and shades of rose petals or lilac inflorescences should be spent time and effort no less than learning the body language or the facial expressions of a human face. Here it is - the best exercise for training memory, imaginative thinking and creative imagination! Therefore, the master painted so often field and garden flowers. Particular preference was given to his beloved lilac. At school pupils write an essay on the painting by Konchalovsky "Lilacs", joining in the great mystery of pictorial art. The choice of the canvas is not accidental. If early works can be difficult to understand, floristics, still lifes with flowers, can best educate the students in the sense of beauty, develop taste and creative imagination. In the textbooks on the Russian language, the picture "Lilac in the Basket" by Konchalovsky (reproduction) is offered for work. Describing it, it is necessary to draw the children's attention to the purity of the shades of lilac brushes, the fragility and fleetingness of the best creations of nature - flowers.

Analysis of the picture

What do we see before us?On the background of a dark wall, on a black or dark brown table is a small wicker basket. It is filled with freshly cut branches of fragrant lilac. The stuffed brushes bend under their weight. They are so magnificent that they almost cover the green leaves. The color is matched so harmoniously that each branch complements and shades the neighboring ones. Here it is - the wonderful beauty of nature, ennobling our souls and hearts!