/ / Drama Theater of Tyumen: repertoire, troupe, history

Drama Theater of Tyumen: repertoire, troupe, history

The Drama Theater of Tyumen exists with the second half19th century. Great artists work here. The repertoire is varied. The troupe shows performances both in classical and modern plays. The Drama Theater also did not bypass the small spectators - fairy tales are going on for them.


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The Drama Theater of Tyumen has existed since 1858.His discovery was a very important and high-profile event. Tyumen was at that time a city exclusively trading. The main entertainment for the townspeople was maps. The opening of the theater surprised the general public. There was a question about where the artists came from, because the nobles were not there. In the 90 years of the 19th century, the merchant A.I. Tecutiev. Since 1919 the name of the Tyumen temple of art has changed many times. First, the drama theater of Tyumen bore the name of V.I. Lenin. In 1924 he became a Chamber. It was assumed that there will be performances of all genres here. In 1926 a very strong troupe worked here. Actors were from Moscow and Leningrad. Their repertoire included performances on the works of Russian classics, musical performances, dramas on historical themes, statements of a revolutionary nature, plays of foreign classics were rarely staged. In the 20's and 30's the actors' troupes changed 11 times. In 1935 the theater received a new building and name. Now it was named in honor of the 17th anniversary of the Red Army. In 1938, his own permanent troupe appeared. In 1944 the Tyumen region was formed. Since then, the status of the theater has changed. He became an oblast. The repertoire consisted mainly of classical works.

Since 1987 to this day the director of TyumenDrama Theater is Vladimir Zdzislawowicz Korevitsky. The post of art director is occupied by Alexey Larichev. The main director is Alexander Tsodikov. The repertoire is very diverse now. Performances since 1998 go on two stages - Big and Small. Since 2005 the theater has been called the Tyumen Drama Theater.


The repertoire of the Drama Theater (Tyumen) consists of classical works and modern plays. The troupe offers the following performances:

  • "The Duel" (AP Chekhov).
  • "Bankrupt" (according to A. Ostrovsky).
  • "Grönholm Method" (J. Galseran).
  • "Marino Field" (according to O. Bogayev).
  • "Bullets over Broadway" (V. Allen).
  • "Moliere" (according to M. Bulgakov).
  • "God of Slaughter" (J. Reza).
  • "Days of the Turbins" (according to M. Bulgakov).
  • "Academy of laughter" (K. Mitani).
  • "Marriage" (according to NV Gogol).
  • "For two hares" (M. Staritsky).
  • "Lady Macbeth" (according to N. Leskov).
  • "Lend the tenor" (K. Ludwig).
  • "The eldest son" (according to A. Vampilov).
  • "Three Comrades" (EM Remarque).
  • "Olesya" (according to A. Kuprin).
  • "Trees are dying standing up" (A. Cason).

repertoire of the Drama Theater

The program of the Drama Theater (Tyumen) includes performances not only for adults, but also for children:

  • "Adventures in the Emerald City".
  • "Flying ship".
  • "Nutcracker".
  • "Puss in Boots".
  • "All the boys are fools."


Drama Theater of Tyumen

The Drama Theater of Tyumen gathered on its stageremarkable talented actors. There are 36 beautiful actors in the troupe. Among them: Sergei Veniaminovich Osintsev, Alexander Vladimirovich Tikhonov, Antonina Kolinichenko, Vladimir Vasilievich Orel, Tatyana Alekseevna Pestova, Andrei Ivanovich Voloshenko, Sergey Vasilovich Skobelev, Veniamin Danilovich Panov, Vladimir Nikolaevich Vashchenko and others.

"The Golden Horse" in Tyumen

program of the Drama Theater of Tyumen

Drama Theater (Tyumen) in 1998 organized the regional festival "Golden Horse". All theaters of the region take part in it, both dramatic and puppet theaters. In the first year, six troupes participated: from Nizhnevartovsk, Tobolsk, Nyagan and Tyumen. Of these, four dramatic and two puppet. In 2000, 14 theaters took part in the festival. "Golden horse" has acquired the all-Russian significance. Troupes gathered not only from Tyumen region, but also from Kurgan, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk. In 2002 the festival became international. 22 theaters took part in it. In addition to artists from Russia, there were actors from Kazakhstan. In 2004, already 24 theatrical companies took part in the "Golden Skate". Two years later the festival was divided into two separate ones: one held among the theaters of the dolls, the other among the dramatic troupes. In 2006, artists from Italy, France, Uzbekistan and Lithuania took part.

Prizes are awarded in the following nominations:

  • "The best female role".
  • "For the best performance."
  • "Best male role".
  • "For the best director's decision of the play"
  • "Best female role of the second plan."
  • "For the best scenography."
  • "The best male role of the second plan."

Special prizes from the jury are also given.