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Interesting cartoons for a girl of 11 years old

Eleven-year-old age in girls psychologistscalled the transition to the adolescent period and characterize it as special moments of development. Thinking is considered special in this period. The girl begins to think differently, "in an adult way." She learns to analyze, reason, change attitudes toward herself and the world around her.

At the same time at this age there are newmotives for learning. For example, self-education begins. The baby has a desire to get new information, and here it is important to provide a worthy and proven source.

cartoons for a girl 11 years old
To form the next girl's rightlife values, except educational television programs, it is necessary to choose the right and entertaining. A good option - cartoons for a girl of 11 years.

Children of this age already like the famous Masha-prankster. Now she has a new mission. She tells fairy tales (she suddenly opened talent storyteller), but sometimes it's great to embellish them ...

Each story is a promise of kindness and faith in miracles. Masha will retell the fairy tale "Geese-swans" and "Morozko", "The Wolf and the Seven Little Kids" and even the tales of the peoples of the world.

Describing cartoons for a girl of 11 years, you can notthink of Rapunzel. The film tells about the feat of two loving hearts, which helps reveal the truth about the main heroine. Stepmother Rapunzel did not let her stepdaughter out of the closed room until her adulthood. Hiding the secret of its origin and did not tell about the lights that were looking for her ... Stunning adventures end happily.

"Cold heart"

What are the best cartoons for girls 11 years old?For example, the full-screen cartoon "The Cold Heart". Two sisters, two princesses, as a result of a quarrel, plunge the warm and blooming kingdom of Erendell into a wild, harsh and eternal winter. As a result, the beautiful Elsa escapes to the mountains and builds a castle of ice. Magic evil rewarded her with the magic of snow and ice. Now she controls them.

interesting cartoons for girls 11 years old
Anna, going through what happened, is sent tosearch for a sister to forgive and return the summer. On the way he meets a wonderful guy with a deer, who then become her friends. Christopher (the name of the young man) with the help of the magic of Elsa animates the snowman Olof. Christopher and Anna fall in love with each other, but her fiance is already appointed. The choice will be difficult.

There is a mysterious continuation of this cartoon -"Cold celebration." For Anna's upcoming birthday, her friends want to come up with a surprise that she will remember forever. She does not understand why she is not allowed in some places. But ahead of Anna is waiting for a surprise ...

"Barbie: The Super Princess"

Cartoons for a girl 11 years old with Barbie in the mainroles are loved. Let's look at this picture. For example, a good cartoon - "Barbie: Super Princess". The main character is called Kara, and she is an ordinary girl. One day, Karou is bitten by a magical butterfly, and now she can turn into a Super Princess. In this guise, the girl helps everyone who can, and completely disinterestedly!

By chance her sister learns about the magic butterfly. She is eager to get some magical ability too.

But she has a different destiny, she becomes the Princess of Darkness.

"The Lion King"

What other interesting cartoons for a girl 11 years old? For example, "The Lion King". The magnificent king of Mufasa receives an heir, no less than the beautiful Shimbu.

the best cartoons for girls 11 years old
An inquisitive and brisk kid becomes crossdear to the terrible and harmful Uncle Shram, who dreams of displacing his brother and seizing power. The growing Simba learns what terrible losses are, what treason is ... But love always wins!

"Angels' friends"

And finally, a great animated series "Friendsangels. "The cartoon tells about a special school of magic in which they teach to be an angel." The four girls study diligently, dreaming to become these creatures as soon as possible, but there is a condition. "It is necessary to find one person on Earth." They had to go down and help the chosen ones. the ways of the four friends, only in the form of the devil! And the mission on Earth is exactly the same for them - to find a man. "The eternal struggle of good and evil begins.


Now you know interesting cartoons for girls 11 years old. Having looked them, you can then share your impressions with mom, dad, girlfriends.