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Anna Skidanova: biography, career, films

What is known about the actress Anna Skidanova?What films have brought her fame? How successful was the career of the actress? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our material on the life and work of Anna Skidanova. We wish you pleasant reading!

early years

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Anna Skidanova, whose biography is consideredin our article, was born on October 24, 1987 in a small village of Zhasminovka, which is a suburb of Saratov. It can not be said that our heroine from the early childhood dreamed of becoming an actress. In the conditions in which a girl grew up, it was quite difficult to think about such a thing. Like many of her contemporaries, plans for the future included getting high-quality education and moving to the capital.

After graduating from the Lyceum, Anna Skidanova became a studentSaratov University, hitting a course in political science. However, to get a diploma of a prestigious university, our heroine was not destined. The bright appearance and slender figure of the girl interested the leaders of one of the local modeling agencies. Soon Anna Skidanova began to regularly participate in fashion shows abroad. Good earnings allowed the girl not only to provide parents, but also to move to live in Moscow.

Debut in the movie

Once in the capital, Anna Skidanova did notsit around. The girl applied for admission to the State Institute of Theater and Satire, where she was enrolled on the first attempt. In the second year, the talented student was noticed by the creators of the TV series "Margosha". Here, soon and lit up an aspiring actress, having played in several episodes. In the project Anna was lucky enough to work with such well-known actors as Maria Berseneva, Elena Perova and Eduard Trukhmenev.

Notable roles the actress began to receive already onthe end of the institute. During this period the girl took part in work on such projects as "The Method of Laurel", "Closed School", "Do not cry for me, Argentina!".

Work in Hollywood

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Having received faith in his own strength after filming inseveral domestic films, Anna Skidanova seriously thought about the development of her own career. The actress has long dreamed of filming in the movies of Western directors. Moreover, to hope for a job in Hollywood, our heroine allowed a perfect knowledge of English.

Helped in realizing the dream of her actressfriend. Thanks to the help of the latter, Skidanova got the right to go to the famous Cannes Film Festival. At one of the social events Anna got a useful acquaintance with the famous American producer Harvey Weinstein. Soon the master offered the actress a place in his forthcoming project - a parody tape "Very Scary Movie-5". Despite the episodic appearance on the screen, Skidanova was praised by the creators of the picture.

The next Hollywood movies actresses becamea picture called "Moscow never sleeps" and "Random". It is noteworthy that the Russian actress received the roles in all her Hollywood projects thanks to the protectorate of Harvey Weinstein, who had previously signed a professional contract.

Anna Skidanova. Filmography

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During her career, the actress managed to star in the following films:

  • "Do not Cry for Me Argentina!"
  • "Closed school"
  • "Lavrova `s method"
  • "Angel or demon"
  • "Strong marriage"
  • «The man in me»
  • "Very scary movie 5"
  • "Catherine"
  • "Moon"
  • "Other shore"
  • "Random"
  • "Moscow never sleeps"
  • "Commissar"

Personal life

The actress tries to hide carefully from the pressinformation about relationships with men. In 2013, the journalists of the British edition of the Daily Mail managed to capture Skidanov in the company of Keanu Reeves himself at one of the Hollywood parties. However, there was no evidence of confirmation of the novel between the actors. Anna herself stated that she had a purely friendly relationship with Keanu.