/ / Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx) - biography, filmography, personal life

Jamie Foxx (Jamie Foxx) - biography, filmography, personal life

Who would have thought back in 1967 thatan African-American kid, who was born unhappy on the 13th and was still an infant without a parental shoulder, will become the idol of millions in the future?

As the Steel Was Tempered

First, let's thank the unfortunate father andmother of Eric Marlon Bishop, who so named his first-born, proudly called us today, Jamie Foxx. If they did not transfer the seven-month-old kid into the care of his grandparents, who knows who he would grow up to be. A little bit stronger old granddaughter staged in

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as a parishioner in the local Baptist church.By the way, they lived in the small town of Terrel, in the state of Texas, USA. Already at the age of five, Eric began to learn the skill of playing the piano, training his skills to sing the church choir. Meek and obedient in the temple of the Lord, outside his walls the boy turned into a mischievous fidget. At school, he was respected by both students and teachers - all thanks to his sociability and unconventional, humorous speech. Being an excellent student, Erik was everywhere: he was engaged in music, and studying, and sports. School football team already then found in his face a real star, because the guy was the first player in the history of the school, who mastered the ninety-meter pass.

Easy choice

Despite his excellence in sports, younga football player in his early years clearly understood that his musical talent is a real way to world fame. Therefore, instead of going into professional sports and playing in the Dallas Cowboys team, Erik chose to seriously engage in classical music and entered the International American University of San Diego.

But the story of a young star named Jamie Foxxbegan not with music, but with comedic performances in the style of "stand-up". The 22-year-old realized that his real name was not entirely suitable for his stage image, so he took the surname of Red Fox, a well-known American humorist in those days. Well, the name was just a matter of consonance.

The beginning of the acting career

The handsome Jamie Fox, whose filmographyconsists of 32 films, began his career as an actor with a role in the series "In Alive", released in 1991. Here he played several characters at once, the most memorable audience was the bad girl Wanda and the boxer named Zub. Literally a year later, an aspiring but already so fond of Americans actor signed a contract with the studio "20th Century Fox" and played in the comedy "Toys" along with Robin Williams. After that, Jamie decided to devote himself to music and in 1994 released his debut album titled "Peep this".

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4 years did not appear in the movies Jamie Foxx in 1994year returned to the screen with the film "The Truth About Cats and Dogs." This was followed by several more roles in the second plan, and already in 1999 he received a major role in the comedy "Robbery." At the same time, the talent of the rising star was seen by the famous Oliver Stone, inviting him to play in his "Every Sunday". Greatly playing the role of a football player, Fox showed the versatility and versatility of his acting skills and became a favorite not only of television viewers, but also of Hollywood producers.

New century - a new level

The 21st century was for Jamie the start of the most successfulperiod in his career. 2001 was marked for him at once by two events: the MTV Video Music Awards and the release of the legendary biographical film "Ali", in which Jamie Fox shoulder to shoulder with Will Smith and John Wojt played a major role. Already in 2004, he was nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the thriller "Contributor", where he became a companion on the set of Tom Cruise.

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In the same year in the light came the film "Ray", the plotwhich, in fact, is a biography of the blind genius of Ray Charles's music. And here the actor took advantage of his musician skills - every scene of the piano was shot with the help of Jamie himself, without any doubles. Thanks to thorough preparation for filming and impeccable game, Jamie Fox became the world's first black Oscar winner. In addition, for the role in this film he was awarded two more such coveted by all actors awards: BAFTA and Golden Globe. And already in September 2007, the Hollywood Walk of Fame replenished with one more star, named after Jamie Foxx.

The peak of the musical career

Movies with Jamie Fox are, of course, good. But let's not forget about his brilliant career as a musician. The beginning of his singing glory was the composition "Slow Jamz", performed in tandem with Kanye West and reached the peak of the American and

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third position of the British charts Billboard. Further cooperation with this bench gave life to a new song "Gold Digger", which occupied the leading position in the same chart for 2.5 months.

Soon Jamie released a new album"Unpredictable", which already in the first 7 days sold 598 thousand copies, and hit the second line immediately in the hit parade. This project became one of the ten most purchased albums in the UK, and soon received a platinum status. This work put him on a par with Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Barbara Streisand.

The actors saved the movie

The next successful (as, in principle, practicallyall the films featuring Jamie Foxx) the project of an actor and singer who has already taken place became a dramatic thriller "Law-abiding citizen", in which Gerard Butler also plays a key role. One of the most anticipated premiere films in 2009 cost its creators $ 50 million, but the world's box office collections in the amount of more than $ 110 million. fully justified such a budget.

Despite the majority of viewers whoadmiration is told about this film, the reaction of critics was rather ambiguous. It was rumored that it was the strong acting game that saved this film. If it were not for the skill of Butler and Fox, then in fact the stamped and mediocre plot, shot by the director F. Gary Gray, would most likely become a failure.

Under the scenario of Quentin

Jamie Foxx, whose filmography did not leaveindifferent even Quentin Tarantino himself, it seems, marks the place of the cult actor. What is his game in "Django Liberated" worth only! It is worth noting that Quentin's script reveals to the viewer not the most "exemplary" pages of American history related to

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trafficking in human beings, that is, slaves. And, as it turned out, nobody could fulfill this role better than Fox. He once again proved his universality. On the set, Jamie worked, let's say, with veterans of show business: Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson.

In addition, Jamie Foxx performed one of thesoundtracks for this film. The composition "100 Black Coffins", though not included in the short list of the prestigious cinematographic award "Oscar", but it was put forward to receive it.

The newest Fox work is New Spider-Man. High tension ", where he surprised his fans with the role of villain.

Jamie Foxx: personal life

jamie fox personal life
Ironically, Jamie is considered one of the"Hot" Hollywood bachelors. And yet the paparazzi call him "a mystery man," as you can only guess about the details of his personal life: he is hanged with an affable partner on the set, then rumors of marriage. But nothing so far the actor himself has not confirmed. The last serious relationship attributed to Fox - a romance with Katie Holmes. But Jamie himself does not comment on these rumors, because Tom Cruise, being the former husband of Cathy, is in strong friendly relations with Fox.

But it's safe to say that JamieFox (whose growth, by the way, only 175 cm), never secured himself by marriage, although he has two daughters. The eldest of them is already 20 years old. But the actor carefully conceals the persona of the mothers.

But anyway, officially the handsome African American remains one of the most enviable grooms of Hollywood.