/ / Fired from work: what to do, how to make a living? I can not cope with work - they are fired

They were fired from their jobs: what to do, how to make a living? I can not cope with work - they are fired

With the current rhythm of life, it is impossible to imaginea person who is not in a state of permanent employment. The requirements are such that everyone already during the period of studying at the university needs to think about getting a job and rather begin to implement their professional skills in practice. And if you're fired from work, what can you do? The main thing is not to despair. At this stage, questions may arise: why work is needed, how to stay on it and how to earn it, achieving success.

Work as a way of self-realization

The components of success are not onlymaterial goods, but also their own attitude towards work. Many people do not know what to do in order not to be fired from work, on which they are temporarily pursued by failures. First, you need to understand that love and responsibility mean more than unwillingness to leave the place of violence. Any employer from his employee needs not only literacy, perseverance and professionalism, but also the desire to work for the benefit of the company, personal ambition, purposefulness in a business sense. And secondly, it is important not to lose courage and not to waste emotional forces on career bad luck.

Common preconditions for dismissal

Fired from work - what to do?
After months of successful service it is always difficultto find out that you were fired from work. What can I do to prevent this from happening? To begin with - to understand what leads to this. At first the employee is waited by a few busy working weeks, spent nerves for an inexplicable reduction in work duties, sleepless nights due to rumors walking in the team, exclusion from important cases and feelings about the increased number of comments from the management. Such reactions are natural for a person who puts real physical and moral efforts into his work. The reason is most often simple - the bosses have an acute shortage of funds and are planning to cut back. Almost in any case, you can not leave "at will": if an employee does not have one, the decision behind him is to insist on dismissal for reduction or to move to another position, if available.

How to earn money on your favorite place

Mercilessly monotonous process of work,unjustifiably strict working conditions, conflicts with labor collective and management, lack of qualification for the desired position - this is faced by a person who works at the wrong time and place. It is from him you are guaranteed to hear phrases like "I can not cope with work / fired from everywhere / the team does not like me". To get to your favorite place is not an easy task. But nobody prevents you, working in the "unloved" office, to learn the business, which you want to earn permanently. In general, constantly dismissed from the work of those to whom it is not in the teeth.

How to earn money?

Unpleasant reasons

Professional inaccessibility, reductions,the impossibility of career growth or unsatisfactory wages - all this pertains to a number of reasons, because of which it is not terrible to quit at all. Cases when a person was fired from work for drinking, public insult of colleagues and other immoral acts, fall under the category of violation of the labor order or immoral offense. It makes sense to insist on his right to remain in office if the offense has no evidentiary basis. Unregistered absences and omissions are not grounds for dismissal, according to the contract.

can they dismiss from work if the mortgage

Family circumstances

Suddenly it happened that a member of your familyGot fired. What to do? To support the former employee and help with finding a new place, suitable for his abilities. However, in 2016 a bill was submitted to the Duma for consideration, which gives immunity in case of reduction in the service of married couples with young children, old people, invalids with debts to the bank. Can they be dismissed from work if the mortgage has not been paid yet? It is still unknown, since the bill is under consideration and has no absolute legal force. The idea itself has many nuances that run counter to justice: other employees will be forced to resign for a number of reasons not related to their professional activities. Economists also do not support this bill. This problem can be discussed with a specific employer, in which the employee is subordinate.

My husband was fired from work

His work - why it is so important

Any woman faces big problems,if her husband was fired from his job. According to statistics, this situation is knocking out of the habitual way of life not so much housewives as working women. After all, they, like no one else, know what moral effort pays off sometimes laborious work in a good place, especially if it is combined with household chores.

Position is an indicator of the situation in thesociety, relevance, sustainability in life and authority of each person. A man, initially brought up by the installation of the "getter", receives a serious blow to self-esteem and self-perception as a result of dismissal. His moral and physical condition often directly depends on the success in his career. Shattered ambitions and disappointment in one's own strength, and then insomnia, irritability, lack of appetite and nervousness can lead to health problems. At this point, a woman is given a lot of obligations: support and help, finding additional ways to earn money, activating in family life and in a career, forming a new family budget planning.

