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Personnel Director: job description

Recently, more and morethere is such a vacancy as a director for personnel. And it is very popular with many companies. True, most potential workers have no idea what they will have to deal with. More precisely, which HR director should perform the actions in his workplace. For this reason, some employees give up this position. But we will help them learn about the true tasks that will be performed by such an employee. Plus, it is worth knowing not only what job description of the director of personnel will be followed, but also the requirements for the employee (his skills and abilities with character traits). After all, it is clear that this vacancy is intended for leadership.

HR Director

Staff recruitment

No matter how ridiculous this may sound, this postoften involves the selection of personnel in the firm. Especially if you have a small company. That is, you should immediately prepare for the fact that the HR director often performs duties not only their own, but also employees who should be "by default" and only absent.

Fortunately, the selection of cadres - now far from the mosthard work. Many people dream about this task in the workplace. You have to use your computer to post job ads, and then conduct interviews. They, in turn, need to assess the potential employee and make a decision regarding employment.

In fact, it is not as difficult as it can beseem at first sight. The tasks of the HR Director are diverse. And the search for new personnel is perhaps the simplest of all. Yes, each interview will have to be prepared, but it's still better than unloading cars at night or selling a particular product over the phone. Do not think that everything is so easy and simple. The director of personnel management has many other tasks and goals that he has to implement without any help.


A more pleasant moment is nothing more than apersonnel management. That is, if you asked yourself: "What is the HR director doing at work?" - you can answer briefly and clearly - directs. To all that only concerns the personnel of the firm. And with all this, he is engaged, as already said, by the search for new employees.

Management is a multilateral concept.But often it involves posing some tasks to people, as well as monitoring the performance of work. That is, some kind of control. And this is normal. True, the leadership will have to be very cautious: if you fail to comply with the rules of conduct, as well as when you abuse your leadership position, you are quickly "overthrown" from office. After all, the competition here is huge. After all, the profession "director of personnel" has become very popular lately. The duties of such an employee in the firm are not particularly difficult, but they are diverse and require a strong approach, as well as some special skills. We'll talk about them later. After we understand the instructions in the workplace of such an employee.

director for personnel job director's job description


Personnel policy is an important elementthe relationship of all employees among themselves and with management. All this is organized and implemented by the HR Director. The instruction and duties of such an employee imply the maintenance and development of personnel policy. Without it you can not imagine a normally developing company. Even the smallest.

Human resources policy is an important element.In order to properly develop and implement it, you will have to be flexible, knowledge of psychology, as well as mathematics, sociology and economics. An incorrectly compiled set of rules can ruin even the most good and stable firm. Therefore, the profession of director of personnel is a very responsible position. The behavior of employees in the workplace, as well as their business relationships, will depend on you.

In general, it is often necessary to develop a personnel policyentrust both the director of personnel, and the manager for recruitment. These two employees are the best at understanding people and their behavior. And they, like no one else, know how to better formulate rules for compliance in the workplace. But if you have a small company, then the manager of recruitment you will replace yourself. Director for Personnel - a position not only prestigious, but also very responsible. And all tasks will also have to be approached with attention. Especially to some of them.


An extremely important point is the development of a levelsalaries of employees, as well as the availability of benefits, rewards and allowances. The staff director's instruction implies that such an employee will compulsorily develop payment systems, as well as their size.

The schemes of benefits and wages are an important element.And it often depends on the satisfaction of the staff with the workplace. It is necessary to take into account a lot of points to be able to properly build a system of costs for employees. Otherwise, you risk getting a bad reputation. And then, if you get fired, you will not be able to get a job at a new job for exactly the same job. Nobody will want to trust the personnel policy and the system of payments to a person who is not able to cope with his duties.

Director for Human Resource Management

As a rule, in order for the director tostaff management could normally develop a concept of cash payments in a firm, already used templates are used. But they are slightly processed and "adjusted" for each company. Of course, taking into account the company's budget, as well as its popularity, income and solvency. So you can always get out. The main thing is that you come to this venture with special attention.


