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Child neurologist. Symptoms and diseases to visit a doctor

In children, the formation of the nervous system occurscontinuously, so it's important not to miss the stages of its formation. A child neurologist (neurologist) is a doctor who watches a child from birth to 18 years and checks the level of his development.

Child neurologist

Child neurologist - preventive visit

There are recommendations on the period and frequency of treatment to a specialist:

  • after the baby is discharged from the hospital or when he reaches the age of one month. Since at 1 month the child begins to see and hear.
  • in the interval from 3 months to 1 year visit a doctorfollows several times. There are important changes: the development of motor activity, increases contact with the environment, there is the ability to take objects in hands, crawling skills and seats are acquired.
  • from 1.5 to 3 years - a pediatric neurologist will bewait for you 2 times a year. During this period, the baby learns to speak, the first life experience and impressions appear, memory is formed, the line of conduct with parents and friends is built.
  • from 3 to 6 years - an important stage in the life of the preschooler: the development of light motor skills, preparation of the hand for writing, the character traits are born.
  • from 7 to 11 years - the child takes a place in society, learns to abstractly think, learns the program teachings.
  • from 11 to 13 years - a child neurologist is needed at this time. During this period, sexual maturation occurs, the appearance, emotional background and behavior of the adolescent are changing.
  • from 13 to 18 years old they visit the doctor once a year.

This examination is carried out in order to check the correctness of development of the child at a certain age.

Symptoms that are addressed to a pediatric neurologist

When observing the following signs in a child, it is necessary to pay a visit to the neurologist:

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  • cramps during sleep or an increase in temperature.
  • complaints of frequent headache.
  • incontinence of feces or urine.
  • restless sleep.
  • loss of consciousness.
  • frequent regurgitation in infants.
  • hands, legs and chin jerk at the baby.
  • absent-mindedness and lack of contact with peers.
  • violation of motor, speech, mental development.

A good children's neurologist will be able to select an individual course of treatment for the child, taking into account its characteristics.

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What diseases are treated to a neurologist

A child neurologist can not only test the development of a child, but also treat the following diseases:

  • perinatal damage to the nervous system.
  • birth injuries.
  • hydrocephalus.
  • cerebral palsy.
  • craniocerebral trauma.
  • epilepsy.
  • brain.
  • nervous system, inherited.
  • neuroses.
  • neuromuscular system.
  • neurocutaneous.
  • systemic disorders (eg stammering, enuresis).

Child neurologist - treatment

An expert may choose additional tests when examining a baby:

  • UZDG.
  • Ultrasound.
  • EEG.
  • MRI.
  • REG.
  • examination of the fundus.

After gathering the necessary information, children'sThe neurologist prescribes treatment that includes both medicinal medicines and physical actions (therapeutic massage, swimming, physical education, physiotherapy).

Do not delay the visit to the doctor, because the timely revealed pathology is given to treatment, and the process of recovery is faster.