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Example of autobiography for employment

When applying for a new job, applicants shouldgive the potential employer not only a summary, but often also an autobiography. This is necessary for the company to have a certain idea of ​​the life experience gained during training and previous work. An example of an autobiography for employment is given in this article.

Example of autobiography

Sequence of the description of events

All events are described in chronologicalfirst, you have to introduce yourself, write your name, date and place of birth. Further the autobiography should contain the information on parents, about training at school and institute. Then you can go on to describe the marital status and list the members of your family (husband / wife and children). It is also worthwhile to provide information on places of previous employment and obtained knowledge and experience.

Example of autobiography

I, Ivanova Sofya Vasilievna (nee Petrov), was born on August 15, 1985 in Vyborg, Leningrad Region.

Parents:Petrov Vasily Ivanovich, born in 1961, a teacher of labor in the Vyborg secondary school № 1. Petrova Elena Aleksandrovna, born in 1962, a district therapist of the city polyclinic of the city of Vyborg. Sister Petrova Oksana graduated from high school.

From 1992 to 2002 she studied at the secondary school No. 1,Vyborg. During her studies, she took part in regional and regional olympiads in literature and the Russian language, in school amateur performances and in the production of wall newspapers. Average mark at the end of school 4,8.

Write an autobiography example
From 2002 to 2007 she studied at the St. Petersburg State Universityphilological faculty on the full-time department. The introductory test was held on the first stream, she studied English and Spanish, got a diploma of a specialist interpreter.

In 2007 I got a job in a hotel"Friendship" (Vyborg) as a consultant and translator. Here I learned to find a common language with all people, settle conflicts, resolve urgent issues.

In 2009 she married Ivanov PetraVladimirovich, the spouse works in the police. In 2010 she gave birth to a daughter, Ivanova Olga Petrovna. Now she is 4 years old, she attends kindergarten No. 4, in case of illness, her husband or our parents can sit with her.

During the maternity leave decided to changeprofession, graduated courses of secretaries-assistants with knowledge of a foreign language. Therefore, I was interested in the vacancy of Sampo LLC. I know from the reviews that this is a stable company that cares about its subordinates. There, I will have the opportunity to discover all my talents, gain new knowledge and develop as a specialist.

Passport data: series 1111 number 222222, issued 01/01/2000 UFMS of Vyborg.

Changes and additions to the autobiography

Example of an autobiography for employment
The above is only an example of an autobiography thatyou can change and refine based on your specific education and activities. It is very important for the employer to know the reasons for your treatment to their company, as well as what you learned during your studies and work, in addition to obtaining the necessary knowledge by profession. If you need to write an autobiography, the example above will help to correctly form a sequence of descriptions of life events. Men should also make a note of service in the army. Any career achievements and training on qualification courses should also be noted in this presentation.

The proposed autobiography example contains eachof the listed items that should be highlighted, but in any case you can add any information from yourself, because the narrative should not be limited to only dry facts.