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Rabotaydoma.ru: reviews. Remote work

In the age of Internet development, remote work is becoming more popular. And this is not surprising - it has many advantages:

  • self-planning your work schedule;
  • comfortable home working conditions;
  • freedom from early morning ascent;
  • the opportunity to pay attention to the family and much more.

To find work at home, those who for some reason can not afford full-time employment, for example, mothers on maternity leave, or undergraduate students on part-time job, are dreaming.

find a job at home

If a couple of decades ago home-based work was a rarity, now remote employees are increasingly appreciated. The modern employer clearly sees the advantages of such a labor organization:

  • saving of material and organizational resources;
  • exemption from responsibility for the protection of worker's work;
  • there is no need to provide working conditions;
  • automatic motivation of the employee to work, because the payment of his work directly depends on the result.

So the interest in remote work and the popularity of such vacancies grows mutually: on the part of the employee and on the part of the employer.

Job search

How to find work at home? As you know, demand creates supply, on the Internet you can find suitable options for every taste.

If you decide to work remotely, it's better to start withcareful study of work sites. Practically on each of them there are rubrics "Remote work" or "Work at home". Jobs will help you decide on your niche.

Most often, for remote work, no special knowledge or experience is required. Even if the requirements are low, it makes sense to first estimate the ratio of labor costs and expected incomes.

Scam or real money?

Unfortunately, with the increased demand for remotework, the stream of swindlers and swindlers of all stripes offering "good earnings from the first day" has also increased. Carefully study the announcement of the vacancy and look for the employer all the information available on the Internet. As a rule, experienced freelancers post on the forums various lists and lists of fraudulent job offers, including remote ones.

работа наборщик текста на дому Work at home, distant work

Who is informed, he is armed.When you have compiled a picture of the employer company and decided that the announcement is worthy of attention, consider the possible risks and benefits, and only then provide information about yourself.

Работа "Наборщик текста на дому" Work for students, part-time

Such vacancy can be found on the Internetoften. It seems that it's much easier? Even a schoolboy can type texts. But not everything is so cloudless in this market - it is here that you can easily get yourself into trouble by facing fraudsters.

Under the guise of the typesetters, scammers attractpeople without special skills, looking for a simple and affordable job, and then put the condition of prepayment for the first text received. They call it a certain guarantee of the serious intentions of the employee. When looking for a remote job, remember: a conscientious employer will never ask for any fees! It is one thing - investment under the condition of obtaining interest, and quite another - hiring.

When hiring it is understood that they pay an employee,and not vice versa. In addition, it is very important to understand whether the tenant is ready to conclude a contract, providing complete information about himself. Pay attention to this when you decide to start work.

Another option for fraud, when youdo the work "for thank you", that is, the work was sent to the employer, and the payment was not received. Therefore, carefully read what guarantees are provided to the employee.

Corporation "ElAr" - work at home

Reviews and verification of information about the employer is notYou will need it if you are dealing with a well-known and large company carrying out a set of remote workers. One of these employers is ZAO Electronic Archive, better known as ElAr. Its partners are large-scale state institutions and projects.

This is a specialized enterprise of the European level, dealing with:

  • creation, complex equipment and filling of electronic archives;
  • introduction of information technologies;
  • publishing Internet activity.
    registration on the site

Periodically, the company offers:a text-worker at home is a remote job for employees in Moscow and Moscow, Samara, Perm, Kazan and other Russian cities. The undoubted advantage of cooperation with the corporation is official employment and regular pay.

How to start working at ElAr?

To begin with - registration on the site www.rabotaydoma.ru. The rules are as follows:

  1. Specify only the actual data in the appropriate fields of the registration window: surname, first name and patronymic; number of the communication facility; e-mail.

  2. After registration, the program will ask you to take a test. Very carefully read all the instructions and rules for entering information - this is important!

  3. If you have passed the audit successfully, in about a day or two the manager of the company will contact you, with whom you can discuss all the available questions on the work.

  4. If everything suits you and you decide to work, then you will be invited to the office of the company to sign an official contract.

    elar work at home reviews
  5. If you have problems with registration, you should contact technical support. In the letter, please specify your login for the site rabotaydoma.ru: reviews in this case come quickly.

  6. Former employees who decided to resume work in the"Elar", you do not need to register and test again. If the registration on the site is passed, but you can not enter the office, refer to the "Password recovery" tab.

