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Technology of mechanical engineering: information about the specialty

Any mechanisms that we use ineveryday life, consist of simple or complex parts and connections. All of them are products of mechanical engineering - the field of the national economy, which is engaged in the production of various mechanisms and machines. The technology of machine building is a specialty that allows you to master the knowledge and skills that enable you to work in the machine building industry.

Technology of mechanical engineering
The beginning of the development of this direction of the people'seconomy in our country is usually associated with the name of Andrei Nartov, who in the 18th century invented the first Russian lathe. At that time, engineers were units, mostly enthusiasts and pioneers of their business. But the main stimulus for the development of engineering technology was largely due to the wars of the 19 th and 20 th century, when often the technical equipment of the troops depended on victory. For Russia, the flourishing of machine-building took place during the period of the Second World War, when practically all enterprises of the country began to produce weapons, ammunition and equipment. And it was at this time that the specialty "technology of machine building" turned out to be extremely demanded, as the factories were experiencing an acute shortage of qualified and competent engineers.

Unfortunately, at present machine building is also developing thanks to the competition between the countries for the best weapons and defense system.

Specialty machine building technology

Technology of engineering - specialty,which remains in demand: each year, at least one budget person claims at least 4 people. It is worth noting that engineers are trained only by state universities and technical schools, for commercial organizations this specialty is too expensive. Technology of machine building requires the presence in educational institutions of special equipment (machine tools of different types), laboratories, computers with special programs - for the development of drawings, technological processes, the creation of 3D models, etc. That is why non-state educational institutions can not compete with state universities that have a good material base, a staff of highly qualified teachers (many of whom are candidates and doctors of science) and long-standing teaching traditions.

Technology of mechanical engineering specialty
Today in modern production functionsthe engineer-technologist has significantly changed. Automated lines, CNC machines, equipment directly controlled from a computer, computer-aided design systems are everywhere introduced in factories. All this led to the fact that engineers must have a high level of computer technology. With this level of automation, the process engineer can control the entire production process: from drawing up a product drawing to testing a ready-made assembly unit. Technology of machine building is a rapidly developing and changing specialty that constantly adapts to new technologies emerging in production. Therefore, students who have chosen this profession need to know that they will have to study not only before they receive a diploma - engineers must improve their qualifications all their lives.