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What is a profession

What is a profession?The question seems to be uncomplicated, but you can not agree with it, not everyone. In general, in translation this word means something like "public speaking". In ancient times, this term meant what a man earned his living, what he did most of the time.

What is the profession today?Approximately the same, but now it is also implied that for mastering a particular profession a person needs to undergo special training, which can not be completed without special incomes.

What is a profession?

As already mentioned above, the profession requiresspecial training. Of course, a person can do something definite and without training, but this is completely different - it's just doing the work. What you need to be able to carry mail, pull boxes, paint fences? No special skills. This means that a person who deals only with such matters can not call himself a professional worker (that is, a worker with a profession).

What is a profession?A profession is something that a person constantly practices, improves, develops. In some cases, it is enough to disaccustom only once, in others it will be necessary to constantly retrain.

The profession does not mean episodic, but regular work. This is due to the fact that skills are gradually lost, and knowledge is becoming obsolete.

A profession is a source of livelihood.Otherwise, we can assume that a person does not work by profession, but does a hobby. Yes, the profession really helps to earn. It's great if it's fun to work with.

A profession is not the same as a professionor position. Under the specialty in this case is understood a certain type of activity within the framework of a certain profession. For example, a lawyer can be a consultant or a lawyer, and a teacher can be a philologist or a mathematician. Professional training is designed so that a person mastered the basics of the entire profession and received profound knowledge of the chosen specialty.

A specific labor post is a position.Not all posts are publicly available - some can be occupied only by representatives of certain professions. Of course, there are also such posts that anyone can occupy.

In the world there are a huge number of professions.They constantly change, disappear, appear, are renamed. The most popular professions today are very different from the popular professions of the past days. All this is due to the fact that the world is not static and is constantly changing. Once upon a time there were those who were engaged in manual labor. Today this kind of work is considered non-prestigious. The most profitable professions today are connected with banking, jurisprudence, economics, management.

Many new professions have emerged with the development of information technology. What to say, one Internet has given the world more than a hundred professions.

What will be in demand always?There are many such crafts. One is superseded by another - this is natural. What to do to people whose profession has become unclaimed? It is desirable that they are trained and have mastered any other skills that would help get a good job.

I want to note that today you can learn whereand on anyone. On the one hand, it's good, but on the other - not very much. The fact is that today, even agricultural technical schools graduate managers, lawyers and other representatives of popular professions. Why is this happening? Only because the leadership of these institutions wants to earn extra money. Do people get good knowledge in such institutions? Not always. It is worth three times to check the place where they decided to go to school.