/ Best Ostap Bender. The actors who played Bender: Sergei Yursky, Frank Langella, Archil Gomiashvili, Andrei Mironov

Best Ostap Bender. The actors who played Bender: Sergei Yursky, Frank Langella, Archil Gomiashvili, Andrei Mironov

When the writers Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrovpublished their adventure novel "Twelve Chairs", it was clear to everyone that the screen version of this masterpiece is a matter of time. To date, based on this story, 10 projects have been filmed. And also 5 more screen versions of the novel "The Golden Calf", which is the continuation of the "Twelve Chairs". Various artists played the main character named Ostap Bender. The actors tried to create their own unique image of the Great Combinator. Who did it better?

Who is this Ostap Suleiman Berta Maria Bender Bey

First of all, it's worth remembering a bit about Ostap Ibrahimovic Bender.

ostap bender actor
He is the main character of two novels:"Twelve Chairs" and "The Golden Calf." Little is known about his childhood and adolescence. The hero himself spoke of his past only that his father was a Turkish-subject. Contemporaries Ilf and Petrov argued that this circumstance indicated that the Great Combinator was originally from Odessa. In addition, probably his parents were Jewish merchants who at that time took Turkish citizenship so that their children were not forced to fight in the Russian-Turkish wars.

In "Twelve Chairs" Ostap's age is 27 years, and in "The Golden Calf" - 33. It turns out that Bender was born either in 1897 or in 1900

The outfit in which the Greatthe combinator on the pages of the novel, testifies that he recently left prison: that's why he is not dressed for the season, and he has no housing (at that time the state took away the living space from the convicts).

At the beginning of the "Twelve Chairs" Bender dreamsbecome a polygamist, but he does not have enough money for decent clothes to start this "enterprise." Having made friends with the janitor, he becomes a witness of the return to the city of Ippolit Matveyevich Vorobyaninov, who is searching for the treasures of his mother-in-law, hidden in one of the confiscated chairs. Having agreed to search for the treasure together, the heroes are actively beginning to seek treasures throughout the USSR.

Throughout the book Ostap and Ippolit Matveyevichtruths and crooks get 11 chairs that are empty. On the eve of finding the last Vorobyaninov kills Bender, so as not to share. But it turns out that the treasure has long been found - they built a new club.

In the "Golden Calf" it turns out that Ostapmanages to survive after the attempt. The authors of the novel do not tell how exactly this happened. Most likely, the owner of the apartment, where the treasure seekers lived, returned home and managed to save the wounded.

In any case, in the "Golden Calf" OstapIbrahimovic appears before the readers alive and ready to earn more. This time he has a whole team of assistants. Together they try to collect compromising material on the underground Soviet millionaire Alexander Koreiko.

The first screen version of novels about Ostap Bender

Soon after the publication of the novel "The Twelvechairs "was translated into foreign languages, gaining popularity outside the USSR. The first to film his Poles in 1933. Despite the fact that they retained the original name, the plot was heavily modified, in addition, in the picture the characters had Polish names. Ostap Bender in her - Camille Klepki in the performance of Adolf Dymshi.

ostap bender actor

The second film adaptation of Ilf's work andPetrova Cubans in 1962. Like the Poles, they adapted the plot, so Ippolit Matveyevich turned into Hypolito Garrigo, and under the name of Oscar's clever servant, Ostap Bender was hiding. The actor who performed this role is Reinaldo Miravales.

The first Soviet adaptation of the "Twelve Chairs"

In 1963 Cuban "Twelve Chairs" were shown at the World Festival in Moscow. Probably, this tape pushed the Soviet artists into the idea that it's time to screen the famous work. And in 1966 a two-part television performance "Twelve Chairs" appeared on the screens.

dreams of an idiot 1993

The main character in it was played by Igor Gorbachev. This actor became the first performer of the role of Ostap Bender in the history of Soviet cinema. It is noteworthy that Alice Freundlich played Ellochka the cannibal. Despite the rather meager scenery, the picture turned out to be very worthy for its time, and Gorbachev's great combinator was quite amusing, but he lacked the lightness and intelligence that subsequent performers brought.

Film "The Golden Calf", 1968.

