/ / Marangoni Institute of Fashion - the ultimate dream of future designers and stylists! How to enroll in the Marangoni Institute?

The Marangoni Institute of Fashion is the ultimate dream of future designers and stylists! How to enroll in the Marangoni Institute?

The Institute of Marangoni (Istituto Marangoni) - educationalan institution that every designer and designer, beginner or professional has heard. Yes, that's heard! The Marangoni Institute of Fashion can be called "Oxford" in the fashion world, so learning in it is the limit of dreams for those who decided to devote their lives to creating beautiful things, accessories, images. Domenico Dolce, Stefano Geriera, Franco Moschino, Alessandro de Benedetti, Maurizio Pecoraro - these are just some fashion creators with a world-wide name, coming out of the walls of this educational institution.

Marangoni Institute of Fashion

After graduating from the Marangoni Institute of Fashion Industry, youdramatically increase your chances of finding employment even in companies such as Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Armani Casa, Vivienne Vestwood, etc. But in fact, to get acquainted with writing the history of these famous brands, many are dreaming!

Interesting facts about the institute

Marangoni Institute of Fashion is the first private educationalThe institution of Europe, which began to introduce students to the world of fashion and design. This university is more than 80 years old. Its campuses for today are located in several world fashion capitals - Milan, Paris, London, Shanghai, Florence. It should be noted that Italy was not always considered the main trendsetter. And what the "Made in Italy" brand is now, in many respects is the merit of the Marangoni graduates.

In 2014, the Institute of Fashion and Design opened inMilan new branch - School of Design. In it everyone can learn interior, industrial, visual and other design directions. It is noteworthy that the students are "inside" the profession in the 24/7 mode, plunging headlong into the bustling fashionable life of Italy. The Marangoni Institute of Fashion gives you the opportunity to visit shows, exhibitions, master classes and other events for free, and also create your own collections during your studies.

Marangoni Institute of Design and Fashion

Often, for upgrading skills in Marangonireturned to the designers who have already made a name for themselves, so it is quite possible to find an employer, while still a university student. In addition, the School of Design employs Career Service, which helps graduates with employment. A great chance to show your talent and skills is the annual Milano Fashion Show, where the best Marangoni students have a chance to present their creations.

Directions of training

The Marangoni Institute of Fashion and Design offers the following training courses:

  • Clothing design.
  • Business in the fashion industry.
  • Styling.

Separately, mention should be made of such branches as the School of Design in Milan and the School of Arts in Florence.

Marangoni Institute

Educational programs can be designed for one or three years. Short-term courses with a duration of 2-3 weeks are also offered.

The main question: what should I do?

It would be surprising to hear that in such aa prestigious university, like the Marangoni Institute of Fashion, to do it yourself easily and simply. But the chances are quite real. Today, potential students from Russia and CIS countries are offered services by STUDIES & CAREERS хттп: //тeфашионшоол.ru/, which is the official representative of IstitutoMarangoni. As one of the leaders of Russian educational consulting, this company really helps to facilitate entry into Marangoni. Moreover, it should be noted that the company provides assistance when entering any of the branches of the Institute of Fashion, in whatever city it is. How is this achieved?

  • Exhaustive and, most importantly, free consultations on the order of enrollment, payment for tuition, scholarships, choice of direction and duration of the program.
  • The correct filling in of the questionnaire, writing a motivation letter, compiling a package of documents and translating them, sending them to the Institute - all this will also be done by STUDIES & CAREERS.
  • Registration of a student visa will also be free for those who apply for help in STUDIES & CAREERS.

As you can see, becoming a member of a large studentthe brotherhood of Marangoni is quite real. The main thing is to set a goal and find the right way to a dream. Dare, and who knows, maybe in a few dozen years and your name will be called on a par with Dolce, Armani, Versace, Valentino ...