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Professions of the future: working vs nanotechnology

Choosing a profession is an important stage in a person's life.Parents always strongly recommend that children choose their future activities carefully, carefully, wisely. Most often, applicants decide to associate their lives with a business that they like, from which they enjoy.

Sometimes, however, there is another option:the child, not knowing how to choose the future profession, on the advice of parents goes to that specialty, which they consider prestigious. Hence, in our country there are so many bank workers, lawyers, economists, psychologists. However, paradoxically, even now these professions are not being used properly, and in a few years they will not be needed at all.

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Specialists have resulted in a list of specialties,who will lead the rest in a few dozen years. Therefore, now, choosing the type of activity, you can look at the list. And learn about whether your future profession will be popular and in demand after graduation.

- Working. For a long time there is an opinion that the fate of the future is fortechnical specialties. Carpenters, electricians, fitters, engineers - these frames are not enough now. And they will need more and more. Especially in demand will be an engineer who has two educations: technical and economic or legal.

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- Geek. All specialties related tocomputer technologies, fall into the profession of the future: a programmer, an IT specialist, a developer of computer hardware. Information technology will continue to develop, so such specialties will soon be in high esteem.

- Biologist, ecologist. Not too prestigious profession of recentthe time is predicted to become very popular. The problem of ecology in the modern world comes to the fore: laboratories are opening, more research is being carried out, it turns out that the given professions of the future have the right to exist.

- Chemist. Specialists in the field of chemistry will be the mostare in demand in the energy sector. Decreasing oil reserves give humanity a reason to work on the creation and development of alternative energy sources. Here, chemists are useful.

- Nanotechnologist. It is already clear that inventions in the field ofnanotechnology will cover all spheres of labor: medicine, space technology, engineering, food industry. People who are keen on nanoengineering or nanoelectronics have a chance to become not just in demand, but also to become famous.

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- Medic. Competent medical specialists will be very needed in the future. Their activities will be linked, according to forecasts, with the invention of means that can prolong life.

- Marketer. Strangely enough, but this popular nowadaysa specialty fell into the profession of the future. Conducting surveys and market research, planning the range and volume of products - this will be the responsibility of the marketer and in tens of years.

- Service sector. As the incomes of the population grow, the need forquality service is increasing. Therefore, researchers note that such future professions as a governess, chef, waiter, administrator will be very much in demand.

Choose your specialty with the mind, but remember the inexorable statistics.