/ How to find a job for a pensioner. Employment Tips

How to find a job for a pensioner. Employment Tips

Few people think about retirement in advance.Young people live today and do not want to make plans for the future. But time runs inexorably. You do not have time to look back, how you will reach the age when during the next reduction at work you will have to worry about your place. The authorities will not make indulgence due to the fact that a person has devoted most of his life to a favorite enterprise. So it is accepted in our society that those who are older give way to the young.

What to do for the elderly, after allRussian legislation does not prohibit them from building a career. How to find a job for a pensioner? Everything is very simple. To begin with, you need to understand: retirement age is no reason to believe that life is over. Then you need to take useful advice that will help you find employment and additional income for an elderly person.

Do not worry

If you have been reduced because of the retirement age,worry. Negative emotions still have not benefited anyone. Problems it will not solve, but health can undermine. Look at the situation as a possibility of a new life. No catastrophe happened. You are alive and well, and if you have the strength, then you will certainly find yourself an occupation. Perhaps, only in retirement you can understand that all your life was engaged in the wrong thing. It is worth taking any changes as a chance to get a new experience. Tune in optimistically and everything will turn out.

Identify goals

Before answering for yourself the question of how to findwork for a pensioner, decide what you want. What is pushing a person in old age to look for a job? This may be a lack of funds or a desire to be useful to society. From what you pursue, the direction of your future professional activity will depend.


Lying on the couch, complaining about the injustice inyou will not achieve the goals. First, buy a newspaper with ads. Let your friends know that you are in search of work. Register on the site and send your resume to suitable vacancies. Who knows, maybe the experience gained during labor activity is needed by some young developing company.

On the job site specify the required parametersin the search filter. For example, specify a suitable schedule: part-time or shift work (day-three). A retiree usually seeks an occupation near the house, so you can limit the search area. This will save your time and eliminate the unsuitable options.

how to find a job for a pensioner

In the summary it is necessary to indicate your real age andto mark the fact that you are already a pensioner. After all, if you refuse for this reason at the interview, it will be a pity spent time, nerves and money to travel. Accordingly, the employer must have as much information about you in advance.

Consider the options available

To answer the question how to find a jobpensioner, first of all it is necessary to determine the most popular vacancies for such people. If health allows, a suitable option can be found by any pensioner. Work as a watchman, cleaner, janitor, concierge, cloakroom attendant, call center operator or taxi driver - select an activity for which age is not a hindrance.

work for retired women

The downside of such posts is that it iswork is not from the lungs. You need to have good health to spend the whole day on your feet. For example, working as a courier for pensioners is too difficult. In addition, she is often underpaid. For the elderly, an indisputable advantage in choosing such vacancies is the possibility of part-time employment. The listed options do not require qualification and skills.

Popular jobs for men

Work as a watchman for pensioners is not dusty, butresponsible for the unstable situation in the country. The duty officer (security guard) at the enterprise or institution should monitor the order. In case of violations, call the police. The downside may be work in the night shift. Therefore, work as a watchman for pensioners is more suitable for a strong half of humanity. Although there are women who cope with it perfectly.

work in St. Petersburg for pensioners

The porter is a person who meets guests inhotel or restaurant, is also a popular vacancy for people of considerable age. In addition to basic earnings, tips are possible from customers. The porter must be neat, polite and courteous. To be able to answer guests' questions about the institution, delicately deny entry to undesirable persons. Cons: it's hard all day to stand with a correct posture and a smile on your face.

Work for retired women

Wardrobe in the theater - great forelderly ladies. In the process of work you can sit when people are at the play. The employee is not liable. True, sometimes it is hard physically, especially during a period of massive influx of people.

If you want to get a ticket, pay attention to where the workplace is located. If at the entrance or on the street, consider the presence of drafts and the possibility of catching a cold.

Older women often find work for themselvesconductor. The duties include checking and selling tickets to passengers in public transport. The work is nervous, there may be conflicts, because some passengers and strive to travel for free. Salary is small.

work as a watchman for pensioners

The position of a housekeeper can help to solveproblem with housing, because often there are proposals for cohabitation. The duties include cleaning the apartment, walking the dog, cooking and much more. The entire list of tasks should be discussed with the employer in advance. The downside is that this is hard physical labor, especially if you have to serve a large house. Basically, this is a job for retired women.

Use your experience

If you have worked all your life as a teacher, thenpensions can be earned by a private tutor. This is a very profitable position to date. Employers give preference to applicants with work experience.

