/ / Carla Bruni (biography, songs and personal life)

Carla Bruni (biography, songs and personal life)

A former model, singer, author of her ownsongs, the wife of the former French leader Nicolas Sarkozy, Carl Bruni, is known all over the world today. How did her life and creative career evolve? This is our article.

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Carla Bruni was born in 1967 in the city of Turin(Italy) in the family of the famous industrialist Alberto Bruni-Tedeschi and pianist Marisa Borini. Father was a girl not a native, the singer learned about this only after the death of his stepfather. In addition to Carla in the family, her sister and brother were brought up. In 1975, when Carla was only 8 years old, her parents were forced to move to France because of the riots in Italy connected with the activation of the revolutionary movement. Fearing for possible kidnappings of children, which became frequent at that time, the family left the motherland. The girl was sent to an elite boarding school in Switzerland. Here she mastered the guitar and piano. After school, the girl entered the Sorbonne Institute at the Faculty of Art History, but at the age of 19 she dropped out of school to become a model. Suddenly, luck turned to young Karl face, and the girl entered into a profitable contract with an advertising agency. The girl quickly became famous. She often appeared on the covers of fashion magazines and in commercials. Over the next few years, she worked with several well-known fashion houses, including Guess and Versace, quickly becoming a highly paid mannequin.

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Career of the singer and actress

In 1997, Carla Bruni, whose biography is closelyconnected with creativity, I decided to devote myself to a musical career. In 1999, the girl invited the famous French pop singer Julien Klerk several songs she wrote. They liked the artist so much that they were included in his album. In 2002, she released her own first solo album, "Someone told me". Of the 10 songs, 8 were written by Karla personally. The album had a stunning success in France. For many, this was a complete surprise. Disks immediately flew to France, exceeding the circulation of 800 thousand copies. In 2004, Carla received the highest award of the company "Victoria" in the nomination "The Singer of the Year". A few years later, the two albums of the singer appear immediately: "No promises" (2007) and "As if nothing happened" (2008). Again, most of the tracks are written by the singer herself. The style of Carla Bruni (blues, rock and folk) and the lyricism of music were highly appreciated by critics, and the girl had millions of fans all over the world. In 2013, the fourth album of the singer "Little French Songs" appears.

Tried herself a talented girl and in a roleactress. Since 1988 she has appeared in several films, in particular, in the film "Paparazzi" (1988) and "Podium" (1995). In 2009, the singer is offered the role of a guide in the Woody Allen film "Midnight in Paris". In her career, the actress starred in 17 films.

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Personal life

Carla Bruni met with manycelebrities such as singer Mick Jagger, actor Kevin Costner, tycoon Donald Trump and others. In the list of her beloved were famous politicians, businessmen, professors. For some time the singer lived with the writer Jean-Paul Entowen. However, unexpectedly, she fell in love with the writer's son, destroying his marriage. The singer in 2001 gave birth to a son from Rafael Entovena. Six years later, despite the existence of a common child, they parted. Carla dedicated the father of her child to the track in her first album, which was called "Raphael".

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Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni

In 2007, Karla meets at a dinner party withPresident Sarkozy. He was divorced by this time. A few months later, Nicolas offers Carl's hand and heart. For Bruni this is the first marriage in her life, for the president of France - is the third. Thanks to this union, the singer receives French citizenship. The status of the first lady did not change the life of the singer. She continued to engage in modeling and music activities. Carla during her life with Sarkozy starred in well-known magazines, participated in advertising campaigns, recorded her own songs. The only thing that did not allow the status of the first lady is to tour with concerts. Changes have occurred in the life of the president and his team. Under the influence of Carla Nicolas sheds weight, and with him and many other high-ranking officials of France. In 2011, the daughter of Bruni-Sarkozy is born. By the way, for the first time in the history of the country, the incumbent president has a child. In 2012, Sarkozy loses the election and leaves the seat of the president, giving the reins of government to his successor.

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For several years, starting in 2009,Carla conducts an active charitable activity. This year, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy becomes the official ambassador to protect children from HIV infection. By the way, a few years before this, in 2006, the sibling's own brother died from this illness. Also, a woman defends the rights of animals, encouraging fashionistas around the world to abandon fur garments in clothing. Karla lists the fees from her albums in the funds to protect children from HIV infection. Together with her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy has repeatedly participated in international symposia on women's deaths and literacy in third world countries. In 2009, Carl was awarded the prestigious cross of the Order of Charles III. In 2010, the famous singer is involved in helping children who survived the earthquake in Haiti. Then many orphans were accepted into French families.


Several times in his life, Carla Bruniparticipated in scandals related to her name. Most of them were, however, associated with her career model. For example, in 2008, designer clothes and bags with a photo of a nude singer were released. This photo was taken back in 1993, when the young Bruni posed as a model. Carla Bruni, whose photo was on public display, sued the manufacturers of these bags. The amount of the won legal action the woman donated to the shelter of domestic animals.

Another scandal involving the wife's nameex-president of France, flared up in 2010. She condemned the verdict of "beating stones" against a woman who committed adultery. In the Iranian newspaper "Kayhan" in this regard, a response article came out, where Bruni is called a "prostitute" for extramarital affairs during her novel with writer Jean-Paul Entoven.

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Carla Bruni these days

After in 2012, Sarkozy unexpectedlylost in the regular elections and ceased to be the head of state, Carla was forced to remove the uneasy duties of the first lady. Today the woman conducts active creative activity. In 2012, the singer again starred for the famous fashion magazine Voque, and in 2013 - signed a contract with the popular in France Fashion House Bulgary. Do not forget Bruni and charity. In particular, she heads the Fund for Assistance to Socially Unprotected Population. In June 2014, Carla is going to come to Russia to perform at the Mikhailovsky Theater in the northern capital. Fans of the singer's creativity are expected to solo a concert and perform copyright songs for the guitar, as well as melodies of other popular composers.


Carla Bruni, whose life has always been saturatedbright events, scandals and intrigues, and today has fans around the world. She is remembered, known and loved not only as the ex-wife of the French president, but also as a talented singer, a woman with an active life position and just a beauty.