/ / The fairy tale of Selma Lagerlief, short content: "Niels' Adventure with Wild Geese"

The fairy tale of Selma Lagerlief, short: "Niels' Adventure with Wild Geese"

In 1907, Selma Lagerlöf wrotea tale-textbook for Swedish children "The Adventure of Nils with Wild Goose". The author told many interesting things about the history of Sweden, its geography, the animal world. From each page of the book flows love to the native country, stated in an entertaining form. This was immediately appreciated by the readers, and in 1909 by the members of the Nobel Committee on Literature, who awarded her a prize for the children's book "The Adventure of Nils with Wild Goose." A summary of the chapters is available below.

adventure of nils with wild geese

How Nils Poisoned on the Journey

In a remote Swedish village lived a boy,whose name was Nils Holgersson. He liked to bullshit, even often evil. At school he was lazy and received bad marks. At home he pulled a cat by the tail, chased chickens, ducks, geese, kicked and offended cows.

We began to get acquainted with the abridged versionbooks, fairy tales, and expound its brief content. "Niels' Adventure with Wild Geese" is a work where miracles begin from the first pages. On Sunday, his parents went to a neighboring village for a fair, and Niels was given a read of "Instructions" - a thick book that told how good it was to be good and how bad to be bad. After a long book, Nils dozed off, and woke up with a rustle and found that the chest in which Mom kept all the most valuable was open. There was no one in the room, and Nils remembered that before leaving, my mother checked the lock. He noticed a little funny man who was sitting on the edge of the chest and looked at his contents. The boy grabbed a net and caught a little man in it.

adventure of nils with wild geese

He turned out to be a gnome and asked Nils to let gohim. For this he promised a gold coin. Niels let go of the dwarf, but immediately regretted that he did not ask for a hundred coins and again waved the net. But I got hit and fell to the floor.

We have only a very brief content. "The Adventure of Niels with Wild Goose" - a book by a Swedish writer who has long been a brand.

When Niels came to himself, everything in the roommiraculously everything has changed. All familiar things became terribly big. Then Niels realized that he himself had become as small as a dwarf. He went out into the yard and was surprised to learn that he understands the language of birds and animals. Above him, everyone mocked and said that he deserved such punishment. The cat, whom Nils politely asked to say where the gnome lives, denied him that the boy often offended him.

At this time a flock of wild gray geese flew from the south.In mockery, they began to call home for themselves. My mother's darling Nils Martin ran after them, and Nils grabbed him by the neck to hold, so they flew off the yard. Towards evening, Martin began to lag behind the pack, flew last when all were arranged for the night. Niels dragged the exhausted Martin to the water, and he got drunk. Thus began their friendship.

Insidious Smirre

In the evening the pack moved to a large icethe middle of the lake. All the geese were against a man who travels with them. Wise Akka Kebnekaise, the leader of the pack, said that the decision as to whether to fly Nils with them further, she will take in the morning. Everybody fell asleep.

adventure of nils with wild geese, a summary of the chapters

We continue to retell the work of Selma Lagerlöf and give it a brief summary. "Niels' Adventure with Wild Geese" shows what changes are happening with Niels. At night, the boy woke up from the flapping of the wings - the whole flock soared up. On the ice remained the red fox Smirre. He held a gray goose in his teeth and went ashore to eat it.

Niels so painfully pricked with a penknife's knife intail that he let go of the goose, which immediately flew away. The whole flock flew to rescue Nils. The geese outsmarted Smirre and took the boy with them. Now no one has said that a man in a flock of geese is a great danger.

adventure of nils with wild geese author

Nils saves everyone from rats

A flock of geese stopped to spend the night in an old castle.For a long time people did not live there, but only animals and birds. It became known that they want to populate huge evil rats. Akka Kebnekaise handed Niels a pipe. He played on it, and all the rats, lined up in a chain, obediently followed the musician. He led them to the lake, took a boat and swam, rats followed him one by one and drowned. So they did not become. The castle and its inhabitants were saved.

Before you only a brief summary. "The Adventure of Nils with Wild Goose" - very interesting and exciting story, which is better to read in the author's version.

In the ancient capital

There was more than one adventure with Niels and geese.Later the pack stopped for the night in the old town. Niels decided to take a walk at night. He met a wooden boatswain and a bronze king who came down from the pedestal and chased the boy who was teasing him. The boatswain hid it under his hat. And then came the morning, and the king went to his place. Before you continues to reveal the work "The Adventure of Nils with Wild Geese". The summary describes all the events without any entertaining details.


After many adventures, when, for example,Martina was caught by people and almost ate, the pack reached Lapland. All the geese began to make nests and acquire offspring. The short northern summer has come to an end, the goslings have grown, and the whole pack began to gather to the south. Soon, Nils's adventure with the wild geese will soon end. The summary of the work that we cover is not as interesting as the original.

Return home, or How Niels turned into an ordinary boy

One Flew Over the House of Nils's Parents, Goose Martinwanted to show his children their own bird's yard. He could not tear himself away from the oat feeder and kept saying that there was always such a delicious food here. Gusiat and Nils hurried him. Suddenly, Nils's mother came in and was glad that Martin returned, and he could be sold at the fair two days later. The boy's parents grabbed the unfortunate goose and gathered him to slaughter. Niels valiantly promised Martin to save him and rushed after him for his parents.

adventure of nils with wild geese content
Suddenly the knife fell out of the hands of his father, and he let go of the goose, and his mother exclaimed: "Niels, dear, how you grew up and grew prettier." It turned out that he turned into an ordinary person.

Wise book of S.Lagerlof "The Adventure of Niels with Wild Goose", the content of which we briefly recounted, suggests that while the boy had a small spiteful little soul, he was a dwarf. When the soul became big, open to good deeds, the dwarf returned to him the original human form.