Modern moms tend to combine motherhoodand career. In order not to lose a good post, they leave the maternity leave in advance. But what if my husband also works, and my grandparents do not? In such a situation, the nurse will save. Applicants with a pedagogical or medical background have an advantage over others. Work for women who have grandchildren is quite simple, because you know what you're on.

work for young pensioners

When setting up a nanny, take into account the agechild. It is hard to carry a very small baby in the arms all day. A kid up to three years old can also be an unbearable burden. Therefore, this is a job for young pensioners.

Accountants can help their colleaguesmake up documentation, doctors - do injections at home or be nurses. In fact, such work is a logical continuation of your work activity, so all its shortcomings should already be known to you for a long time.

Network marketing

Not a bad option. Why not try yourself in network marketing? Every pensioner has a lot of friends, it is worth using these links. Look at them as potential customers. For example, there are well-known cosmetics firms, whose names are heard. You do not need to promote a new brand, you just have to offer a quality product. If a person still buys makeup, then let him buy it from you. Such work can be also pleasant, because it is accompanied by all sorts of lectures and seminars on personal development. And this is an interesting pastime.

To the disadvantages of such earnings can be attributeda prejudiced attitude of many people to network marketing. This kind of activity is called offensive word "vparivanie." But if everything is done correctly, clients will not have a negative impression. This is a job for young retirees, sociable and purposeful.


Turn your favorite occupation into a profitable one. If the grandmother perfectly knits, sews or embroider, and the grandfather is able to make furniture, try to expose on sale the goods made by own hands.

pensioner job as a watchman

If you know how to make high-quality pictures,arrange a photographer for weddings and other solemn events. Noisy companies are not your option? Then make money on family photosessions, create a unique love story. Work in St. Petersburg for pensioners in this area is very popular now. You just do what you love and earn money.

Go into the kitchen garden

Now you have a lot of free time. If earlier you planted a couple of vegetable beds for yourself, now you can sow more. In the market, home-made vegetables and fruits are always in demand. If you think this is not enough, start a farm - a cow, chicken or quail. There are many options. It all depends on your imagination, health and desire to fulfill your dreams. However, to engage in a garden or an economy, one desire may not be enough, you need a good physical form.


To date, more and more pensionersfind a job on the Internet. And it's not surprising, because the customer does not care what age you have, the main thing is that you correctly perform the necessary tasks. How to find a job for a pensioner on the Internet? For successful operation requires a stable connection with the World Wide Web and the presence of a computer. To start, you need to register on any exchange of content as an artist, create a portfolio, fill in the information profile. Then start taking orders.

work day three pensioner

The earned money is very easy to show onelectronic wallet (for example, webmoney) and transfer to an ordinary bank card. Many customers prefer performers aged, because they can share their experience in one area or another.

In addition, if you believe that age is yourminus, place in the profile of someone else's photo, for example, your grandson. Do not write about your age in the section "about yourself". The customer does not see you and will only be guided by how well you do your job. There is no need to spend money on transport travel. Work in St. Petersburg for pensioners on the Internet is not tied to the place of residence. Without leaving home, you can work throughout Russia and not only.

Disadvantages of freelancing

Older people should move more,more often go out. Not everyone will be able to sit for several hours at a computer. Therefore, it is worthwhile to plan your day so that the Internet can not drag on to its networks for a long time. Work at the computer also negatively affects the vision, which with age and so weakens. What to do? Plan your day ahead of time. For example, two hours of work, then 30 minutes of rest or a walk. Every half hour, it is worth leaning back in the chair and doing gymnastics for the eyes. For such work you need to have at least an initial level of computer literacy. However, everyone remembers one simple truth - it's never too late to learn.

Earn at tenants

If you live alone and want to have an increase topensions, take tenants to your apartment. These kinds of proposals are in great demand among students or people working on a rotational basis. You will live happier and the increase to a pension will be good. The negatives of such earnings can be attributed to the fact that not everyone can get along with strangers. So think carefully about whether this option is right for you before you make an announcement about the delivery of the room.

Write a book

When, as not at the time of retirement age,can I sit down and write memoirs or other interesting stories? If you have long dreamed of becoming a writer, and your hands did not get to the point, now is the time. Moreover, the finished book can be sent to the editorial office. If you are lucky, it will be appreciated. In this case, in addition to the fee, you can receive an order for the next job.

Beware of Scammers

Everybody knows that pensioners are the mosttrusting category of the population. Scammers use this. They offer to find a job, but first ask for an initial fee. Even if it is small money, in no case should not agree. If you are asked to pay before you are offered a place, it is definitely worth the trouble. Search for a job through an agency can be more convenient, since they have their own customer bases, but the payment for services should only take place after you are registered for a new job.

So, there is a fairly large numberways to earn a pensioner, it all depends on your desire and physical shape. So, if you live on one pension, it's quite difficult for you, listen to the advice stated in this article.