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Galina Shcherbakova: biography and creativity

Galina Shcherbakova - Soviet and Russianwriter, screenwriter. She was born in the Donetsk region in Dzerzhinsk in Ukraine. Several school years of the future writer were held in the conditions of the German occupation.


Galina Shcherbakova entered the StateUniversity of Rostov. Later, she and her husband moved to Chelyabinsk, transferred to a pedagogical institute. He finishes it and begins to work as a teacher of Russian literature and language at school. In addition, she became a journalist in the newspaper. However, she left this work, she wanted to become a writer. Journalism, in its own opinion, leads a person to the side. Until the end of the seventies Galina Shcherbakova wrote, as she herself admitted, serious things. This was a great prose on global philosophical themes. However, all of these works refused to be published.

Galina Shcherbakova

Once she decided to create a love affair.As a result, a novel entitled "You Have not Dreamed" was born. In 1979, this work is published by the magazine "Youth". The story was a huge success, which was an absolute surprise for the author. She began to receive a huge number of enthusiastic letters. In addition to the famous story, Galina Shcherbakova wrote over twenty books, among them novels and novels.


Above we considered how to start your life andthe creative way Galina Shcherbakova. Films based on her books began to appear later. The story "To you and not dreamed" soon after its publication decides to film Ilya Fraz. Heroes in the original source are named after Yulka and Roman. The story begins with a cultural excursion to the play. It is called "West Side Story", thereby emphasizing the allusion to "Romeo and Juliet". The heroine in the film is called Katya. The final is relaxed.

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A family

The husband of Galina Shcherbakova - Alexander Sergeevich,writer, publicist, journalist. Alexander Rezhabek - the son of a writer, died in 2013 in Israel. Daughter - Catherine Shpiller. Lives in Israel. Granddaughter - Alice Shpiller. Lives in Moscow.


The novels of Galina Shcherbakova began to be publishedmuch later stories. The first of these was the work "Romantics and Realists", which appeared in 1997. Also the author has created such wonderful novels as "Rise", "Women", "Wind", "Lizonka and the others", "Passed and this", "Mark Lilith", "Three Love" and others.

Galina Shcherbakova's novels are no less interesting,among them: "You did not dream", "On the right there was a town", "Ah, Manya", "Molotov's Bed", "Mitya's Love", "Actress and Militiaman", "Spartans", "By Anna ...", " Who among you is a general, girls? "," Undifferent flowers "," Who laughs last "," At feet "," Utkomest "," Boy and girl "," Year of Alyona "," Time "," A story that did not exist "," Angels of a Dead Lake "," Rap "," The Wall "and others. The author has the following scripts: "Quarantine", "Let me die, Lord", "Personal business".

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Galina Shcherbakova also created manyfascinating stories: "Living", "Fad life. The Time of Gorbachev and Before It "," Emigration in Russian "," The Only One "," The Evening Was "," Uncle Chlor "," Details "," Wonderful are your deeds, Lord ... "," Do not be afraid! "," Joy " , "... All this should be sewed ...", "Yokalemane", "Story for Dima", "Reboot", "Three", "Grandma and Stalin", "Allochka and Dam", "Undiscovered Cinema", "Daughters, Mothers" , "The Door", "From Mallard", "The Role of the Writer", "The Sentimental Flood", "She Went and Laughed", "Return", "Woman", "On the Hill" and others.

The author wrote a number of amazing plays, among"Experiments on mice", "I watch the dog", "We play Vass" and others. She also created the following works: "LOVE Story", "Army of Lovers", "Wooden Leg", "Avocado Bone", "Remember", "Door", "Desperate Autumn", "House", "Yashkin Children", "The Way" Bodaibo, Edda Murzavetsky, Case with Kuzmenko, Skeleton in the Closet, How One Akme Covered, Death to the Tango Sound, Troubles, Mandarin Year.