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What personal qualities are indicated in the summary

When writing a resume, many applicants experiencedifficulties, facing the column "personal qualities." Among the most frequent answers that are encountered here are "communicability," "responsibility," "performance," etc. It should be noted that this is nothing concrete about a person, but rather a socially desirable response.

Most applicants, filling this box,they usually enter here a standard set of qualities that, in their opinion, an average employee should have. Others consider this information superfluous and do not write anything. However, it is worth noting that the correct and competent delivery of this information can contribute to the fact that the employer will choose the holder of this particular resume.

Write personal qualities in this document you need.At the same time, not getting rid of common phrases, and noting their individuality. Some companies are looking for employees who have some specific qualities that are specified in this column. For example, for the position of secretary or seller of luxury goods, they prefer to choose girls with a model appearance, and accountants should characterize honesty and responsibility. In such cases, claiming a place, it is necessary to indicate such characteristics, if any. If a person specifies personal qualities in a resume, claiming for a particular position, it is worth emphasizing exactly those properties that are necessary for this profession. So, the sales manager is recommended to note communication skills and knowledge of communication techniques. For some other positions, such as an accountant, this quality is optional.

Do not abuse unfamiliar words,the importance of which is not always clear to the applicant. Also do not recommend mentioning qualities that a person can hardly apply to himself. For example, stress resistance implies a willingness of the employee to situations where it is necessary to show all his self-control. It should be noted that this is not everyone's power. In addition, such a property as "easy to train" does not need to be written to the applicant for 40, because by that time it was already possible to learn something, ease in obtaining knowledge is required, mainly from beginners.

Among the standard errors allowed forcompilation of a summary, - a listing of template qualities. Many employers, most likely, will not pay any attention to such a questionnaire, no different from the others. However, too much to get involved in freestyle is not recommended. Such phrases as "I bring luck", "I like jokes, witty" are unlikely to be relevant here. The original filling of this document, for example, in a poetic form, can be done if you are applying for a position in which creativity is important.

Special attention to the column "personal qualities"it is recommended to pay in the beginning of career when the competitor yet does not have special achievements and merits which will provide to him a work place. If this line causes difficulties for the compiler of the resume, you can get help in the employment agencies that will fill it yourself.

When looking for work, personalquality. The resume gives an opportunity to acquaint the future chief with them. Therefore, in this document there is such a graph. If it is correctly and competently made up, it can give a huge advantage to the competitor in front of competitors. It is important to remember that the employer is not interested in the hobby, interests or similar characteristics of the future employee. He will pay attention only to the information that relates to the future position of the employee. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be brief here and note only those qualities that will be needed later.