But there is such an employee and another job.Personnel Director is also a person who should not only develop the concept of compliance with the rules in the workplace, but also control the number of employees. That is, you will be responsible for how many employees should be in the workplace. And, of course, prepare a personnel reserve.

In truth, there is nothing difficult in this matter.After all, usually the HR director uses ready-made templates that help to regulate the number of necessary employees and their reserves. That is, you yourself will determine how many people and what positions you need to take. And also how many of the potential employees can be given hope that they will be able to cooperate with your employer.

So, do not be afraid of this task.Many managers hire HR directors with an already prepared plan for "spare" and "main" workers. And it will be enough for you to simply select the appropriate shots, as well as conduct interviews with them. But in small firms have to do everything yourself.

There is an even more difficult task that will have to be implemented in the workplace. Which exactly? Now we'll get acquainted with her.

job description of the Director of Personnel

Training and practice

Of course, any employee will have totake a job to receive training and practice. Who is developing these tasks? Of course, the director of personnel. That is, he is not only responsible for the selection of personnel, their behavior and salary, but also deals with their training. Only not directly, but indirectly.

In other words, you will have to create ruleshiring, which means passing the probationary period, as well as training an employee. So to say, create a "work program" for a new employee. And the knowledge obtained during the training period, suitable for performing work tasks, will fall on your shoulders. If, at the end of the internship, the company receives a non-professional employee, then it will be your fault.

Develop a training plan depending on thethe company's activities are not so difficult. Why? In open sources, you can find many different options, and then just convert to a specific corporation, and then offer for execution. At the end of the training, do not forget to test the employee for knowledge.

As you can see, the staff director's job description requires special skills and difficult tasks from such an employee. But this is not all his duties.

News and Holidays

The following tasks, performed by the Director forframes, as a rule, do not bring problems. But they are still a little non-standard. The matter is that the director on the personnel carries out different tasks and the purposes. The job description of the director of such a plan in any place implies the organization and maintenance of a news portal, as well as the selection and holding of corporate holidays.

In other words, you will not only have torecruit staff and monitor it, but also inform about news and events, as well as entertain - that is, organize holidays and corporate parties. You will need to find suitable places for these tasks, as well as communicate with the hosts and organizers of the celebrations.

Fortunately, now it is not so difficult. Here, the HR director should simply communicate via the Internet, and also negotiate corporate deals virtually. Occasionally - go out for personal meetings. And, of course, pay with the organizers and restaurants. And the main difficulty in these tasks is informing about the news. This lesson requires constant work. And only the HR director does it. The job description of a director of this kind allows the use of information technology for the implementation of the task. That is, you can send news via the Internet or post them in a special news line on the official website of your corporation. It's not that difficult, as it might seem at first glance.

Costs and development

Two more tasks that must necessarilyorder to execute the director of personnel: controlling the costs of employees, as well as the development of the training center of the company. That is, we can say that such an employee in all senses is responsible for training and life activity of potential and real candidates.

Director of Personnel Responsibilities

Controlling costs here does not meanonly social payments and wages. We are talking about training, compensation, as well as actual expenses, which must be paid by the firm for 1 person (electricity, light, water, etc.).

But the development of the training center is a task already morecomplex. From year to year new programs and technology are coming out. And this means that a modern worker should be able to handle all innovations (of course, depending on the firm's activities). And therefore, to the ready-made curriculum, all the time you have to add new components. And since firms have training centers should be modern, then the objects for their functioning (mainly technology) will also have to be purchased in a timely manner. This means that if the majority of competitors already know how to use a 3D printer, for example, then your employees should also be able to. And you must timely inform your supervisor that the training center needs this technique. And at the same time provide a plan for learning to work on it. In principle, if some time to practice in this activity, then you can easily cope with it.


As you can see, this is very interesting and goodposition - director for personnel. The requirements for such an employee are very high, and not everyone can match them in all senses. A good director has many skills and knowledge, as well as character traits that help to constantly be on top and soberly assess the situation in the workplace. What should be the director of personnel?

