/ / Ben Reilly - the life and death of the Scarlet Man Spider

Ben Reilly - the life and death of the Scarlet Man Spider

To be like someone does not mean to be him.After all, whatever one may say, life will still have to live its own way. Ben Reilly was always just a copy, even the best, but what he had to endure has little to do with the life of Peter Parker.

First meeting

Benjamin Reilly (Scarlet Spider) is considered the mosta successful clone of Spider-Man. There were rumors that he owed his appearance to a genetically changed person, a fighter with good - the Shakala. The goal was to destroy Peter Parker. And to look at the results of his work, he abducts the real Spider-Man and brings him to the stadium "Shey". There the first meeting of two spiders took place.

ben raile
In the process of battle, they practically kill each otherfriend, but stop in time, realizing that they should work together. And a little later, trying to save Gwen Stacy, Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) dies. At least that's what Spider-Man seemed to be, so he got rid of his body so that the mystery about him was not revealed.

New life

Only Ben Reilly did not die.He lived several years away from New York. The guy completely withdrew and lost confidence, because he realized that he was just a copy of Peter Parker. But an old friend of Seward Trainer brought him back to life. He found a job for him and helped him to his feet. With him, Benjamin forgot that he was a clone, and felt himself a full-fledged person.

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In his new job, Ben met JaninaGodby, who at first did not pay attention to him at all. But when they began to communicate more closely, he learned about her past life. It turns out that her real name is Elizabeth Tyne, and in her childhood she was very uneasy. She was often beaten by her father, and one day the girl, unable to bear bullying, killed him. Ben also decided to reveal himself, so he said that he is a clone of Spider-Man. Secrets brought the children closer together. They began to meet, but stayed together for a short time - about one year. Ben Reilly did not even suspect that the enemy was very close.

The fact is that all this time he was hunted down by Cain- Another clone of Spider-Man. He managed to substitute Ben, leaving fingerprints (and they coincide) on the body of the woman he killed. And after that he was deprived of Elizabeth, staged her death.

Return to New York

After a while Benjamin learns about the badFeelings of aunt Mae, so again appears in New York. To avoid trouble with the original spider, he decides to meet with him and explain the reason for his appearance. Peter Parker first refers to him with disbelief, but later accepts the guy, and their relationship again acquires a friendly character.

ben reveli marvel
They continue to fight crime, and Beneven puts on a similar suit. The only difference in his attire is a blue sweater with a spider in the middle. Now his name is different - Scarlet Spider-Man. In this guise he had to fight with many villains.


Only they did not have to cooperate for a long time, because inSeward Trainer appears in New York. He conducts several analyzes and tells Ben that he is a real Spider-Man, and Parker is just a clone. This bit disappointed Peter, and the guys decided to temporarily stop working together.

Later, because of the pregnancy of Mary Jane, PeterI had to forget about heroism for a while. Therefore, he finds the Scarlet Spider to ask him to be a Spider-Man instead of him. Ben Reilly (Marvel) is happy for a friend and not against being replaced. He puts on almost the same costume, only the spider's logo does more.

death ben raile
While Ben got used to the role, Peter Parker decidedcheck his friend. It turns out that Seward Trainer is the man of Norman Osborn, who in fact is the creator of all the Spider-Man clones. His goal was to drive Parker crazy, forcing him to believe that he was also a copy. And this task he set to an old friend of Ben Reilly.

The death of Ben Reilly. True or false?

After revealing Osborn's plans, both spiders find him. Between them, a battle begins, in which the Scarlet Spider, having closed his body with Peter, receives a fatal wound.

But he does not die. It's just that Benjamin realizes that one Spider-Man is enough for the world. Therefore, he dramatizes his own death and leaves for Portland, where he works to work as a cleaner named Henry Jones.


It would be logical to assume that the Spider-Man clone should have exactly the same abilities and skills:

  • Force. The superhuman strength allows Ben Reilly to lift more than 5 tons.
  • Dexterity. The mobility of the Scarlet Spider is explained by very elastic tendons and connective tissues.
  • Endurance. The one who volunteered to monitor the order in the city, there are no days off. At any time someone might need his help. It's good that he is tough enough to fight crime without rest for a very long time.

ben raile

  • Resistance to damage. Thanks to strong bones and muscles, Ben Reilly can suffer more injuries and injuries than an ordinary person. In addition, the body of the Scarlet Spider regenerates. True, you can still hurt him.
  • Overreaction. Simply put, it is this ability that allows him to be invulnerable to a firearm or any other weapon.
  • Superhit. The Scarlet Spider has no eyes on the back of the head, but there is something better - a spider's flair that warns him in advance of danger. Thus, he avoids numerous injuries.

Besides this, Ben Reilly is an excellentphotographer. This skill he inherited from Peter Parker. Of weapons, he has only a mixture, reminiscent of cobwebs. It is placed in special containers and when in contact with air it turns into a strong and sticky fiber.