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Grigoryeva Svetlana: biography and roles

Svetlana Grigorieva is a famous Russian actress. I played in the cinema and theater. He has the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

Biography of the actress

Grigoryeva Svetlana

Svetlana Grigorieva was born in Leningrad. It was born in 1927. From her childhood she dreamed about the career of an actress.

After graduation from secondary school, I enteredthe Ostrovsky Theater Institute, which was located in the city on the Neva. Was engaged in a creative workshop of People's Artist of the RSFSR Boris Zhukovsky and Honored Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Ehrenberg, who played several dozens of roles in the cinema.

The course at which Grigoryeva Svetlana studied wasreally stellar. Together with her, Igor Gorbachev, who played at the Bolshoi Drama Theater named after Gorky and the Leningrad Drama Theater named after Pushkin, Zinaida Sharko (the leading actress of the Bolshoi Drama Theater under Georgy Tovstonogov, involved in such classical productions as Three Sisters and Five Evenings) , Lydia Shtykan - one of the brightest artists of theatrical Leningrad in the 50-70's. Against their background Grigoryeva Svetlana was not lost, she received her portion of glory and success.

Creative career

Svetlana Grigoriev St. Petersburg

Successfully graduated from the Theater Institute, wentwork in the theater. She received a distribution in the drama theater in Kemerovo. Far from the cultural capital worked only one season, at the very beginning of the 50's.

In 1952 Svetlana returned to LeningradGrigoriev. The actress began with cooperation with a variety theater under the direction of Alexander Blément. Actively participated in the miniatures, which at the time put Boris Zon.

When the variety theater closed, I receivedan invitation from the regional small drama theater. Today it is the Academic Small Drama Theater, which is located on Rubinstein Street in St. Petersburg. On his stage, she spent most of her career performing more than fifty roles.

Roles in the Small Drama Theater

Svetlana Grigoriev actress

Svetlana Grigorieva, whose biography was closely connected with the theater, was remembered by the audience in the play based on the play "Silk Suzane" by Uzbek playwright Abdullah Kahar. This was her first major role.

Then came the roles in the plays "Appointment","Forever Living", "Dark Forest", "Married Fiancé", "Third Year Student", "Tattooed Rose", "Brothers and Sisters", "Cunning and Love", "Cinderella". Even in her youth, she remembered the audience in the role of Masha in the thesis work at the show of young Soviet actors of Leningrad in the production of Alexander Afinogenov "Mashenka."

Roles in the cinema

grigorieva svetana biography

She did not limit herself to work at the Grigoryeva Theater Svetlana. The filmography of this actress also deserves attention.

For the first time on the big screen she appeared in 1957 in the drama of Grigory Kozintsev "Don Quixote". She played the role of the niece of the famous character of the novel Cervantes.

In 1983, she played the role of Zoe inproduction drama of Ernest Yasan "The understudy begins to act." The events of this picture unfold in the early 80's in the Soviet Union. At one large industrial enterprise, an experiment begins, the permission for which was obtained from the profile ministry. Its essence lies in the fact that all key positions at the enterprise are occupied by young specialists.

The old leadership is sent in fullin vacation. However, the plant director leaves the understudy instead of himself. Now young managers have to solve a lot of problems that have accumulated in production for many years. For example, they are beginning to seek capital repairs in one of the shops. At the same time daring to stop work for a while.

The old leadership to take such decisivemeasures were categorically not ready. New managers are beginning to modernize, but at the same time jeopardize the implementation of the production plan. The opposition of the old leadership begins, which immediately returns from vacation, and the young one. The latter are supported by party officials.

The advantage of the film is that in parallelwith the production development and romantic line. A new director, a backup of the previous one, Boris Kostin finds his love in the factory. The girl's name is Haley. One of her friends is just playing Grigorieva.

"One for all"

Grigoriev Svetlana Filmography

In 1985, Grigorieva played one of the mainroles in the musical film Oleg Ryabokon "One for all." Her partners on the set in this picture are Nikolai Karachentsev and Irina Selezneva.

In this film, the theme of the doubler again appears.The picture is a benefit of the actor Nikolai Karachentsev. He is preparing to shoot a new film, which will be called "One for all." Posters have been posted all over the city. He will play most roles, including risky ones. But it's worth nothing. All dangerous tricks for it will be performed by an understudy. The actor sees his assistant - an exact copy of himself.

The understudy on stage is so good that it is already his, notthe real actor, are beginning to be invited to appear in all the films in a row. But they again begin to protect him, convincing him that all the dangerous tricks will be performed by another understudy. History repeats itself.

Participation in serials

Today Svetlana Grigorieva lives in St. Petersburg. She is already 90 years old. In the 2000s, she starred in domestic TV series.

In particular, in the fourth season of a multi-seriesdetective "Secrets of the investigation," in the ninth season, "The Street of Broken Lanterns." In the film adaptation of Bulgakov's novel The Master and Margarita, Vladimir Bortko played the role of Nikolai Ivanovich's wife.

The last time appeared on the screen in 2010 in a series of short films "May 9. Personal attitude." She took part in the almanac "Sweets".