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Increasing the qualifications of accountants is a way of promotion

To date, continuing educationis an important part of career growth, as it allows you to gain knowledge and skills. Accountants are required to do this regularly, it is important to improve the activities of the employee. Training is required because the educational standards are constantly changing. Increasing the qualifications of accountants is necessary for the effective development of the enterprise.

advanced training of accountants

Specialists working in the financial sector,it is especially important to replenish theoretical and practical knowledge, since such employees are needed in every industry. It is important to correctly draw up the accounts, taking into account the changes in the legislation.

Improve knowledge in the field of economic analysishelp refresher courses for the accountant. In Moscow, for this purpose, there are many institutions, where they teach profitable schemes of taxation. During the courses there are new acquaintances, and also there is an exchange of experience with colleagues.

What is required by law?

Usually the employer independently establishes,when should be upgraded the skills of professional accountants. But the specialist is supposed to pass at least 1 time in 5 years or learn 200 academic hours. The institution that carries out the training of specialists must work on the basis of the contract.

Trainees in the courses have their own rights, as stipulated by the legislation:

  • the possibility of adjusting the educational program in coordination with the educational institution;
  • use of the necessary literature;
  • participation in seminars;
  • publications in publications;
  • preservation of the place of work with payments.

advanced training courses for an accountant in Moscow

Every employee of the accounting department should regularlyto pass courses of improvement of professional skill for the bookkeeper. In Moscow, many educational institutions that provide additional benefits for students from other cities. They provide payment for travel and hotel.

Learning Outcomes

When the advanced training of accountants passed, a certificate is issued. There the number of hours, the completed disciplines and grades are indicated. Information on the results of training is given to the employer.

Based on the document, the employee may beproposed an increase in its field of activity. After training, the accountant must apply knowledge in practice, which increases the efficiency of the enterprise.

Course Content

Advanced training for accountants involves acquaintance with:

  • accounting;
  • reporting;
  • audit;
  • economic analysis;
  • financial management;
  • taxation;
  • legal regulation of the entrepreneur.

In each topic, many questions are addressed. The legislative side of the accounting sphere, the changes, is necessarily studied. Often, the practice of the court is affected.

professional development of professional accountants

That the work of the enterprise actively developed,it is necessary to get acquainted with the problems of methodology, modern methods of accounting, analysis, study instructions and algorithms. Each specialist should own a computer, and the courses of qualification of chief accountants help to assimilate programs that significantly facilitate the work of the employee.

During practice, special attention is paid toactivity toolkit. The courses have the opportunity to understand even the complex problems that arise in the performance of duties. It is important to get acquainted with the ways of solving specific situations.

Recommendations for accountants

advanced training courses for chief accountants

There are several recommendations that will help specialists successfully pass the qualification improvement:

  • it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the conditions of the institution where the classes will be held: pay attention to documents and compliance with legislation;
  • You need to learn about the program, topics, the possibility of adjusting training for specific professionals;
  • it is important to find feedback about the institution, highlight advantages and disadvantages;
  • It is necessary to determine the time of classes, which must be agreed with the leaders.

Increase in the qualifications of accountants lasts independing on the requirements of the institution, which trains specialists. Typically, the course lasts 40-48 academic hours, so it will take about 4 weeks. The price of training depends on the school conditions and duration. The passed course will definitely benefit.