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The summary of the film "Lily of the valley silver"

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In 2000 he went to the national film screens"Lily of the valley silver", shot by director Tigran Keosayan. In this comedy we are talking about how a provincial girl named Zoya Misochkina conquered the capital in the hope of becoming a star. It all began with the fact that two famous producers - Lev Bolotov and Stas Pridorozhny - left their protégé - the popular singer Irma. There was this unpleasant event in the god-forgotten town of Lokotka. Why Irma chose this place to fly by helicopter with her lover is unclear, but her producers who followed her into this wilderness could not stop her. The singer flew away, and Lyova and Stas decided to spend the night at the station hotel to go back to Moscow in the morning. However, Lyova gets drunk and arranges pogrom at the hotel, for which he and Stas are taken to the police station. That's where they get to know Zoya. She is the daughter of the precinct, but she was also handcuffed. Zoya explained this by saying that her own father had already taken her off the train for the fifth time when she tried to flee to Moscow. Drunk Lyova noticed the smell coming from the girl. It turned out that they were the spirits "Lily of the valley silver", and Lyova hated this fragrance.

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Further the plot develops as follows:While the district police allegedly was distracted, Zoya helps the producers to get out of the bullpen. But she does not leave them, but links with them. So they three and come to Moscow. Lyova and Stas make an attempt to get rid of the annoying girl, but she still finds them and declares that she wants to be a singer. Producers laugh at her. But suddenly Zoya began to sing. Lyova and Stas realized that they hurried to conclusions, and decided to "spin" the girl. But first Lyova took away her perfume "Lily of the valley silver" and threw it out the window. Zoya began a new life: she came up with a new image, put in order an unpretentious hitherto appearance, wrote several songs. It was not worth it for the policeman to find his daughter, and he came for her. But Stasik and Lyova convinced him that his daughter was really talented. Dad calmed down and even got used to the producers. He was so restless about what they told him, that he eventually became a singer himself.

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And Zoya, without noticing it herself, falls in love with Lyova,the very thing that the scent of the spirits "Lily of the valley silver" hated so much. Lyova, it seems, is also not indifferent to the girl, but he is afraid of his feelings and drives them. In addition, he is much older than Zoe, so he tries not to think about her and begins an affair with another woman. Zoe is offended. Stas "set his brains" to his friend, and he finally explained with the girl. He told her about why he does not like the spirits of "Lily of the valley silver", and also that the runaway Irma was once his wife and that she has a son from Stas, who now lives in London. But one day Ludwig - the son of Irma and Stas - returns. He always returns, no matter what country he is sent to study. He dreams only about having a family and dedicating his life to cooking. He "put an eye" on Zoya, but she did not answer him in return. What ended this story, you can find out by watching the movie "Lily of the valley silver". Actors in it are involved the following: Olesya Zheleznyak, Yury Stoyanov, Alexander Tsekalo, Alena Khmelnitskaya, Vladimir Ilyin, Valery Garkalin, Daniil Belykh, Olesya Sudzilovskaya and others.