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The highest paid profession in the ranking of specialties

The question of the amount of monetary remuneration for laboris the main motivation for job search. If in the good old Soviet times all members of society had approximately the same salaries and opportunities, then at the present stage of development the material incentive plays a primary role. The bulk of young people are determined to create a family only after a certain financial level is reached. In this regard, already in school years, many are interested in what exists to date the highest paid profession. The answer to this question helps determine the choice of the specialty and university.

the highest paid profession

According to psychologists, the process of making big money requires not only excellent knowledge. One of the key moments is such personality qualities:

- ability to achieve the goal;

- Ability to prioritize.

These traits can be developed in yourself from the student age. However, do not forget about getting the quality knowledge that will be needed in the future life.

the highest paid profession in the world

To determine the choice, it is worth knowing thatthe highest paid profession in the world is an anesthesiologist. There are countries where these specialists receive an annual income of two hundred thousand dollars. But it should be borne in mind that this information is suitable only for those who plan to work abroad, since in Russia this picture has cardinal differences.

The second on the list is the highest paidThe profession also belongs to the sphere of medical services. This step is taken by dentists, gynecologists and surgeons. The level of their annual salary in highly developed countries is determined in the range from one hundred and fifty to one hundred and ninety thousand dollars.

The third highest paid profession is an engineer in the industrial production sector. These specialists have an annual income of one hundred forty to one hundred and sixty thousand dollars.

In the ranking of the highest paid professionsin Russia, the first place is confidently occupied by bank employees, as well as leasing and investment. The income of such specialists per month can exceed the sum of ten thousand dollars. But it is worth bearing in mind that employment in this area is very difficult, which is due to the high demands placed on applicants.

the most popular professions of the future

The highest paid professionon the second place of the rating - an employee of the insurance industry. But it is worth remembering that the big income is only for specialists with a long record of work, as well as those who occupy high management positions. Their wages can reach a size of ten thousand dollars for a month spent.

The third place in the ranking is occupied by the profession of chief accountant. A high level of payment (six to eight thousand dollars a month) is associated with the enormous responsibility entrusted to this specialist.

In the fourth place - the leaders of the construction sector. Their income ranges from five to six thousand dollars a month.

Fifth place is occupied by lawyers, judges and prosecutors. However, the trend of modern society indicates a rapid decline in demand for these specialists.

Experts-analysts compiled a list, which included the most popular professions of the future. These include:

- employees of engineering services of petrochemical, chemical and oil-extracting industries;

- specialists in the field of information technology;

- ecologists;

- workers in the field of beauty, health and entertainment;

- architects and builders who have a high qualification level.