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National Employment Center of St. Petersburg: employee feedback

Today we have to find out what kind ofNational Employment Center SPb reviews. What kind of organization is this? On what advantages and disadvantages of the corporation should pay attention first of all to all competitors? Do I need to communicate with this organization at all? You need to understand all this yourself. Do not believe everything that is written on a variety of pages with reviews. Not all information is equally useful to the public.


The National Employment Center of St. Petersburg reviews itswork gets a variety. Positive opinions are left to employees and applicants for the functions performed by the corporation. The thing is that the employment center offers people different kinds of vacancies for employment.

In fact, this is the place that helps to findwork. It is here that many people turn for help. An analogue of recruitment agencies. But is it worth it to come here for help? What good and bad do applicants see in this organization?

national employment center spb reviews

The services

LTD "National Employment Center of SPb "reviewsworkers earns not the worst for the services they provide. In general, this company is not much different from the state employment center. It performs all the same functions.

More precisely, the company offers:

  • assistance in registration of unemployment benefits;
  • selection of work with further employment;
  • training / retraining of personnel.

There is nothing surprising or suspicious in this. Therefore, many initially trust the company. Is it worth it? How much is the National Employment Center of St. Petersburg a bona fide employer?

national employment center spb job reviews


Dealing is not as easy as it seems. After all, reviews about the organization are not too many. But they are enough to judge the conscientiousness of the corporation.

Some are interested in where the firm is located.This is an important moment, which many pay attention to. Very unlike each other receives the National Employment Center SPb reviews. The address of the organization is as follows: St. Petersburg, Sennaya Ploshchad metro station, Efimova st., 4A. It is here that the corporation's office is located.

If we go through the indicated coordinates, then the centeremployment will indeed be found. It is represented by a small office in the business center. Do not be surprised. The organization as a whole is not too big. This fact must be taken into account by each applicant.

national employment center spb job offers

About vacancies

Quite an important point is what vacancies the organization offers. The National Center for Employment of St. Petersburg reviews of employment is not always positive. Why?

Jobs, if you believe the opinions, not so much. But they are all diverse. Regular state employment centers offer more places to work. But this fact underscores the fact that the firm is not a fraud.

It is because of this that the ambiguous getsNational Employment Center SPb reviews. Jobs, if you believe the job seekers, often require unskilled labor. That is, basically the organization offers a job for which almost any citizen can get settled without special skills, education and work experience.

ooo national employment center spb reviews

In view of this circumstance, some applicants accuse the National Employment Center of fraud and dishonesty. But is it really so?

Effectiveness of cooperation

It is difficult to give an exact answer. LLC "National Employment Center SPb" reviews employees earns different. Some say that the organization really helps job seekers with a job search. Yes, the vacancies are not the best, but the firm is coping with the task. No deceit, all honest.

Some, on the contrary, leave not the bestreviews about the company. It is often called a fraudulent organization. Someone says that the employment center does not cope with its duties. No vacancies were offered to competitors. Only wasting time to contact the firm!

That's why it's not so easy to dothe final conclusion about what the National Employment Center of St. Petersburg really is. Reviews about the work of the corporation are completely different. There are positive opinions. But most often there is a negative. And charges of fraud. Why does this happen?

Strange actions

National Employment Center SPb reviewsemployees earns not the best for a very strange scheme of work, which scares away potential applicants. What do people most often pay attention to?

The need to transfer the funded partpensions to a specific non-state pension fund. More precisely, many indicate "PromAgroFund." Only in this case the applicant will be offered vacancies for employment.

Many people do not like this scheme of work. It is suspicious that the employment center offers vacancies only to those who agreed to cooperate with a non-state pension fund. The majority of applicants note that they have refused the services of the exchange. And still do not know how much the company actually fulfills its obligations.

national employment center spb employee feedback

Foundation or employment center

LLC "National Employment Center SPb" reviewsemployees earns a generally negative type. Some say that under the guise of a recruitment agency it is the non-government pension fund that works. Such opinions are very common. They are due to the strange actions of the organization when signing an agreement on further cooperation with applicants. About them it was told earlier.

Do not think that the National Employment Centeris a covered pension fund in the Russian Federation. Not at all. But the fact that the organization attracts new investors to PromAgroFund is a fact. It is not confirmed by anything, but it is emphasized by the population quite often. Therefore, it can be concluded that the employment center operates not only in its own interests.

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Offered salaries

What else is recommended to pay attention beforehow to apply to the National Employment Center of St. Petersburg? Reviews indicate that in this firm is often deceived with salaries. Employees initially offer some working conditions and a salary, but in fact everything turns out a little differently.

But complaints about low earnings confirm that,that the National Employment Center in St. Petersburg really offers vacancies for employment. So, to find a job, you can turn to this organization. No deception, only there is always the possibility that the applicant will not be able to find a decent job. From this no one is immune. And this feature will have to be taken into account for every citizen who is in search of work.


What conclusions can be drawn from allThe foregoing? It's difficult to judge the organization's activities. It does not allow the candidates to be 100% assured of the conscientiousness of the employment center. Some even say that the company offers a VIP job for a fee. Approximately it is about 3 000 rubles. Allegedly for this amount to the competitor 100% and quickly pick up the necessary vacancy. No one is saying exactly how the center of employment qualitatively renders this service. But at the same time, many make fun of VIP employment.

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Accordingly, it can be concluded thatThe National Employment Center of St. Petersburg reviews with negative emotions earns reasonably. Basically, employees say that it is not worth it to trust the organization 100%. The National Employment Center does help to employ some citizens, but it does not produce the impression of a bona fide organization. It is better to use the usual labor exchanges in St. Petersburg. And do not resort to the use of VIP-employment. It is often called a stupid divorce for money. This will have to be remembered all the time. Otherwise, you can not only not find a job, but also incur additional expenses. Often the National Employment Center of St. Petersburg can be found in the black list of employers.