When making decisions about working at home, including at Rabotaydoma.ru, reviews may add missing touches.

Realized projects of "ElAr" corporation

  1. Project "Feat of the people".
  2. Memorial Data Bank.
  3. Database "Generations of Perm Krai".
  4. Internet-Herald "The Victory Calendar".
  5. Electronic library. B. N. Yeltsin.

Is not it true that well-known and large-scale projectsour time? Almost everyone heard of at least one of them. Yes, employees of the company often proudly say that they do not just work, but the necessary and important thing.

What is the work of the home PC operator in "Elar"?

Responsible for the remote operator of the corporation"ElAr" includes work with archival materials. If you were accepted for this vacancy, after formalizing the contract by e-mail, you will receive scanned copies of documents that need to be read and typed in the established format.

remote work

There are requirements for the design of such files,all the necessary instructions the worker receives at the beginning of work. Not every typed text will be paid for, but only work performed in accordance with issued instructions and requirements.

In each group there is a leader with whomyou can consult and clarify strange points. Still, the main part of the work will have to be done independently, keeping within the deadlines and observing the set requirements. Is everyone ready for this?

What qualities are important for the home operator "Elar"?

Quality of sources and scanned copies can bedifferent, and sometimes it is not easy to read, decipher and type archive texts. The vacancy of the home operator, like everyone else, has a profile of the post, including the professional and personal qualities of the applicant. What are they?

So, home-based PC operator for work in ZAO Electronic Archive should have the following qualities and skills:

  • care;
  • punctuality;
  • perseverance;
  • literacy;
  • have a high speed dial;
  • freely own text editors and Internet programs.

Working conditions in "ElAr"

CJSC "ElAr" is one of the largest andconscientious remote employers. Of course, dissatisfied people are always, but from the feedback of employees it's easy to understand that the work in the company is organized at a good level, there is a system of training and mentoring.

Paying for work at home is worthy and stable,a big plus is a piece-bonus system of payments: with an increase in the qualification of the employee, the quality and speed of his work, the amount of his remuneration also increases.

Payment of earned money is made on a bank card, carried out in a timely and regular manner, which is important in an unstable economic situation.

All information about the employee's work is open. You can track the statistics of your work in your office on Rabotaydoma.ru: reviews indicate that the information here is always fresh, because the data is updated once a day.

Cons of work

Negative feedback on the work in the company is an order of magnitude smaller, but they also meet, because not everyone will do such a job.

rabotaydoma.ru reviews

Usually dissatisfied workers write thatpay a little in the corporation, and the labor is heavy. A novice for a few days of intense scrutiny in the monitor will be able to get rubles 200-300. Scanned copies come across of different quality, because archival sources can sometimes be under a hundred years. Old documents, even with high quality processing, are difficult to disassemble. As a result - excessive load and low productivity.

Causes discontent and strict instructionsemployer to fill out forms: if an error occurs in the letter, the string is not counted at all. The order of entering information must be studied thoroughly, and at the first stage of the work this causes difficulties for neophytes.

And, finally, among the dissatisfied there are mobile and sociable natures, whose work with letters and figures depresses and brings to nostalgia.

Pros of Remote Employment

Elar Corporation (home-based work) reviews positive responses from former and current employees more often than negative ones.

Very satisfied with graduate students and full-time studentsfaculties that can not afford full-time employment in the office. Working in a corporation allows them to successfully combine work and study, independently choosing the time to complete assignments.

This place is also appreciated by those workers whoknow the "charms" of unskilled labor or long delays in the payment of salaries. The former sellers of goods, whose income depended on sales, also spoke warmly of stable paid work, in which income depends only on their own efforts.

Moms who are on maternity leave consider this work a gift of fate, because working conditions allow them to choose a convenient time for work, paying enough attention to the child and the family.

Those who do not want or can not work in the office,are not deprived of the opportunity to make a certain career in the remote mode, increasing their incomes and expanding their responsibilities. Personnel policy of the company allows qualified employees to grow up, for example, to the head of the group. This approach causes many positive responses.


Obviously, the real home work is quitecan be found on Rabotaydoma.ru - reviews confirm this. Try your hand - maybe this is the same job you dreamed of. As they say, demand is not being hit in the nose. If this activity is not for you, on the Internet, you can find many suitable options, the main thing - do not give up. Good luck!