Strangely enough, but the first novel about the Great Combinator, on the basis of which the full-length film was shot, was the "Golden Calf". Chronologically, he is the second.

golden calf 1968
In this black and white tape before the audience appearedcheerful and resourceful Ostap Bender (actor Sergei Jursky), in which it was simply impossible not to fall in love. Yursky at that time was already known for his role in the Republic of ShKID. Despite the fact that in certain scenes he was clearly overplayed, he succeeded in the role to the glory. Bender Jurassic managed to keep their optimism until the last frame tape than explicitly contrasted with a book in which Ostap burned inside, disappointed in yourself and your life.

By the way, it was at Sergei Jurassic that Bender turned outthe brightest, even Archil Gomiashvili could not achieve such ease in his game. Jurassic at the time of filming was 33 years old, like Ostap. By the way, at first the actor refused to participate in the project, and Vladimir Vysotsky claimed the role of a descendant of the janissary. But later the actor was persuaded to "command the parade".

Frank Langella in the American adaptation of the "Twelve Chairs" of 1970

In the US, the novels of Ilf and Petrov were also verypopular. Therefore, in the early seventies, the young director Mel Brooks, now known for the comedies of the category "B" ("Space eggs", "Dracula: Dead and pleased"), based on the film of the same name. It is worth noting that the scenery of the Americans clearly did not save, while many funny moments from the novel did not hit the tape, and others were badly perverted.

Frank County

A pleasant feature of Brooks' "Twelve Chairs" was a relatively happy ending. In it Vorobyaninov does not kill Ostap, but on the contrary, persuades him to continue traveling together.

The main role in the project was played by Frank Langella("Dracula" in 1979, "Junior"). It is worth noting that he perfectly got used to the image of the resourceful swindler and did not overplay. However, Bandera Langella turned out to be too American, and therefore, he was not accepted by domestic audiences, like the film itself.

The film "12 chairs" by Leonid Gaidai in 1971

A year later the film "12 chairs" appeared in the USSR. Its director was Leonid Gayday. This brilliant creator of comedies managed to remove a masterpiece that corresponds to the spirit of the book.

archil gomiashvili

For the role of a tandem of treasure hunters triedmany eminent artists, including Andrei Mironov and Anatoly Papanov. However, the captious Gaidai rejected them. Instead, he entrusted the role of the humble Kisa Vorobyaninov to Sergei Filippov, who starred in the film, despite the cancer. A descendant of the Janissaries was invited to play a Georgian actor named Archil Gomiashvili. At first he refused, although before that he had toured Georgia with a musical based on the Golden Calf. Moreover, the shooting of "12 chairs" began with another actor (Alexander Belyavsky). However, he not only looked unhappy, but also lost himself in the background of Filippov. In the end, Leonid Gaidai persuaded Gomiashvili to play Bender.

In the opinion of the majority, it is Archil whoone of the best performers of this role. The actor managed to create an image of a resourceful and unprincipled, but charming scoundrel. However, Yuri Sarantsev spoke in the picture instead of the performer, since Gomiashvili himself had a noticeable accent.

Ivan Darvas as Ostap Bender in the Hungarian film adaptation of the Golden Calf

Four years after the two-part tape Gaidaiappeared on the Hungarian TV screens of the scoundrel Ostap Bender. The actor who performed this role is Ivan Darvas. He is very famous in his homeland, but in the USSR and the CIS, he is practically unknown. In the case of Darvas, the situation with Frank Langella was repeated, when the actor played his role, but, not understanding the national specifics of the work, he could not really reveal the inner world of his hero.

"12 chairs" by Mark Zakharov with Andrei Mironov in the lead role

Five years after Gaidai, another well-known Soviet film director - Mark Zakharov - decided to withdraw his version of the novel by Ilf and Petrov.

Andrew Mironov Ostap Bender
So there was a four-part picture "12chairs "(1976). Subsequently, Leonid Gaidai often joked about the adaptation of Zakharov, calling it "a crime." But in vain, because most movie fans still with foam at the mouth argue which of the films is better, because the main role in the new picture was played by the brilliant Andrei Mironov.

Ostap Bender in his performance was not at allsimilar to all previous ones. He was not as young and optimistic as Jurassic and Langella; so resourceful and charming, like Gomiashvili. But the Great Combinator found intelligence, which was in harmony with impassable impudence. In addition, the main feature of Myronivsky Ostap was his singing. The song "My Sail Turns White" became a real hit and helped the actor to reveal the inner world of his character, which Gomiashvili lacked from Gaidai.

It is interesting that in the painting "12 chairs" in 1976 some actors who had previously played in Gaidai's tape were filming. Among them are Saveliy Kramarov and Georgy Vitsin.