We will begin, of course, with skills. They are often checked at the interview. And without them you will not even be in the ranks of potentially suitable candidates for this position. The first thing that a future HR director should be able to do is manage. That is, such an employee is an ideal (or good, we are not all ideal) manager. It is desirable that you have the appropriate education. Here you will find "Management" or "Economy". Sometimes, as an exception, "Service".

In addition to management, the list of skills in the futureDirector of Personnel should be creative. That is, non-standard thinking. Sometimes it is it that can help with leadership, as well as in the approach to staff training. And for the interview, the original testing process is, as a rule, extremely effective. In principle, without non-standard thinking, you can get by, but it will be extremely tight in the workplace. But you can acquire creativity in practice. After all, the HR director is a position that constantly requires the development of thinking.

Director for Personnel Requirements

Logic is another skill that must beour current manager. Without it you can not do neither at work, nor in life. Unfortunately, logical thinking is now well developed only in some people. For this reason, the position of the HR Director is often taken by "someone" who simply follows the template instructions and implements them. This attitude will not allow the company to develop normally and function. So try to develop your logical skills in advance. They will not only be of use to you, but they will also facilitate the process of accomplishing the tasks assigned to the workplace.

It would be nice to have in the list of its pluses also haveand such as knowledge of the economy. Without them you can not develop a policy of payments and wages. So the bulk of your responsibilities will not be realized. In principle, now many employers are ready to "close their eyes" for a while to the lack of skills in economic activity. After all, with practice they will necessarily appear. And then you do not have to worry more for the bulk of your work. True, the probation period in this situation can be increased several times. Yes, and training, too.

Information technology skillsalso required. Of course, they should be at a fairly high level. Otherwise, you can not cope with the simplest tasks that you may be required to do. The director of personnel management, who does not know how to handle modern technology, is a huge shame for the company. It would be nice to have a certificate that confirms your skills. For example, a diploma of a system administrator or a wizard for working with the program "1C". This will be a huge plus for you.

Character and features

Each employee, depending on the position,should develop and appear some features of character. Without them, as a rule, to realize the idea of ​​a successful career development will not work. What kind of behavior should a good HR director have?

To begin with, ambitious. Such an employee must necessarily be not only clever, but also promising. No one needs a man in the leadership position, who is only in charge. The one who does not try to prove himself is simply a terrible leader.

Also a good director for human resources inmust necessarily have good stress resistance. This profession is not as calm as it might seem at first glance. And nerves constantly interfere with the normal work and perform all the necessary tasks in the workplace. In principle, any employee should have good resistance to stress. Especially office.

director of personnel instructions and duties

If I have to deal with this post withpeople, you need to be open and sociable. With zaznaykami and unfriendly individuals dialogue, as a rule, does not add up. And this hinders the hiring of experienced and good employees. So it should not be. Note that sociophobes and misanthropes will not be taken to the position of Human Resources Director. An exception can only be made if you have connections. Or if the corporation has a recruiting manager who will communicate with employees, and you only perform calculations and other "office" tasks. But here it is important to be a very experienced and professional candidate.

Among other things, you should also haveskills and knowledge in the field of human psychology. Without them you can do without, but then you will have to work many times and work harder. After all, psychology helps the manager to implement the policy of personnel management so that the behavior of employees gives the maximum return and at the same time does not traumatize employees psychologically. That is, the management policy should more or less suit the staff. Otherwise, strikes and discontent can not be avoided.

Among other things, a good employee shouldbe not just sociable, but friendly. And with the skills of etiquette. But the language of such an employee must necessarily be well-suspended. Otherwise, difficulties with communication can not be avoided. If the HR director can establish contact with his subordinates, then there will be no problems with many working moments.

Fast learner is another feature thatmust be with such a manager. Rather, it is even a feature of character, not a skill. At this workplace you will have to develop all the time on your own and promote your employees in every way. A person who himself has a long education, is not able to provide normal training for ordinary workers. Hence, you will not have a chance to build a successful career.

As you can see, the HR director iscomprehensively developed, purposeful and active person. Are you exactly like that? Then it's time to try your hand at this position. Perhaps you are a natural director for staff. The duties of a director of this type can bring you great pleasure if you are really created for a given profession.