I can not cope with work - they are fired

How to behave: support and initiative

If the person on whom half was assignedor a large part of the total budget, they were fired from their jobs, what to do - will tell their own situation. The woman-housewife is assigned the role of inspirer and close friend, assistant. It is far from easy to raise the spirit of a workaholic, the head of the family, when he was undermined by circumstances beyond the control of family life. After all, the main impetus to move for him was the career that could provide him and the family. All the rest is in the background, in the background.

The work creates a person's reputation, his personalachievements - only him, his career successes - only his successes, which contribute to the development of the employee as an individual and as part of the work collective. When a person is deprived of the circumstances under which she can set and achieve goals that bring material benefits, it is necessary to fill the formed wasteland with diverting things: spending more time together - giving him a short rest, encouraging him to search for a new place, connecting his connections and acquaintances, alternative ways of earning in lower positions.

The reasons why you can lose your job

The most common reasons includereduction in staff due to the deteriorating financial situation of the company. Sometimes this can be used as a way to "clean" an unwanted employee. Thus, it is impossible to dismiss pregnant and single mothers, under-age workers and other socially vulnerable groups. Dismissal due to the termination of the enterprise does not leave any choice to anyone. Thefts and damage to property, absenteeism, delays are related to disciplinary violations, for which dismissal may follow. It is very difficult to prove the incompatibility of one's position with this or that employee, so this article is used last. The change of the owner of the enterprise may also lead to reductions, however this applies only to management, but not to the middle and lower levels.

What can I do not to get fired from work?

Than the employment contract will help

This document is an advocate of labor rights andfreedoms, regulator of business relations. Article 81 of the Labor Code clearly indicates the reasons why an employer can terminate the contract. If you are dismissed for a reduction of the employee, you must notify in two months and offer an alternative in the form of another position or on conditions different from the previous one. Dismissal on probation is stipulated for two days. The reduction procedure must also be certified in the relevant documents. Professional suitability for employers can only be challenged through attestation. It is the contract, which describes all the nuances of the labor process (days of vacation, wages, additional payments, etc.), will be the main trump card in conflicts between the employee and the employer and when applying to the labor inspectorate.

Fired from work without a reason - what to do

The labor inspection or the court can solve the problems,connected with unfair dismissal. Falsification of the article in the workbook is a criminal offense. Therefore, in no case can you yield to provocations, if the employee does not intend to write an application for dismissal on his own. Most often employers use the fact that most employees do not want to bring the conflict to court and agree to voluntarily-forced dismissal without undesirable entries in the workbook. However, any competent lawyer is able to resolve the issue in favor of the former employee with reinstatement, if there is no evidence of the articles that guide the employer.

If there are no special objections to dismissal, thenit is possible to carry out this procedure with maximum benefit for itself, laid down by law. In case of reduction, the employee must be paid a benefit - one average wage. The same payments are made in a situation when the employment center of the population could not find a suitable vacancy within two months after the dismissal. Conflicts with the leadership, frequent clashes with the team, tense atmosphere in the workplace, negative atmosphere between the employee and his colleagues are also prerequisites for "causeless" dismissal. It is necessary to think: is it worth holding on to such a place?

They sacked from work without a reason - what to do?

Secret of success

Sometimes dismissal is the only wayfree themselves from the shackles of labor obligations, stop and rethink their desires and ambitions. Not always a person understands at once, in the right direction, he goes. In fact, you may not like the kind of activity, working conditions, salary level, career prospects, but all this overlaps your own comfort zone, which reveals the advantages: the availability of a place of work, a good team, convenient regulations, usual tasks. To achieve success, it is necessary to take and try, take risks and strive, not be afraid to go to meet changes. Even if these changes begin with the dismissal.