/ / The situation in the labor market in Novosibirsk: September-November 2015

The situation in the labor market in Novosibirsk: September-November 2015

During the fall of 2015, the scope of employmentin Novosibirsk was pleased with the stability of wages and the variety of proposals for cooperation. It is also pleasant that specialists, connected with the development and introduction of high technologies, come to the forefront among current professions.

Despite the fact that, according to the site Trud.com, average salaries for computer workers are not much ahead of the construction sphere, among them there are several valuable professions. Their wages are 1.5-2 times higher than in real estate.

Average salary according to the data of autumn 2015

According to statistics, during the autumn months of 2015 the average wage for Novosibirsk was slightly variable:

  • 24,358 rubles in September;
  • a slight decline to 24058 rubles in October;
  • recovery to 24,408 rubles in November.

average salary in Novosibirsk

Such a deviation is considered quite acceptable.

If you recalculate the amount in the US currency, the average salary ranged from $ 318 to $ 322.

average salaries in Novosibirsk in dollars

Perhaps in Europe such a salary is considered extremelylow. But, taking into account the prices for rental housing and purchase of essential goods in Novosibirsk, this earnings makes it possible for a person to live comfortably.

Industries experiencing the greatest need for cadres

The greatest demand for personnel experienced during the autumn of 2015 the trade and sales sectors (18.6%).

industries in need of cadres

With a significant margin after it goesproduction (11.2%), the top three are pharmaceuticals and medicine (8.9%). Computer sphere, alas, only in fourth place, despite the fact that it is the most valuable profession. About a third of the market is occupied by small highly specialized offers (32.5%).

Highly paid industries and largest employers

Among the most highly paid industriesleadership in the labor market is firmly holding real estate, with an average salary of 42,955 rubles. This is not surprising - because the turnover involved huge funds. The second place is deservedly occupied by top management (41,482 rubles).

highly paid industries

But construction, alas, can not yet boast of too high salaries, there is an average level of 28,634 rubles.

The largest employer, with 122 vacancies in the autumn, was recognized by the company "Magnit". And these vacancies cover several industries, including trade and production.

largest employers

In second place is the company "Anchor". Active development was observed in the companies Svyaznoy and Svyaznoy Logistika (79 and 68 job offers).

The most popular and valuable professions

Not always a popular profession is alsohighly paid. This is clearly demonstrated by the situation in Novosibirsk, where in the autumn of 2015 there was a high demand in the labor market for nurses (1000 applications).

popular trades

In second place is unqualified work - cleaners (481 offer of work). This once again proves that people without education, ready to work, will always be needed.

Among the professions that are allocated "fat" salary above the average level, the leading developers are leading (82,333 rubles).

higher than average salary

After them go java-specialists (80000 rubles.). But the programmer, even the presenter, is still offered an average of 60,000 rubles.