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Heifets Leonid Efimovich: biography, family, creativity

Heifets Leonid Efimovich - theatrical director and(he tried himself as an actor and as a teacher), an active public figure, and also since 1993, the People's Artist of the Russian Federation. To this day, Leonid Kheifets is a professor at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts.

Kheifets Leonid Efimovich

general information

Leonid Efimovich Kheifets will forever remain on thepages of Russian theater art as an exceptionally talented director. His work is loved by all people: as a generation of the heyday of his work - by the generation of the people of the seventies, and by current viewers, who are already very difficult to surprise. And yet Kheifetsu succeeds brilliantly. His classic classical plays and plays, reworked in a new way, allow the theater-goers to find a dialogue with great writers, absorb their thoughts and understand them.


Leonid started his life in a kindredfor Russia to the country - in Belarus. In 1934, on May 4, the future director was born in Minsk. No soul at that time was aware of what an active boy could grow up, like all children who liked to play war games and go for a walk late. Even Leonid's parents were not ready for the fact that their son would turn his back on the path customary for everyone, and choose the creative way - difficult, thorny, but giving many opportunities.

So it turned out in the future:Instead of studying to the end at the Belarusian Polytechnic Institute, as his father wanted, Heifetz, at the last courses, leaves this kind of activity to enter the desired institution.

Education by profession

Heifets Leonid Efimovich submits documents to GITIS -A place where his directorial potential can be revealed, as nowhere else. Naturally, young Heifets is studying at the director's department, and it is here that his first steps begin in the direction of the theater.

Heifets Leonid Efimovich personal life

The course GITIS in principle could not seem to someonelight, but with his studies Heifets coped easily, obviously feeling like a fish in the water, on the first trial shootings and assignments for young directors. At the end of the training, Leonid's teachers - AD Popov and MO Knebel - could rightfully be proud of their pupil. His thesis in 1963 "Highway to the Big Dipper" made a great impression on the admission committee of the Institute.

The first steps in filmmaking

After graduation from GITIS from the "Highway to the GreatMedveditsa "Leonid Efimovich Heifetz has already established himself as a budding director, seriously approaching his work. In the year of his release, he was invited to the post of director at the Central Academic Theater of the Soviet Army (CACA). Gradually, enlisting the authority of his students and colleagues, in 1988 Leonid became the main director of this theater.

During this time Kheifets Leonid Efimovich put suchknown paintings of that era, such as "The Death of Ivan the Terrible" and "Uncle Vanya". Moreover, both performances received positive reviews, and this is an excellent start for the novice director.

Love and theaters

After the success in CACA, Leonid Kheifets moved toThe Small Theater, where his productions began to acquire a dramatic character typical of the theatrical atmosphere. It was in this spirit that several performances were staged on the works of famous classical writers. Among the most successful are the production of the "Fiesco Conspiracy in Genoa" by Friedrich Schiller, and the play "King Lear" - one of the standard works by William Shakespeare, which is now very often chosen for staging on stage. In 1981, on the stage of the Maly Theater, Heifetz revived the tradition of putting Russian prose - in that year the play debuted on the play of the playwright Alexander Galin entitled "Retro".

In 1982 Heifetz decided to try himself ina little bit different - as a filmmaker. The role of the film adaptation was claimed by I. Goncharov's work "The Cliff". And if with the male role of the main character everything was extremely clear, then the female images of the two sisters, Marfinka and Vera, were in question. For the role of the first director, the beginning actress looked after - it was Gundareva Natalya Georgievna.

gundareva natalia georgievna
This woman is her spontaneity andcheerfulness won the heart of Heifetz. After a while they began to meet, and after the end of work on the film they decided to live together, but there was nowhere. Kheifets Leonid Efimovich, whose family was one of the goals of life, dreamed of settling down, and therefore began to look for an apartment with Natalya. Finally, luck smiled at him, and a cozy apartment was found at the prestigious Gorky Street at that time. At first, the couple was developing wonderfully: Natalia worked in the theater. V. Mayakovsky, and Heifetz staged performances in his theater. Since Leonid was a very communicative person, people always gathered in his house - friends, colleagues, actors, troupe and many others. That's why the discord between the spouses began.

Heifets Leonid Efimovich, whose wife and sotired of the endless shootings, threw her work at home, and in those crumbs of leisure time, which fell to her share, Natalia was forced to engage in everyday life. He led large companies, from which the actress very quickly tired. The last drop was the good nature of the director, with which he once again left one of his friends to spend the night. Gundareva Natalia Georgievna could not reconcile with this - she asked her husband for a divorce. For Heifets, the divorce was painful, but, having plunged into the work, suffered a little less. The man decided that his best wife would be his stage and the performances that he puts on her. So Kheyfets Leonid Efimovich, whose personal life went downhill because of eternal employment, made his choice, preferring to devote himself without art to art.

With the advent of Heifetz, the theater seemed to take heart:now more often were staged plays by Russian writers, the troupe with pleasure played on difficult subjects, and all the other directors awoke from a dream and gradually began to prepare new performances for the future theatrical season.

Kheifets Leonid Efimovich family

Current activities

In 1988, Leonid Kheifets continued to seek a theaterfor his soul and chose his choice at the Moscow Academic Theater named after V. Mayakovsky (MATI). And to this day the director is working in this Melpomene church, giving all his energy to prepare a worthy change for himself - now Leonid Kheifets teaches young directors to the staging art. And this experience of teaching for the director is not the first one - in the 80's, Leonid Efimovich taught at the Higher Theater School. MS Shchepkina, and nowadays in addition to MATI Heifets is engaged in pedagogy and at the Russian Academy of Theater Arts.

Heifets Leonid Efimovich wife

His director's work has left indeliblea trace in the activities of many theaters in Russia, so that the name of this person even after his death will still sound there - behind his home theatrical scenes.