Summarizing the long years of controversy about whosethe picture is better, we can say with confidence that although both tapes are shot based on one novel, each of them is unique in its own way. The same with the performers of the main roles, Mironov and Gomiashvili created two beautiful, but completely different images of the Great Combinator, each of which has its own flavor.

Ostap Bender performed by Sergei Krylov in the film "Dreams of an Idiot" in 1993.

After the film Mark Zakharov for 17years, no one tried to film the works of Ilf and Petrov. However, after the collapse of the USSR, film production became commercial, and many filmmakers were given the opportunity to shoot their bold projects. Among the attempts to take a fresh look at the classical works was the tape "Idiot Dreams" (1993), based on the Golden Calf.

sergey wings

In this picture, the main storyelements of the original. However, all of them are adapted to the present, and the cheerful charming Ostap has turned into a forty-year-old balding philosopher, the first half of the tape trying to get money, and after not knowing how to properly dispose of them. It is noteworthy that the final is changed - Bender finds Zosia and admits to her in love. The girl responds to his feelings, and, taking with them a suitcase with money, they go away together into the distance.

The main character was played in the ninetiessinger Sergei Krylov. Despite the numerous criticisms, it is worth noting that Bender in his performance is not so bad. Yes, it does not correspond to the book prototype and is much inferior to the previous performers of the role, but it should be remembered that the "Idiot Dreams" is a free adaptation of the "Golden Calf".

Bender Krylov turned out to be faded andinexpressive, but in his own way, kind and sincere. This deviation from the canon is also a variant of reading the novel. Despite the many shortfalls of screen versions, the most questions were caused by how Sergei Krylov was able to get this role, because the actor is more than weak.

George Deliev as Ostap Bender in "Twelve Chairs" by Ulrike Oettinger

11 years after the picture "Dreams of an idiot" director from Germany Ulrike Oettinger made a film "Twelve Chairs". In it the main role was received by the famous comic from Odessa George Deliev.

ostap bender actor

The painting of Oettinger was very modernized, and the costume of Ostap, and himself - were too clownish.

It is worth noting that Deliyev played a veryeven not bad. He, of course, lacked the lightness and charm of most of his predecessors, but he clearly surpassed not only Krylov, but also an actor named Nikolai Fomenko, who became the next performer of the role of the Great Combinator.

The musical "Twelve Chairs" in 2005 with Nikolai Fomenko in the lead role

Speaking of this adaptation, most viewersasked why: "Why was it even removed?" Despite the constellation of quite good actors (Ilya Oleinikov, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Dmitry Shevchenko and Nina Usatova), the tape turned out to be very weak.

nikolay fomenko

Actors replayed, especially NicholasFomenko, who previously established himself as a very good artist. Although he quite accurately conveyed the boorish character of Ostap, while his character completely lacked charm, and he was more like a racketeer than a non-dexterous swindler.

Oleg Menshikov as Ostap Bender in the television series "The Golden Calf"

To date, the last picture dedicated to the Great Combinator is the eight-part television series "The Golden Calf" (2006). It was played by a talented actor Oleg Menshikov.

Ostap Bender in his performance is considered one of theThe worst (those who think so, probably, are not familiar with the works of Deliev, Fomenko and Krylov). However, this opinion is somewhat biased due to the poor quality of the picture as a whole.

Oleg Malenkov Ostap Bender

Of course, Menshikov is inferior to Jurassic, butOstap Ibrahimovic's version of it is also very interesting and seems closer to the book original. Many reproach the actor for the excessive softness of his character, but if you recall the novel itself, then the Great Combinator is not that carefree optimist in the Twelve Chairs. Throughout the book, he begins to show his weaknesses and gradually becomes more and more frustrated with the surrounding reality and people. However, he constantly tries to keep the brand and continues to joke. It was this kind of Bender that Menshikov tried to portray.

Ostap Bender is a hero who has long since becomecult, and most of his phrases - winged. In the cinema and on television, it was played by different people. Disputes about who did it better, do not cease to this day. By common opinion, it is possible to distinguish three leaders: Jurassic, Gomiashvili and Mironov. However, each viewer chooses himself, whose performance is more to his liking. I want to believe that in future years the next incompetent screen adaptation of these famous novels will not be filmed, since it is unlikely that there will be someone who can play the Great Combinator better than it was already done.