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Agniya Kuznetsova: filmography, biography and the personal life of the actress

Agniya Kuznetsova is one of the most talented anddemanded actresses in our country. In just a few years she managed to build a successful film career and win the love of the audience. Biography of Agnia Kuznetsova interests many. This article contains exhaustive information about the popular actress. You will know when she was born, where she studied and what she is doing at the moment.

Agniya Kuznetsova

Biography of Agnia Kuznetsova

The future star of serials and movies was born on July 161985 in Novosibirsk. Her parents have nothing to do with acting. Father Agnia - an artist, and my mother works as a teacher at the institute. Our heroine of today, from the very childhood, felt a craving for acting. As a schoolgirl, she attended a theater studio. The girl liked to perform on stage and to hear applause in her address.

Filmography of Agniya Kuznetsova

Having received a school certificate, AgniaKuznetsova decided to exchange his native Novosibirsk for Moscow. In the capital, the girl managed to enter the VTU them. Shchukin. Agnia was enrolled in the course of Yuri Shlykov. In 2006, our heroine received a diploma from the end of the university. Now she could call herself a professional actress. Her thesis work was the role in the play "Don Gil Green Pants".

The beginning of the acting career

Agniya Kuznetsova's Biography

His first role in the cinema Kuznetsova performed yetwhile studying at the Shchukin school. In the drama "Birds of Heaven" (director Tatyana Firsova) she appeared in the image of Sasha's girl. Unfortunately, this picture remained unknown to the general public. But this did not stop Agnia. The actress continued to star in other films. It was such qualities as perseverance and dedication that allowed it to become popular.

Movies with Agnia Kuznetsova

After graduation VTU them.Shchukin our heroine began to receive proposals for filming in a big movie. One of the first Russian masters, with whom Agnia cooperated, was director Alexei Balabanov. He offered the girl a major role in her new film called "Cargo 200". After studying the script, the young actress agreed to try on the image of Angelica. When the film came out on the screens, it immediately aroused great resonance. The fact is, there were a lot of frank scenes of violence in him. The audience regretted the main character and even fell in love with her. After that, Kuznetsova starred in another film, created by Balabanov. The painting was called "Morphine".

Courageous and talented actress likedscandalous director Valery Guy Germanicus. She contacted Agnia on the phone and offered to participate in the filming of the social and dramatic tape "Everyone dies, and I'll stay." The girl agreed. She managed to get used to the image of the ninth-grader Jeanne, leading a wrong way of life.

Looking back, we can say that the roles inthe films "Gruz 200" and "All will die, and I'll stay" served as an excellent start for the film career of Agnia Kuznetsova. Evaluating the external data and the actor's talent of the girl, the producers, scriptwriters and directors began to flood her with offers of cooperation. Only in the period from 2008 to 2011, Agniya Kuznetsova starred in almost two dozen paintings. Most often she had to play naive students, high school girls, rebels and pretty girls.

Photo of Agniya Kuznetsova

One of Agnia's most successful film works isrole of 15-year-old Lisa Vetrova in the film "Made in the USSR". The plot carries the audience in the 70 years of the last century. The main character for the first time experiences feelings of love. It is waiting for a lot of new and unknown: the first embrace, the first kiss and so on. According to Agnia, it was difficult for her to play a teenage girl. After all, at that time, the actress was already over twenty.

Filmography of Agnia Kuznetsova (the most striking roles):

  • Birds of Heaven (2005).
  • Cargo 200 (2007).
  • Everyone will die, but I will stay (2008).
  • Phobos. Fear Club (2009).
  • A pair of bay trees (2010).
  • The Hindu (2010).
  • Hear my heart (2010).
  • Made in the USSR (2011).
  • Give me Sunday (2012).

Personal life

Numerous fans do not stop to guess,is the actress's heart free or not. Agnia herself tries not to dedicate strangers and journalists to her personal life. But some facts are still made public.

When Kuznetsova studied at the VTU in the second year, sheI met Leonid Bichevin. Later, they together appeared in A. Balabanov's picture "Cargo 200". Lena got the role of Valera, who went in a T-shirt "USSR". Joint creativity brought the children closer together. Friends and colleagues predicted the imminent wedding of Leonid and Agnia. But unexpectedly for all their union broke up. The girl was very worried about this. But she had no resentment for the former lover. She considers him a good friend.

Today the heart of Agnia is free.Most of the time, the actress gives work. Trying on the images of different heroines, she forgets about problems and adversities. According to Kuznetsova, she has crises when there is no sympathy for the stronger sex, even for the director or partner on the set.

Fans are outraged:such a nice, decent and talented girl just can not be alone. How so? But Agnia himself is satisfied with loneliness. In it, she found a lot of advantages. First, you do not need to report to anyone about every step you took. Secondly, you can safely take courtship from fans. Third, there will be no reason for jealousy and nerves. Perhaps Agnia simply can not forget the ex-boyfriend. Therefore, she does not hurry to let someone else into her heart.

What is an actress doing now?

Kuznetsova's work schedule is arranged by the hour andminutes: shooting in the cinema, participation in theatrical performances, interviews and photo sessions. In such circumstances, personal life itself goes to the second, and even the third plan. Not so long ago, the actress bought her own home in Moscow. Agnia, for several years, saved money, putting off part of the fees. The career of our heroine continues to go up the hill. Photos of Agnia Kuznetsova today can be seen in many glossy magazines. She regularly visits social gatherings, plays performances and participates in TV programs.

Movies with Agnia Kuznetsova


Now you know all the information about your belovedactress. Biography and filmography of Agnia Kuznetsova indicate that we have a talented and motivated person. She does her favorite thing, pleasing admirers with a great game. Let's wish her creative success!